Top Trending Adult Websites in 2024

With the rise of AI and VR, the digital adult entertainment landscape has been booming in recent years. As websites look to add AI and VR options to their sites, new sites are launched monthly, from porn sites dedicated to specific sex acts to subscription-model sites for content creators to monetize their content on; websites are competing daily to be the top trending adult website. 

But who are the top adult websites of 2024? Well, as we are still early into the year, this may be subject to change, but in the article, Adult Site Broker has put together the top 5 trending adult sites, explaining what they are, what they do, and their current stats. 


Pornhub is probably the most popular porn site in the world, offering people the chance to watch billions of porn videos in a range of niches from BDSM and VR to anime, lesbian, gay and straight porn. 

The current numbers show that Pornhub is still dominating the world of adult websites, with the most website visits a month from both desktop and mobile at a staggering 10.83 Billion, the majority of which come from North America and Indonesia. As one of the most known porn sites in the world, it’s no wonder that Pornhub dominates the trending adult websites, offering access to over 84 billion porn clips; there is something for everyone. 


Owned by Prague-owned holdings company WGCZ Holdings, Xvideos is one of the most known porn sites in the world. In 2023, it was the most visited porn site in the world. The site hosts a wide range of pornographic videos, including some of the most popular VR porn videos. 

As the second-highest trending adult website of 2024, Xvideos has 7.7 billion monthly views, with 95% of those coming from mobile browsing. The majority of its users come from North America and Brazil. 


Another site owned by WGCZ Holding, Xnxx, is a popular porn hosting site. With over 10,000,000 free videos on the site ranging from LGBT to straight and BDSM, they have quickly become a popular site to use since launching in 2000.  

Xnxx is the third trending adult website of 2024, with 3.4 billion monthly visits, most of which come from the USA and India. 95% of users access the site from their mobiles.  


With more than 5 million videos, Xhamster has quickly become a known porn site since its launch in 2007. Part porn site and part social media channel, the site has quickly become a popular place for adult content creators to upload and monetize their content online. 

It is currently number 4 in our list of the top trending adult sites in 2024, with over 2.24 billion monthly visitors, most from the USA. 


OnlyFans has become one of the most popular adult content creation sites worldwide since 2021. Offering celebrities, porn stars, and amateurs the opportunity to create and earn money from their adult content. They simply create a free account, post the content, and set up a monthly subscription that fans must pay to access. It has also become a popular place for viewers not just to access exclusive adult content and support their favorite adult content creator but also because of the opportunity to talk directly with them and access customized content for an additional fee. 

With 971,44 million visits, most from the USA, Canada, and the UK, OnlyFans has become one of the most trending adult sites in 2024. Currently, the site holds over 2 million content creators, with more joining daily, offering everything from niche adult content to cooking and bakery videos. 


Offering complete creative control for content creators, Patreon is a favorite for artists, musicians, writers, podcasters, and even adult content creators to sell exclusive content to their fans. Since launching in 2013, the site has offered creators business tools to sell digital products, such as erotic stories, magazines, images, and videos. However, unlike OnlyFans, it has banned explicit content such as nudes or porn.  

It is number 6 in the list of trending adult websites for 2024, with over 416.73M monthly visitors. The majority of viewers come from the USA and Indonesia. 

Although these can change monthly, when looking at the Semrush report of the top trending adult websites of 2024, it was worth noting that every adult site on the report is doing better than last. This shows that adult websites will always be popular and still dominate the adult industry. It also shows that there is a growing trend of people accessing adult websites via mobiles over desktops; this is because of the additional privacy offered by using your mobile over a desktop. 


In conclusion, we can see that the top trending adult websites that are gaining the most views monthly are porn tube sites like Pornhub and Xvideos, which offer free and paid access to adult movies, as well as subscriptions sites like OnlyFans and Patreon, which provide adult content creators the chance to interact with their audience and set monthly subscriptions to generate revenue from their content. Interestingly, the US dominates audience segmentation due to its population size and because the leading adult entertainment companies and websites originate from the country.   

This shows that within the adult industry, porn and adult content are still the most popular types of adult sites, dominating the adult industry and offering lucrative ways to earn revenue, both as a creator and as a website owner. Adult Site Broker can help you if you want to own an adult website. You can find the latest adult websites for sale on our listing page. 

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