7 Best Ad Networks for Adult Sites to Increase Their Earnings

We at Adult Site Broker want to share with you all of you our extensive knowledge about the dynamic adult entertainment industry. This knowledge includes who we think are viable partners in driving traffic and buying advertisements for adult sites. This blog post discusses the seven best ad networks for adult sites and all the information you need to know. For starters, adult advertising networks are pivotal parts of the industry. Ad networks allow platforms to push messages for advertisers at competitive rates to reach the maximum number of people, the ideal audiences and touch the very best geographical areas. Adult Site Broker is proud to present the best adult ad networks.

Best Adult Ad Networks:

Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky is one of the better-known adult industry-focused advertising networks currently running. Owned and operated by Pornhub.com parent company MindGeek, Traffic Junky deals in delivering high volume and high-value traffic to adult content publishers all over the internet. Pornhub, considering that it is literally the same company, is Traffic Junky’s largest publisher of ads. The actual network behind Traffic Junky does about 4.6 billion daily impressions on their advertisements and over 150 million daily visitors. The platform is also self-serve and on-demand, allowing advertisers and publishers to manage their campaigns and ad buys easily through a simple user interface.

Traffic Stars

Another self-service platform, Traffic Stars is also a well-known adult industry advertising network. The company says that it averages about 5 billion daily impressions on its ads with millions of visitors. Traffic Stars, like other advertising networks in this space, offers tools to create and run a variety of advertising campaigns through various outlets and publishers found in the network that Traffic Stars maintains. Working out of Cyprus and Spain, the team at Traffic Stars boasts a solid customer service reputation and deals with high-value and high-value traffic to some of the largest adult content publishers in the world.

Traffic Mansion

Traffic Mansion is a specialized advertising network dealing with adult dating websites. While not necessarily the same size and scope as the larger adult industry-focused ad networks, Traffic Mansion helps fill the dating affiliate marketing niche with offers from some of the most popular adult dating properties. The concept behind this platform is to place helpful tools into the hands of adult dating site owners and webmasters looking to turn their dating traffic into a reliable source of revenue in the long term. There are thousands of partners on the Traffic Mansion network accounting for hundreds of thousands of daily conversions.

Traffic Partner

Traffic Partner is also an advertising network known for its success in pushing traffic to adult dating sites. Working in about 50 geographical locations around the world, Traffic Partner has strategic partnerships with other advertising networks and performance digital advertising agencies to provide very dynamic service to their clients. These geographies include the United States, the United Kingdom, and many of the Nordic countries. Traffic Partner has stellar reviews for the affiliate and client services support. The platform also controls its proprietary and internal ecosystem of tools and does everything it can to keep it simple for advertisers and publishers. 

Ads Empire

Ads Empire is another niche adult industry-oriented advertising network. Ads Empire provides industry-standard offers from leading adult dating platforms to direct traffic toward the best possible solutions for monetization. The concept of Ads Empire also attempts to cater to mainstream verticals, including finance, gaming, and mainstream verticals. Ads Empire offers primarily CPA offers and Smart Link services to provide a strong return on investment for all the work put into cultivating traffic. Dating services traffic, especially in the adult industry, can provide a sustainable revenue stream that could essentially be built into something that is nearly automatic and self-sufficient.

Twin Red

Twin Red holds a high reputation as one of the leading, independent adult advertising networks and ad exchanges currently in the industry. Most of the traffic through Twin Red goes to adult publishers and rapidly adjusts to the changing climate of the advertising environment. Twin Red offers a decent range of ad formats that essentially guarantee a return on investment. High-traffic partners are listed on the network and provide opportunities for high value. Traffic directed through Twin Red also converts well for affiliates in the adult, VOD, and gaming verticals with many offers from all these types of firms.


Adsterra is an adult industry advertising network that claims to serve well over 25 billion geographically targeted advertising impressions every month. The Adsterra concept is like other advertising networks: to drive high-value audiences to high-performing publishers of adult content. Publishers are enabled to receive high CPM rates, safe ad concepts, and a variety of other advertising formats for all types of sites. One thing to note is that Adsterra is one of several adult advertising networks and intends to meet its long-term goals through what they call a ‘partner care’ approach which is unique to Adsterra’s branding.

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