The Future of Pornography

The world of Pornography is set to change in 2024, from the rise of augmented and immersive virtual reality to changes in legislation and payments. The adult entertainment industry is set to be both rocked with innovation and put in a tricky situation of trying to distribute porn in this growing digital landscape. 

So, what can we expect from pornography now and in the future? In this article, Adult Site Broker will explore some of the main trends shaping the adult entertainment industry.  

The Advent of Augmented and Virtual Realities

If you have ever wanted to place yourself within your favorite pornography, then worry not; the world of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) porn is upon us. Offering users the opportunity not just to watch but be an active participant in porn is now here. 

The difference between AR and VR porn is a small but distinctive one; AR porn is an interactive experience that combines the real world and computer-generated content; NaughtyAmerica jumped on the trend first and offered consumers the chance to use their app to project adult models into the room with them. Whereas VR porn, otherwise known as 360 porn, is based 100% within virtual reality, with users needing to use a headset like the Meta Quest Pro to enter and watch the VR porn however, both offer the chance for immersive and customizable adult entertainment like never seen before. 

AI’s Growing Role in Content Creation

We can’t talk about the future without mentioning the role of AI within the adult industry, especially within porn. Currently, the two most popular ways AI has taken over the porn industry are AI-generated images and videos, where users either create a prompt of what they would like to see or select from pre-made prompts and create hyper-realistic adult content that suits their fantasies. Or for those who enjoy literary or audio erotica, apps and websites dedicated to the curation of personalized erotic stories.  

However, although AI has become a popular tool within the adult industry, there has been some pushback. With AI deep fakes raising questions about consent and ethics, people worry that this will be used to generate revenge porn instead of for artistic endeavors. It has also raised the question of loss of jobs in the adult industry, as porn production companies use AI for script writing and, in the future, could result in a loss of employment for pornstars as companies look to rely on AI-generated models to lower costs.  

Ethical and Societal Implications

As innovation and technology change how we consume and access porn, there has been a backlash within society as people pose ethical concerns about what these new technologies could mean, as well as the broader societal impact of pornography overall. 

AI has been the focus of such concerns, with many worried that it will be used as a force for bad rather than good. The ability to create hyper-realistic graphic images and videos that bare a striking resemblance to celebrities and individuals has people worried about a rise in revenge porn and the posting of non-consensual content online. 

The concerns don’t stop there, with people discussing how VR and AR will lead to a rise in sexual assault as consumers have the opportunity to do ‘whatever they want’ to VR-generated models—blurring the lines of consent and our understanding of realistic sex. Legislation has been trying to keep up with these concerns, and sex educators have started adding discussions about realistic sex and consent to educate younger generations. However, the impact of AI, VR, and AR remains to be seen as technology is still developing. 

Regulation and Access

The future of pornography is set to be an innovative one, with new technologies set to shake up how we consume pornographic media in the future. There has been a growing shift in legislation as it looks to keep up with technology that can impact privacy and even the distribution of porn. 

States in the USA and the UK both brought in strict age-verification legislation to ensure that children cannot access porn sites, which would require that sites carry out age checks and ask users to send photo IDs for proof of age. There have also been rumors of states like Utah wanting to have ‘child safety filters’ for all with their HB 72 – the law would require all devices in the state to be installed with these filters, stopping the access of both children and adults to porn. 

The legislation has been met with severe backlash from porn sites, sex educators, and influencers who are worried that the new laws would censor their content as well as affect the right to privacy for consumers.  

Payment Innovations and Content Consumption

The Fair Access to Banking Act of the USA requires banks to judge based on the applicant’s risk metrics rather than political or ideological reasons. This has come about in light of banking vendors like MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal freezing or deleting accounts because the users work in the adult entertainment industry and banks closing accounts of those in the adult industry. 

While this is a positive step in the right direction, allowing pornstars to be paid for their work, the rise of Bitcoin in the adult entertainment industry has also allowed those working in the adult industry to look at new, decentralized methods to receive payment for their work. 

Content consumption and revenue streams have also changed in the past few years with the rise of subscription-based sites like OnlyFans. These sites have paved the way for adult stars to be paid directly and maintain their rights to their content. These sites have also fostered new ways for consumers to access content as they support their favorite models directly, receive access to exclusive content, and now have the opportunity to talk directly to adult content creators of their choice. 

The Future of Intimacy and Human Relationships

With VR, AR, and AI set to create a new world of immersive porn, there is a concern that it will; lead to a loss of intimacy in human relationships. There is a growing concern that users will seek relief and intimacy from chatbots and VR models instead of seeking out relationships with others. In fact, there has been an increasing trend of technosexuality already, with people creating AI partners instead of dating in real life. 

On a more positive note, the new technological innovations have had the benefit of creating new ways to enjoy intimacy, with integrated sex toys that connect to a partner’s phone to help long-distance relationships maintain their spark. Or Bluetooth-connected sex toys that connect to audio erotica apps so readers can immerse themselves in what they are hearing.   

OpenAI’s Sora and Video Creation

Finally, AI technology is set to develop further in 2024, further impacting the future of pornography. With OpenAI’s Sora set to launch this year, which would allow users to create hyper-realistic videos using text-based prompts, porn is set to change forever. 

What sets Sora apart from other AI-generation tools is that it has no limits on the type of content users can create. Sora has the power to generate what many may consider to be unsavory or inappropriate content, including videos containing violence, gore, and sexually explicit material. It may even be used to create videos depicting hate imagery and promoting or glorifying illegal activities.

With Sora and other digital video creation tools, customization and new levels of realism within AI content are set to open new opportunities from porn production companies being able to mass-produce movies without the need for real-life models needing to be in the room to individuals being able to explore their kinks and fantasies from their own home. 


In conclusion, the future of porn looks to be an interesting yet rocky one; on the one hand, you have the rise of conservatism and ethical concerns giving rise to more stringent legislation that could see many pornographic sites being unable to distribute porn in specific US states and countries, something which can impact the growth of the adult industry overall. Where on the other hand, there has been a rise in technological advancements that could see pornography taken to the next level. From AI and VR to the rise of video creation, offering customized pornography experiences for consumers. 

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