Ethics in Brokering Adult Websites is Still Important

Adult Site Broker was founded years ago with one philosophy: be transparent and ethical in all of our business dealings. Bruce, the adult site broker and our founder, instilled this in the team he leads today, and exudes top-of-the-line professionalism that is not only recognized in the adult entertainment industry but in his mainstream media work as well. In this blog post, Bruce sat down with our in-house journalists for an exclusive interview about brokering adult websites with an ethical and moral goal to do right and to always be honest to buyers and sellers from all walks of life. The interview features unfettered remarks from Bruce and a brief discussion about how Adult Site Broker differentiates itself from their competitors in a fashion that is truly unique.

“The definition of ethics from is: ‘Moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity,’” Bruce said at the start of our interview. “If my mind goes further, it involves the golden rule, or to do unto others as you would yourself.” “I do hope I’m not getting too biblical on you here,” Bruce joked, alluding to the Gospel of Matthew in the Holy Bible. Such a verbal maxim can be regarded as the “golden rule” that serves as a baseline in most mainstream schools of ethics. But, the golden rule Bruce refers to is much older than the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam). A Chinese philosopher who is believed to have lived more than five centuries before Jesus set forth his variation of the golden rule: “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself.”

Regardless of the origin, Bruce’s guiding principles in business are commonly held in all facets of professional life. In 2011, Harvard Business Review published a column by business scholar Fred Reichheld discussing the ability to not only run an ethical business but profit from such ethics.

“Our system of financial accounting rewards quarterly profits, but struggles mightily to place a value on ethical behavior,” Mr. Reichheld wrote. “Even accounting rules specifically dealing with reputation — goodwill and intangible assets — are subject to frequent rule changes and endless debate,” Reichheld questioned whether these financial professionals and accountants are simply overcomplicating a basic idea. “Each time you live up to the Golden Rule, your [business] reputation is enhanced; each time you fail, it is diminished. And [all of] the mathematics of long-term financial success — revenues, profits, cash flow — square perfectly with this scorecard,” Reichheld noted.

“I try to treat my clients like people first and then knowing what I know (which is usually a lot more than they do about what I do and about my industry) to give them the best advice possible, even if it means walking away from the business I might otherwise get,” Bruce added in this new interview. 

“If they have a property that I know will be worth more in a year or two, I’m not in such dire need of money that I don’t tell them to wait. And if I was in that need I would tell them the truth anyway,” he said proudly. “I think it’s important to be brutally honest with my clients, even if the truth hurts a bit. That’s another definition of ethics by the way. If something doesn’t look like it’s going to sell then why lead them on with the small chance something is going to happen, like a successful close of a site sale?”

One of the motivations behind Adult SIte Broker is to bring ethics and accountability to an industry that has a reputation for being skeevy and exploitative. But, the truth of the matter is that so many people in the adult entertainment industry are ethical and upstanding individuals who are interested in living out fulfilling careers in a truly interdisciplinary, intersectoral adult industry. The most crucial thing we have is a personal touch we use in every aspect of our buying and selling process. Our multi-step selling process and secure escrow are indications of our commitment to that personal touch. We do everything we can to be effective, ethical, and honest. 

“I’ve seen a lot of unethical behavior, both in my media career and in adult. And it may surprise some people when I say this, but in the media, it tends to be less ethical than in the adult industry,” he said. 

But, every industry has its bad actors. Adult Site Broker is a staple in the adult industry because of our commitment to our clients. If you are interested in the services we offer, contact our team of dedicated professionals to learn more about selling and buying listings with us.

“The fact that we are a boutique firm and that I have the contacts with the clients allows me to control how those contacts go down and it assures good ethical behavior,” Bruce concludes. 

“But if you have a company with employees you need to instill those qualities in your team. Of course, if you don’t have those qualities then the opposite tends to happen, huh?”

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