Best White Label Dating Programs

For over two decades, the Adult Site Broker team has been involved in all aspects of the adult industry, from ​​paysites, tubes and from to dating and pleasure products. Affiliate marketing is a lucrative segment for those who do not own dating websites and networks. We’ve been advocating for much of this for years. We’ve also written extensively about dating affiliate programs, but we’ve never officially done our due diligence to analyze the best white-label dating programs for affiliate marketers. 

In this new blog post, our team is thrilled to discuss the white-label dating programs that we like the most and that you should take a look at. Additionally, we will remind you what white-labeling is and how this approach to affiliate marketing can help monetize your high-quality dating web traffic.

What is White Labeling?

Adult dating sites can be a confusing experience. Adult entertainment sites have been leading the way in terms of technology, and as a result, several niche dating sites have followed suit. These sites specialize in connecting people who are looking for sex or relationship connections outside of traditional dating. Some of the largest dating sites receive tens of millions of visits per day, and they can match the total web traffic of some of the largest adult tube sites. 

In this fashion, the extent of the white-labeling programs that various affiliate programs offer are all built with similar revenue models including PPL and PPC payout schemes that are used by a variety of other adult industry-oriented affiliate platforms. Nonetheless, the white-label avenue allows the owners of high-dollar Tier I web traffic to control their domains, content, and subject matter. 

It makes the position of the marketer who has traffic, just not web assets, that much easier by letting them choose to adopt the infrastructure and content management of established properties by simply slapping branding, colors, and logos on a top-level landing page built with ease.

Best White Label Dating Programs

Some of the best white-label dating programs for niche dating are listed here. We’ve identified them based on their impact on the industry, the number of people who use these white-label programs, and the payout and revenue models that make them unique. Adult Site Broker has discussed the effect of affiliate marketing in the adult sector extensively. Additionally, white-labeling for dating, as previously described, is a derivative of the top adult marketing trend.

Dating Factory

Dating Factory is a very popular platform for the white-labeling of niche dating websites of various types. The white-labeling niches of this provider of services cover most major verticals in the online dating space and could be considered a mixture of hookup, fetish, and couples-seeking. The white-label program itself is presented as a truly simple  “plug and play” solution that permits the immediate use of web traffic once platforms are adopted and turned live for web use. In this space, Dating Factory maintains expertise in niche dating that has made an international impact over the years. They also understand that when there is a closer correlation between traffic and site it will result in improved conversion rates, which is why the company offers the range of niches it does.

Dating Leads

Dating Leads is an affiliate platform that is heavily focused on traffic acquisition through landing pages and white-labeling. The white-labeling protocols utilized by Dating Leads are similar to the protocols of other programs listed in this blog post feature. Dating Leads also features a vast array of options for niche and adult dating, including traffic acquisition conversion and revenue programs for hookup sites, fetish, couples-seeking, and traditional personals. Paired with its full scope of advertising offers, the white-labeling options provided to affiliate marketers with high-quality web traffic can turn the initiation of a few simple campaigns into the beginning of a passive income. The benefits of Dating Leads are similar to other programs and can be paired nicely with outside sites.

White Label Dating

White Label Dating is an affiliate platform that provides up to 80 percent of the net revenue for all leads to the affiliate. It is entirely proprietary and is simple to navigate. According to the company’s website, White Label Dating gives you everything you need to create profitable dating offers that generate recurring revenue. They also provide help to new users with every step, from creating your offer to reporting and optimizing campaigns, so that you can maximize revenue. White Label Dating is owned by the company Ventro Media Group. In addition to the development and management of their white-label dating platforms through their SaaS offering, their vision is to create the best possible platform for their platform partners to achieve industry-leading profits based on the conversions of dating web traffic provided by affiliate marketers who have cultivated such web traffic from Tier I countries. We have written earlier about White Label Dating in one of our previous blog posts about affiliates. 

Dating Pro

Dating Pro is another SaaS option that is similar to White Label Dating. Dating Pro is one of the best white-labeling software developed for entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers seeking to monetize their web traffic by launching their own dating sites and networks. Unlike the traditional, stripped-down white-label provider that you would find at some of the providers on this list, Dating Pro is a full suite of services that allow affiliates to build their own sites on top of the Dating Pro framework. 20 dating niches are available through Dating Pro. These niches also include verticals like those of speed dating, social networking, niche dating, adult hookups, sugar daddy, religious-based dating, LGBTQ dating, and a variety of age-group and dating built around race, ethnicity, and nationality. 


HubPeople is our last entry on this list. Like Dating Pro and White Label Dating, HubPeople is a SaaS provider for building and managing white-label dating websites for entrepreneurs and adult affiliate marketers who wish to monetize their dating web traffic. HubPeople’s platform manages all of the customer care, conversion, billing, and software. Revenue collected from the platforms is shared via revenue-sharing schemes that begin at 50 percent. Just like other platforms on this list, the HubPeople ecosystem specializes in major geographies including the United States, UK, Australia, and Canada. In addition to the white-labeling options, HubPeople provides CPL offers for advertising that lead to the white-label sites and primary landing pages to initiate user conversion.

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