What is Adult Site Broker’s Escrow Process?

Adult Site Broker has been in business for several years. We have worked on many fronts in the adult entertainment industry, and we’ve brokered a wide variety of websites and entire companies.

Some of these properties have sold for seven and even 8 figures, and we want to provide the best possible experience and security for the success of your sale closure. Adult Site Broker, like other services in the web brokerage space, utilizes escrow services to ensure secure transactions. Our secure escrow services meet industry standards and are administered by a tremendous law firm.

In this blog post, Adult Site Broker is happy to elaborate more on our escrow process and how it helps grease the wheels, so to speak, and implement our entire successful total-buying process.

Everything we discuss here should not be construed as legal advice. Please don’t consider this an advertisement for Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC, our awesome legal and attorney services vendor. We only mention them because we’ve worked with them for over a decade, and they’ve provided us and our clients fantastic and secure escrow service.

What is Escrow?

Escrow is a very important part of our work in website  brokerage. Just like in commercial or residential real estate, escrow is a vital component to securing purchases between sellers and buyers of the many adult properties we broker. Escrow is a contractual arrangement and process where a third party receives and disburses the funds involved or for the property for the primary transacting parties. This includes a disbursement dependent on all conditions agreed upon by all the parties.

What is Adult Site Broker’s Escrow Process?

The escrow process that Adult Site Broker uses is administered by Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC. The firm specializes in all aspects of intellectual property law and commercial tort litigation.

The company has a long and successful legacy in domain name continuity and nearly two decades of providing legal services that include attorney-administered escrow for both domain names and assets. According to Greenberg & Lieberman, internet and domain attorney escrow, as the main process of conventional escrow, “involves depositing money or assets in the control of a licensed independent third party in order to protect both buyer and seller in a domain name transaction.”

Process of Attorney Escrow

The transaction is completed when all purchase parties confirm all terms of the escrow agreement have been met, and then the money is fully released to complete the transaction. All escrows that proceed through G&L involved include legal advice on the terms that are applicable to legal terms.

Attorney escrow helps if disagreements arise between the parties. The escrow agent, being the attorney, holds the money and assets while the disagreement is resolved. Once the dispute or the disagreement is settled, the third party delivers the escrowed items specified in the agreement.

Escrow can take some time, but the average escrow timeline ranges between 2 to 4 weeks. Nevertheless, as is the case with any business transaction, the escrow process can be impacted by a variety of factors. These factors could range from practically anything, from both sides of the transaction – buyers or sellers. Additionally, these internal and external factors should be considered by both parties and the direct and indirect stakeholders to ensure equitable closure.

Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC is acclaimed for its work in intellectual property and other areas of litigation. Their website,  Escrow Domains, will give you more information to learn more about the escrow process that we at Adult Site Broker rely on. And, as an indication of the firm’s reputation, Greenberg & Lieberman was previously awarded an excellence award by Domaining and served as a 2021 bronze member at the Internet Commerce Association. Greenberg & Lieberman also has a distinction for high-quality and strong delivery of their services.

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