Why NATS Is the Best Affiliate Platform for the Adult Industry

The Next-Generation Administration and Tracking System, or NATS, is the adult entertainment industry’s most popular and widely-used affiliate marketing and back-end solution. NATS has been tested and trusted by adult programs all over the world. Developed by Too Much Media, a software company based in New Jersey, NATS is used by some of the largest adult entertainment brands. In this new blog post, Adult Site Broker will discuss the importance of NATS to this industry and why it’s regarded as an institutional player in the space of adult affiliate marketing.

What is Adult Affiliate Marketing?

Before moving on with the discussion about NATS, it would help our new readers to understand how the adult-oriented affiliate marketing space operates. Affiliate marketing in the adult industry is an approach to performance-based marketing where affiliates promote adult products or services in exchange for a returned commission. This can include adult websites, dating sites, adult toy stores, and similar products or services. Adult Site Broker has an affiliate marketing program called ASB Cash, and it operates in a similar fashion. The only difference is that our program doesn’t use NATS.

It is generally accepted that the best porn affiliate programs work by helping companies to market their products online in exchange for a portion of the profits from your referrals. We have said it dozens of times. Porn affiliate marketing is also among the most profitable segments in the adult entertainment industry. Some of the largest companies in adult entertainment are built on affiliates.

Why Use An Affiliate Software? 

That is where affiliate marketing management software comes in. Affiliate marketing management software helps businesses manage their affiliate marketing programs more effectively. It provides a centralized platform for businesses to manage their affiliates, track their activities, and monitor their performance. NATS is a tremendous affiliate marketing management software. One of the most significant advantages of using affiliate marketing management software is that it allows businesses to track affiliate activities in real time. This includes clicks, leads, and sales that then translate to commissions and earnings. NATS offers all of this, as already stated and explained.

The NATS Software

The Next-Generation Administration and Tracking System runs entirely on the web browser. It is extremely lightweight, and there is no need to restrict memory on your computer or devices. Because of this, NATS is a software-as-a-service platform. PornWebmasters.com characterizes NATS as a platform that is so simple that “if you can jack off, you can use NATS.” NATS provides solutions for adult businesses with a wide range of tools and features to build, manage, and eventually grow their affiliate programs. NATS has a very straightforward operating framework and is very easy to learn.

How NATS Software Works

The first step in using NATS is setting up the affiliate program. This involves creating an offer that includes the commission rate and any other terms and conditions for affiliates. The business sets the commission rate, the percentage of each sale the affiliate earns as a commission. The platform commission rate can vary based on the promoted product or service or the affiliate’s performance.

The platform user can also set affiliate terms and conditions, including a minimum sales threshold, payment schedule, and geographic restrictions for the affiliate programs. An affiliate offer is then uploaded to the NATS system, and affiliates can sign up for the affiliate program. Once the program is set up, affiliates can join the program through the NATS system. NATS allows users to customize a sign-up page that businesses can use to attract new affiliates. The affiliates also provide their contact information, website URL, and other details required to join the program. After signing up, affiliates receive a unique affiliate link or code that they can use to promote the platform’s services. 

Promoting Businesses Through NATS

Affiliates promote the business through their website, blog, social media, or other channels using the unique affiliate link or code. The link or code is embedded in banners, text links, or other promo materials. When someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the NATS software tracks the sale and attributes it to the affiliate who referred the customer. NATS can also track impressions, clicks, and other metrics related to the affiliate program. This data can also be used to optimize the program and improve affiliate performance. NATS tracks all sales and commissions generated by affiliates in real time. The software provides detailed reports on affiliate performance, including sales, clicks, conversions, and commission earnings from affiliates. NATS makes it very, very easy. 

The reports can be customized to show data for specific time periods, products, or affiliates. NATS uses cookies and other tracking technologies to track sales and affiliate commissions. A cookie is stored on their device whenever an affiliate’s customer clicks on an affiliate link. If the customer then makes a purchase within a set period, typically 30-90 days, the sale is attributed to the affiliate who referred the customer. With many installations, NATS is well-tested under a wide variety of situations. NATS was built from the ground up to be highly configurable in order to let you run a fully featured affiliate program exactly how you choose. There is much to consider, but NATS is a very powerful SaaS.

Too Much Media also has a free support wiki available for NATS and its other product offerings. Too Much Media also develops a content management system called CARMA – Content Administration and Release Management Application – as an efficient way to manage and publish web content.

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