What Happened to Priya Price?

When you think of the most popular pornstars of the 2010s, you can’t not mention the exceptional Priya Price. With her talent, beauty, and natural body, she changed beauty standards at the time and became one of the most known and pioneering stars of the adult film industry during her career between 2013-2018, when she left the industry. But what has she been up to throughout the years?   

From looking at her career highlights to some of the controversies surrounding Priya Price and her most recent work, in this article, Adult Site Broker will answer the question: What happened to Priya Price? 

Career Highlights

Throughout the years that she worked as a porn star, Priya Price built up a loyal fanbase because of her looks, talent, and acting skills, making her a born entertainer. But what are some of the biggest highlights of her career?

Before she started acting in porn, Priya Price initially worked as a model for multiple adult magazines, including Hustler and Baazars, before transitioning over to porn in 2013, debuting in Hot Wife XXX and is one of the most beloved porn stars of her time with a still avid fan base via online communities like Reddit. 

She started in the industry in 2013 and she worked in it until 2018. With over 70 credited roles, she is mainly known for her films focusing on solo play, girl-on-girl, and bondage. And is best known for her acting roles in Superbound, Big Tits at Work, Round and Brown, and Baby Got Boobs, with many of her films focusing on her afro-american or Latina roots. 

When she left the industry, her last known net worth was $250 million, making her one of the wealthiest porn actresses around. This should come as no surprise because, throughout her career, she was widely popular, working with some of the biggest production companies around, including Elegant Angel, Hustler Video, New Sensations, and Mile High.  

Awards, Nominations, and Recognitions

Although she has built up a huge fanbase and is seen as one of the best actresses around, she never actually won an award for her work. However, she was nominated for multiple awards by the leading industry awards ceremonies, including the AVN Award for Best Upcoming Actress in 2018, the Nightmoves Award in 2018, and the Spank Bank Award in 2019. 

Controversies and Challenges

When she left the industry, it was rumored that she left due to her falling out with fellow performer Bella Danger, although neither has said anything. 

Rumor on online communities like Reddit has tried to find out what happened to Priya Price, with many stating that she went quiet because, in 2018, she was arrested for arson and is serving time in jail without bail. However, there is no official statement, nor has she responded to the rumors. 

Recent Activities

In 2019, all mention of Priya Price went quiet because of the suspected arrest for pyromania and arson. However, in 2016, Priya Price still worked within the adult entertainment industry. Many speculated that she had moved from porn and starring in movies to camming and Snapchat and was active on X (formally Twitter), talking to her fans.

However, in 2023, there is no mention of what she is doing; this could be because she has chosen to leave the adult industry for good. 

Personal Life

There has been no mention of her private life or any work she has done outside of the adult industry. Many believe that she has been serving time in prison since 2018. However, there is no proof to this rumor. 

Although she was active in talking to her fans and camming until 2016, there has yet to be a mention of her or what she has been up to since then. 

Public Perception

Although there have been some negative comments about her, namely that she has been serving time in prison since 2018 for arson, there is still a massive following for Priya Price and her movies online. 

With many commenting that she is still breathtaking, beautiful, and stunning. It cannot be denied that since entering the adult industry in 2015, she has had a huge impact on the beauty standards of the industry, showcasing the beauty of Latinx and afro-american women within the industry. 


Whether you believe the rumors about her being in jail or not, you cannot deny that Priya Price was a pioneering actress during her years as a pornstar. She shook up the industry and changed opinions on the beauty standards in the industry at the time with her mass popularity as a Latinx, afro-american star. 

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