What Are the Most Popular Gay Niches?

Gay porn has grown in popularity in the past decade. Now more than ever, gay porn is turning into a self-sustaining segment of adult entertainment. Stars are born, and fans are eating it up. 

Gay porn is a significant part of the overall porn industry, estimated to be worth billions of dollars globally. The growth of the internet and streaming services has made it easier for people to access and purchase gay porn, contributing to overall profitability. If you are interested in operating a gay porn website, there are a deluge of revenue and solvency issues to deal with. But, you can grow revenues by engaging in content production that accounts for popular niches in gay porn.

Why is Gay Porn Popular?

The gay porn industry is profitable because it caters to a growing and dedicated audience, offers innovative and high-quality content, and has invested in professional production values. In our research for this blog post, we have identified five reasons why gay porn is so popular now.

  1. Growing demand: The acceptance and visibility of the LGBTQ+ community has increased in recent years, leading to a growing demand for gay porn.
  2. Niche market: Gay porn caters to a specific and underrepresented group, providing content not available in mainstream porn.
  3. Loyal audience: Gay porn has a dedicated and devoted audience willing to pay for high-quality content.
  4. Innovation: The gay porn industry is known for being innovative and pushing boundaries, which attracts new viewers and keeps current fans engaged.
  5. High production values: Many gay producers invest in high-quality production values, such as professional cameras and lighting, to create new immersive and engaging experiences.

Gay porn is influential, too. Entire studios have risen to prominence and received critical acclaim and awards for producing high-quality and niche gay pornographic content for broad viewing.

Popular Gay Niches

What niches do those include, though? Literally dozens. AEBN Trends recently reported the top search terms across their websites for November and December 2022. Being the most recent and comprehensive information on search trends for gay orientation content, we find the results topical to the interests of porn users across much of the United States and the world.

Search Trends from AEBN and Pornhub

AEBN Trends reports data based on the gay viewing trends of users in each of the fifty U.S. states. For example, users in Alabama and Nebraska searched for “black twink” the most. Washington, D.C. users, conversely, favored “black mature.” Other trends reported by AEBN found that Colorado users were interested in content that dealt with “bath house.” Specific search terms spoke more to fetishes and kinks. For example, Delaware users searched for terms like “dick terror.” Since the data that AEBN Trends reported recently is from the holiday season, it was unsurprising that gay users in Georgia would search for a term like “Santa spanking.” West Virginia’s users searched “armpits.”

AEBN Trends data for the fourth quarter of 2022 is also helpful in determining what a popular niche in gay porn is. Terms like “euro” and “daddy” were in the top ten list, with other terms such as “safe sex” and “big dick.” Other popular trends include fetish subject matter like “voyeur,” “BDSM,” “str8 bait,” “prison sex,” and “bisexual.” The trends vary but provide an accurate view of what is popular and trending. Other helpful data sets include the Pornhub Insights for the year 2022. By analyzing the traffic that landed on Pornhub’s gay pages, they found that most of the search terms include “hentai,” “twink,” and “straight.” This data helps understand particular gay niches.

Taboo Niches

As with straight content, taboo porn is growing in popularity for the gay orientation. Taboo porn is popular because it brings to light some of society’s far more controversial sexual fantasies, even though they are likely to be more common than initially thought.

In the space of gay porn, there could be porn that sexualizes the relationship between a stepfather and a stepson. Or this could include the relationship between a teacher and a student. A broad range of subject matter falls under the taboo niche. It is proving to be a fruitful endeavor for content production and eventual marketing and monetization for long-term revenue generation.

Daddy Niche

Under the taboo niche, “daddy” is a popular search term. Upon further analysis, it is an attraction shared among both gay and straight consumers that the daddy aesthetic is a growing platform. In the realm of straight content, Daddy appeals to women who could be attracted to men with power and experience. In the realm of gay porn content, the daddy aesthetic appeals to men who enjoy the concept of being dominated by more powerful men with a higher degree of sexual prowess. 

Bareback Niche

The bareback niche is quite traditional when considering the context of gay porn. Bareback is when no condom is used in the act of anal penetration. This is standard in the adult industry. It is also a very popular category of pornography and a niche that is much more common than you’d think. The bareback niche also branches off into subcategories and other niches, including subject matter like creampies, breeding, insemination, rough anal, and several other niches, categories, and fetishes.

Muscles Niche

Who doesn’t love muscles? Gay or straight, content that prominently features muscles is a great selling point. In gay porn, muscle porn is pretty standard and always is popular among viewers. The muscles niche is also broad, covering other intersections such as interracial, big dick, BBC, daddy, and more. For the case of Pornhub Gay at least, muscle porn is categorized with upward of 7,000 clips.

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