What Happened to Naomi Russell?

Born in California in 1983 and of Israeli and Slovaki descent, Naomi Russell is known for her good looks and for having one of the best butt’s in the porn industry and was a fan favorite throughout her career. 

During her time working in the adult film industry between 2005-2011, she worked on over 190 movies focusing primarily on anal, fetish, and double penetration and showcasing an array of talents and the ability to move between softcore and hardcore scenes with ease, quickly earning her multiple awards throughout her career. 

Since leaving the industry in 2011, there has been much speculation about where she is today. In this article, Adult Site Broker will answer the question: What happened to Naomi Russell? 

Career Highlights

Since entering the adult entertainment industry at the age of 21 in 2005, Naomi quickly set a standard for looks and body, with many fans still to this day raving about her butt. Her breakout role was Cum Fiesta in 2005, and she went on to star in over 210 movies throughout her career. 

Throughout her career, she was known for her butt, which took center stage in many of her videos, quickly gaining a reputation for focusing on anal and double penetration scenes in hardcore movies. Her butt was so popular that John Leslie dedicated an entire movie to it, Naomi … There’s Only One, which quickly helped her rise in fame within the industry as the movie was nominated for multiple AVN Awards.  

Awards, Nominations, and Recognitions

Throughout her career, Naomi’s performances earned her multiple awards and nominations throughout the yeasr. She won the following two awards: the AVN Best New Starlet and Best POV sex scene with Tommy Gunn in Jack’s POV 2, both in 2007. 

Alongside her two wins over her career, Naomi Russell was also nominated for the AVN’s Best Group Sex and Best Coupling for Naomi … There’s Only One in 2007 and Best All-Girl Scene in 2008 for Fucking Girls 4. As well as the XRCO Best Starlett of the Year in 2007 and CAVR Awards Starlette of the Year in 2006.  

Controversies and Challenges

Although she is very private, one of the most significant controversies surrounding her career was that when she won the AVN Award in 2007 for the Best New Starlet, she didn’t attend the ceremony or accept her award. When asked in an interview, she reportedly told them that she had ” better things to do” and didn’t see what the big deal was. However, this certainly didn’t hinder her career or her chance to be nominated for other awards throughout the years. 

When she left the porn industry in 2011, there were rumors that she left because she had contracted HIV. However, she hasn’t commented on these rumors to say if they are true. 

Recent Activities

Although there is no proof, up until 2022, Naomi Russell was rumored to have started her website in 2018, creating adult content for members after leaving the porn industry in 2011. However, there is no such website, and although she was reportedly active on X (formally Twitter) until 2022, her website was not live in 2023. 

Currently, there is an active Instagram account that could be hers where she uploads her modeling images and has a link to her PayPal, but there are no links to OnlyFans or any of her other work. 

Personal Life

Not much is known about Naomi Russell’s private life to this day, but what is known is that before joining the industry, Naomi worked in the legal sector, apprenticing at a US law firm specializing in child labor cases and working nights as a medical assistant. Shortly before she entered the adult film industry, she recovered from cancer, which caused her to gain weight. 

In 2013, shortly after leaving the industry, it was rumored that Naomi Russell gained a scholarship at Pasadena City College to study for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 

Her personal life is kept quiet, with no one knowing who she is dating or what she is doing. Although there was an active Twitter account that claimed to be hers until 2022, and there is an Instagram in her name that posts modeling pictures, it is unclear if this is her. 

Public Perception

Although there is still speculation on why she left the industry in the first place, this has not diminished her public perception. She is still a favorite, and her movies are still popular. Even other porn stars haven’t said anything negative, and in fact, one co-star referred to her as one of the wildest pornstars on the planet for her anal scenes. 


Still widely cited as the best butt in the industry, Naomi Russell is still a popular name in the adult porn industry. With a career centered around her looks and her enthusiasm for performing her scenes, it’s no wonder she still has a loyal fanbase dedicated to her movies. 

Although not much is known about what she is up to in 2023, with rumors that she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, it can be speculated that she has gone on to make a quiet life away from the adult film industry. 

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