Selling Adult Websites – 13 Things To Keep an Eye On Before you Do

The adult entertainment industry is one of the most booming sectors in the world today. We certainly know that at Adult Site Broker. Although the industry may seem over-saturated, you can still sell an adult website successfully.

This is only possible when the proper knowledge and strategies are implemented; this way, you can make a huge profit from selling your adult website while enjoying a risk-free experience. 

You must create quality content, implement the right marketing strategy and hire the best adult site broker to sell your adult website successfully.

Now, let’s have a detailed discussion on how to get your adult site ready to sell for maximum profit. We’ll be showing twelve essential factors for you to consider before making that important decision!

1. Know What Your Website is Worth 

How can you generate money off where there is content publicly available on the internet for free? That’s where knowing the worth of your website comes in.

Before selling your adult website, you have to make sure that the website you’re selling is worth what you’re asking for.

Adult sites are generally valued at anywhere between a low of one time annual profits and as much as 4 or 5 times annual profits. A competent broker can give you this valuation after looking at your site and your financials.

2. Stable Finances

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Another thing you should consider before selling your adult website is your finances. Your success as a business depends on your ability to keep track of your them. This part might seem unnecessary, but you must put your books in order.

The best method to put your books in order is to balance, compare and contrast your accounts from the last 12 months. It can be daunting if you’re a small business owner who isn’t used to the financial part of the adult entertainment industry, but it’s a necessary evil

3. Optimize Your Profits 

Buyers value long-term stability, so you must invest in generating more organic traffic to your website. The creation of sales funnels that consist of a landing page with lots of Call-To-Action words should be implemented. 

Email newsletters should not be left out as it is one of the crucial ways to get that desired traffic to your website. In addition, having an affiliate program can help to significantly improve your website traffic since affiliates can bring in high quality clicks. Applying these tactics will increase your chances of selling your website for a higher price.

4. Increase Your Website Speed

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According to the Doherty Threshold UI/UX usability law, websites should not take more than 400ms to load. If your website takes longer, it will annoy your clients and discourage engagement.

To make a profit, you must create a user-friendly website; more user engagement and satisfaction translate to more money in your account. This is why increasing the speed of your website should be your top priority.

There are tools you can use to detect and fix website speed issues;

  • PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights does what its name suggests – it gives you insights on fastening your web page speed on all devices.

This online tool shows how other developers approached their projects and a web performance course where you can learn the fundamentals of web development and management. 

They also have a podcast called ‘Connect,’ where you can interact with other users on Twitter and Youtube. There is even a category where you can ask questions on stack overflow and get them answered by professionals.

  • GTmetrix

GTmetrix uses Lighthouse metrics and Web Vitals (LCP, TBT, CLS) to analyze and test your website’s performance.

The best thing about GTmetrix is that they keep track of your website progress and notify you whenever your page speed slows down. So you can enjoy your day without having to check up on your website.

GTmetrix allows you to view how your web page would look on other devices. It will enable you to give users different experiences across several devices.

5. Explain the Nature of Your Content 

Make sure and let your potential customers know what kind of content your site has when they arrive on it.  Different websites have different proportions of videos, pictures, and products. It should be listed if your website consists of more videos or more products.

You want to be clear about the content your website has, whether its adult videos, toys, pictures, or some other type of content. Being clear about the nature of your content allows your target audience to identify and engage with your website faster, increasing your website’s traffic.

6. Hosting and Infrastructure

The servers, connections, and other related services needed to host websites are made available by web hosting service providers. Getting the best hosting is essential, so you must contact a hosting company and select a server that promptly reacts to incoming requests. 

Also, you can take a step forward by improving your present hosting package or upgrading to a more sophisticated one. You want to ensure that everything relating to your website’s hosting package is updated and your hosting subscription is active.

7. Website Design 













It shouldn’t be a shock that your website design has a lot to do with whether your customers stay on your website enough to purchase a product or leave without taking action. Likewise, your buyers wouldn’t want to buy a website with a bad design. 

Aside from this, the chances of keeping a successful online business are slim if the design is awful. So it’s best to invest in hiring top flightwebsite designers to improve your website design and look.

8. Market Growth 

The main goal of selling your website is to make profits. Therefore, all strings should be pulled to achieve this ultimate goal. So, how do you accomplish this?

You divide the number of sessions this year by the number of sessions last year and multiply the output by 100 to convert it to a percentage.

Next, divide the result by the total number of sessions held during the previous month (or year). A glance at the result should determine how fast your website grows.

9. Competition 

Buyers will opt for the best offer they can get. An excellent way to ensure that you have the best value for your clients is to ensure that you’re outperforming your competitors. 

Monitoring your competitors helps you:

  • Know what your unique competitive advantages are.
  • Recognize the nuances of the industry where you have an edge, Which should boost your sales and your return on marketing expenditure.
  • Find out who your actual competitions are.
  • Create content that takes full advantage of your strengths.

10. Expenses

This is crucial to consider if you want to sell your adult website. You should be able to present your profit and loss statement for the last three years. Keep in mind that nobody wants to buy a high-maintenance product, especially if the profit isn’t worth the cost, so create an expense report and find a way to manage your expenses.

Before selling your adult site, make sure and minimize every channel of expenses to improve your chances of successfully selling your adult site. I’m not saying to take anything essential out. But you should cut expenses that are unnecessary and make sure all expenses on your profit and loss statement are expenses that you use to run the website. Personal expenses you use for your tax return should not be included!

11. Collect the Right Statistics 

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You must monitor your site’s performance once it has gone live. Google Analytics is a fantastic resource you should use to assess the performance of your website.

Google Analytics offers helpful information that you, as a website owner, can utilize to improve your website. Information like your bounce rate–the percentage of surfers who leave your website after viewing just a page, traffic source, what time of the day you have the most engagements, etc.

12. Improve Your Product 

A great product is a valuable asset since it’s one of the best ways to increase audience engagement, establish your brand’s visibility, and boost sales. It has the power to give your potential consumers satisfying experiences that will entice them to buy more from you. 

It’s your key to grabbing their attention and consistently reiterating a favorable brand image!

So, before selling your adult website, ensure that extra effort is enforced into improving your product picture quality, product description optimization, and general user experience.

13. Find the Best Broker 

Collaborating with a professional broker allows you to collect huge greater returns on your investment. Adult Site Broker is an ideal broker that provides top notch professionals who know all the top players and companies in the adult space. 

With over 20 years of experience in the adult site brokerage industry and an extensive customer base, you can trust us to deliver the best selling experience for you.

Contact us today to enjoy a flawless and risk-free selling experience while maximizing your profits.

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