Four Adult Content Trends to Watch in 2023

Happy New Year from Adult Site Broker! 2022 was a challenging year for much of the adult industry.

Nevertheless, we must talk about the future. Adult Site Broker’s founder, Bruce, the adult site broker, was interviewed by our in-house journalists discussing how he views the new year will change and remain the same in some manner. He spoke to the trends in the area of merger and acquisition, but there is still much to consider when dealing with the other elements in the adult entertainment industry. Above all else, adult entertainment is still that: entertainment.

So, with that in mind, we thought it would be an interesting exercise to discuss the content trends to look out for in 2023. Keeping in touch with content trends is a very important task because it helps site owners and senior executives understand what is trending and popular among users.

Trend One: Metaverse

The adult entertainment industry is on the fast track to exploding on the metaverse. As an industry, there has been a multitude of developments suggesting a high-tech evolution of the industry onto protocols like Web3 and blockchain. In our latest batch of blog posts, we discussed new trends in the realm of the metaverse. These trends include fully-integrated virtual reality that features smart sex toys, VR headsets, and haptic devices that provide a top “simulated” digital sexual experience.

Also, we’ve noticed that the segment of live camming has gone full VR. We believe that 2023 will be a noteworthy year in technological advancements for metaverse platforms that will see much wider adoption by adult content consumers. With virtual reality porn sites and camming commonplace, we believe the next logical step is to fully integrate the hardware to provide an augmented feeling.

With this, the metaverse technology trend will be accompanied by visual and audio content that is produced to cater to the trends and needs of the software and hardware needed for remote sex.

Trend Two: More NFTs

The second set of trends that we see entering the new year is the explosion of non-fungible tokens or, simply, NFTs. NFTs grew in popularity in 2021 and 2022 as a form of unique digital ownership. In the space of adult entertainment, NFTs have grown into a veritable array of very sexy trading cards that feature adult performers in unique poses, lingerie, and even sexual activity. These items are an interesting development, pegged to the growing popularity of blockchain technology in the adult industry. Several cryptocurrencies have been minted to finance projects, but also serve as digital points of purchase to secure the exchange funds between creators and their content customers.

This is the case because the mainstream financial systems have overtly discriminated against consensual sex work, porn stars, content creators, and adult industry support staff. But, that’s for another blog post. NFTs build on this debate because it allows the creators to control and finally provide content experiences that can change how currency and content are transacted.

In 2023, we predict that NFT marketplaces will continue to offer support for NSFW content. If this does happen, there will continue to be a boon among adult industry cryptocurrency advocates.

Trend Three: Alternative Porn

Alternative porn is something interesting to note. In our latest batch of blog posts, we wrote about the content phenomenon and category known as alternative porn or alt-porn. This is a sub-genre that encompasses a variety of erotica and pornographic film and photographic bodies of work that advocate for a particular subculture. Outside of porn itself, some subcultures and subgroups have developed exclusively through the proliferation of the internet and the digital lifestyle. Alternative porn has tapped into these subcultures that have developed adjacent to those in porn.

This means that the content that we saw more of in 2022 and will most certainly see much more of in 2023 emphasizes the sexual arousal and pleasure of groups like goth girls, emo girls, nerdy girls, the “e-girl” subgroup, tattooed models, piercings, certain hairstyles, and the ‘Suicide Girl’ aesthetic. More porn in the coming year will emphasize these changes, including their intersections with the traditional sexual orientation genres of straight, gay, trans, and the applicable LGBTQ-friendly and culturally-informed categories of pornography that have also proliferated online in recent years.

Trend Four: Content to Skirt Social Media Rules

The final trend we wish to discuss is social media content. Again pointing to our latest round of blog posts, we wrote about the use of the controversial social media app TikTok as a marketing tool for adult content creators, porn stars, and adult production companies. One of our case studies in that post discussed the ability of an adult performer to circumvent the overt prohibition on sex content on TikTok by simply producing visual and audio material that “hints” at the communicated message but doesn’t cross any major boundaries. Social media networks like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are fickle when it comes to adult content. Twitter and Snapchat allow for nudity, but the overt act of sex versus a nude selfie is still hotly contested given the uptick in shadow-banning.

In this very crazy period of internet regulation and the corporate cultures of the world’s largest social media companies always changing, it is a requirement for adult content creators to adapt.

In 2023, we see adult content creators adapting the content pipelines they post on social media sites to beat the algorithms and actions of shadow-banning. This would include algospeak, new trends in content, utilizing internet memes and trending jokes, and keeping up to date with current events. All of this is up to the content creators but it is possible. 2023 will be tough on social media.

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Adult Site Broker hopes you’ve enjoyed this post. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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