How to Monetize an Adult Site – Useful Tips You Should Know About

Are you looking for ways to monetize your adult site? 

Given our two decades of experience in the adult entertainment industry, the Adult Site Broker team picks up a few tips and tricks over time. This new blog post is intended to share our insights on monetizing adult sites of all types through proven methods that have delivered a return on investment by those who initiated this type of work. From buying traffic and advertisements to optimizing your search engine results, you’re essentially dealing with a combination of methods that you as the owner of the adult site must define for success.

Affiliate Programs

For starters, you can always sign up for an affiliate program or two and run simple and attractive ads that direct your audience to the affiliate site. One thing to keep in mind is that you should invest in domain names that are attractive and speak to the type of product or service you’re advertising.

If you happen to sign up for an affiliate program that deals with adult dating websites, you should choose relevant domain names that let your users know that your ads are for an affiliated dating site. Use these domains in place of clunky referral domain addresses, or by combining the relevant simple domains to the affiliate link through 302 redirections or by using visual advertising like banners. Affiliate programs are plentiful in the adult entertainment industry, and you can find one that works for you very easily. There are programs for content-sharing, much-needed website traffic, and white labeling.

ASB Cash

Adult Site Broker has an affiliate program, to note. It’s called ASB Cash, and our affiliate program awards a 20% payout of our broker commission to those who refer sellers and buyers to Adult Site Broker.

In many ways like other adult affiliate programs, members of our affiliate program use referral links and predesigned advertising collateral meant to lead traffic to the Adult Site Broker website. We credit the traffic, including whether an individual from that traffic brought to us by a referral resulting in a listing or sale.

We also get many referrals through email introductions.

Sponsored Posts on Your Adult Blog

If your adult site has a blog (and it should), you can also make money by selling sponsored posts. This is simple to do. Say that your adult site runs an adult industry blog that keeps up with current events and news topics.

You could offer tools for adult public relations professionals to share press releases and news pieces about their clients, their exploits, and more by paying you as the editor or webmaster to share their posts or to write about those events. Or you can charge producers for reviews of their latest full-length adult films. The opportunities to make money from writing and posting sponsored content are quite expansive.

White Labeling

Integrating your adult site with any white labeling strategies could provide passive long-term revenue. White labeling is quite common in the mainstream. For those who don’t know, a white label product or service is produced by one company that others rebrand to make it appear that it’s their own. For example, white label software is something that is developed by one developer and sold, branded, and marketed by another as if it is a unique product. 

Adult entertainment companies have perfected the concept of white labeling by offering affiliate and revenue generation programs through the vertical. One example is camming giant Chaturbate. Chaturbate allows webmasters with high-value traffic related to particular camming niches the option to create a branded clone of the Chaturbate platform under your branding and advertising. You’re allowed to select the design elements of the white label site, the type of subject matter you wish to feature and to use your domain names. You generate funds based on traffic and token purchases and share those funds with Chaturbate.

White Label E-Commerce

Another popular option for white labeling in the adult industry is selling pleasure products and sex toys under an assumed white-label or via affiliate referrals. 

Your adult website, regardless of its purpose or functionality, could benefit from selling adult pleasure products to your audience by adopting white label and drop shipping strategies provided by companies like the Eldorado Trading Company and others.

Ad Networks

We’ll keep this section short because we have an entire blog post dedicated to adult industry-oriented ad networks. Ad networks like Traffic Junky or Traffic Stars allow users to sign up as advertisers and publishers through their self-service platforms to bid and secure ads and site traffic in several ad geos.

Podcasting, Social Media and SEO

One method that is relatively cost-free to provide monetization opportunities for your adult site and associated brand would be to launch a podcast. 

Adult Site Broker Talk, for example, is the official podcast for Adult Site Broker. It is hosted by Adult Site Broker CEO, Bruce, and features top-level professionals from all segments of the adult entertainment industry including talent and other CEOs.

Bruce has surmised that podcasting is an important communication method to bring in new clients in the long term. You could follow his example by starting your very own adult industry podcast similarly. And, of course, you can utilize traditional, adult content-friendly platforms and other top social media channels including Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. 

You can try improving SEO for your adult site.

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