Adult Entertainment’s Future in the Metaverse

Adult entertainment has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Samantha Cole, a popular journalist at Vice News and the author of the recent book “How Sex Changed the Internet,” keeps up the position that the internet was created for sex and pornography. There is truth to that given that the adult tube sites, webcam providers, and production companies viewed the internet as the next generation of content distribution and user-to-user interaction. Outside of the many legal, political, and general market positions of the adult entertainment industry, one common element in adult is the evolution of integrated remote sexual behaviors and fully interactive and integrative porn sites. 

A Constantly Changing Environment

Michael McGrady, the critically acclaimed adult entertainment industry journalist, wrote for Future of Sex that smart sex toys and pleasure products (e.g., the field of teledildonics and the internet of things) can further be integrated into just about anything that is connected to the web. As the evolution of the metaverse concept persists, there is a lot to note when considering the future of virtual reality and augmented reality in the realm of adult entertainment. There is a lot to consider, moving forward.

Adult Site Broker wrote previously about virtual reality porn sites and their affiliate programs. We have already touched upon the future of VR and AR moving forward. Now, in this new blog post, the Adult Site Broker team will discuss the metaverse in general and the growing popularity of VR cam sites. This is something that is notable because popular camming sites are now providing virtual reality integration services for all mainstream and secondary virtual reality headsets and hardware. 

Non-Virtual Reality Adult Industry Projects in the Metaverse

Outside of the use of headsets and hardware, there are frontiers in adult entertainment that are utilizing the socialization of metaverse technology. Pleasure Network, a company of adult industry futurists, made news in early 2022 when they announced the new development of Pleasureland

This particular project, which is still in primary beta testing, is a blockchain virtual world that is built on a high-end stack of decentralized technology and the integration of exclusive NFTs to provide users with the ability to own unique digital assets during the commission of online sexual activity. This is not new. Mainstream studios have been building games on Ethereum protocols for several years now. Nevertheless, what makes Pleasureland unique is its focus on the development of these types of virtual worlds and communities in a “sex-positive environment.” Pleasure Network representatives said of the project that “our vision is to build a safe place for adult performers and sex-positive workers to interact with fans, voyeurs, pleasure seekers, and everything in between (the sheets).” Pleasureland can be launched in a browser and provides a safe and secure setting.

Metaverse platforms like Pleasureland also run on tokens like the xxxNifty coin. Cryptocurrency is also an ever-growing segment of adult entertainment. More and more companies and platforms are launching tokens to fund not-safe-for-work NFT creative sales or to simply provide a secure form of payment that is outside of the traditional and fiat banking systems. Expect more virtual worlds and XXX gaming built on blockchain protocols in the near future, including the integration of smart sex toys and virtual reality headsets for a fully-fledged and highly-developed sexual experience online.

Augmented Reality Holograms

Another concept to consider is the development of augmented reality and holograms through mobile devices. One such platform is, which is an Android-enabled app that allows users to turn their phone’s cameras into holograms of sexy men and women being naughty. While there is nothing extremely proprietary to an augmented reality mobile application, this is by far one of the first apps of its kind to be mass marketed and beta-tested to a wider adult content market.

The app utilizes the camera of a mobile phone to generate a hologram of a particular model, providing users with a sensual and provocative exhibition tailored for them. No headset is required to access an extensive selection of augmented reality pornography crafted by actual performers and creators. To further engage fans, some social media features enable models to communicate with their admirers and grant admirers the unique chance to interact. In a news article on the company’s concept published by, the thesis behind is to provide an augmented reality OnlyFans experience with high payouts and returns for adult creators.

Virtual Reality Cam Sites

Virtual reality adult cams are quickly becoming a top way to experience live shows with VR cam girls. These webcams draw you into an environment of virtual reality porn, giving you an interactive experience right in the model’s home. Technology advancements make this possible. 

At least, that is the conceptual basis of the virtual reality segment. Virtual reality porn sites, for instance, are great examples of how this works. But, virtual reality camming takes it a step further.

There are dozens of popular cam sites offering virtual reality options and integrations with popular VR headsets and other hardware to further augment the experience. One component that is interesting to the virtual reality cam sites element of the growing VR adult content segment is that this is a harbinger of technology, foreshadowing all similar developments in mainstream and vanilla industries. Sites like (discussed more below) and their live stream VR cam tech can easily be adopted by companies such as Zoom and Microsoft for work and collaboration.

Examples of VR Cam Sites

Virtual reality cam sites are tremendous innovations in how adult industry companies have adapted to the metaverse. To further drive home our case study, we have listed some of the most exciting players in the adult VR camming space. was mentioned above. This site hosts a veritable array of virtual reality cam girls that fall under so many different categories and kinks. Like a VR porn site, allows its users to utilize a virtual reality headset and VR controllers to watch live-streaming content. What makes even more unique is the ability to utilize smart sex tech devices and headsets to correspond to the visual content before the user’s eyes. This creates a fully immersive experience that is indicative of the metaverse developments and the development of remote sex.

Stripchat VR

Stripchat is an extremely popular adult webcam site. We’ve written about Stripchat several times, including the site’s rewarding affiliate network and white-label program for traffic marketers. But, the nice thing about Stripchat is that it has evolved its platform to permit the streaming of virtual reality to live cam sessions through mainstream VR headsets and the adjacent hardware. The virtual reality offerings through Stripchat provide realism through live performances. Like others on this list, the virtual reality live-camming experience is meant to provide the most realistic and immersive experience possible. Stripchat has always been on the cutting edge of cam technology.


Dreamcam is one of the oldest and most developed virtual reality adult cam platforms. One of the elements that make Dreamcam unique is the development of the platform’s exoskeletal platform that enables futuristic sex in the metaverse. This platform includes an augmentation of a user’s physical capabilities during sex and fully integrates with Dreamcam and the virtual reality headsets compatible with the site. Dreamcam integrates with other VR hardware and the haptic devices.

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