Best Onlyfans Search Engines

OnlyFans is a goldmine for adult content creators to connect with fans and monetize their content; the latest stats show that over 2 million creators are signed up on OnlyFans, and more are signing up daily. However, if you are not in the top 10%, exposure can be hard to come by within OnlyFans itself with its limited account search engine function. 

So, how can fans find your account? This is where OnlyFans search engines come in. These third-party sites allow fans to discover new accounts by searching by name, age, location, and keywords, filtering down the potential OnlyFans creators from 2 million to a more manageable number to flick through, check out, and hopefully subscribe to. 

In this article, Adult Site Broker has created a list of the best OnlyFans search engines to check out, exploring how they can benefit potential new fans and OnlyFans models alike. 

Only Finder

Our first OnlyFans search engine is Only Finder, a simple-to-use search engine that allows you to look for specific OnlyFans accounts. We have all been there when you have been mindlessly scrolling and found a potential account, and then bam, the feed refreshes before you can subscribe, losing the account into the abyss that is OnlyFans search functions. Well, with Only Finder, if you can remember their age, location, specific physical attributes, and even keywords to describe their content, you can use the search engine to hunt down that account again. 

Or you can use their pre-existing lists, such as the top accounts, most popular, newest, or best free accounts. Suppose you are looking for specific content niches or browsing what’s new as you look for new potential accounts to subscribe to. In that case, you can use their categories page, which has categorized accounts into specific lists, including body attributes, country, age, sexual orientation, language, hair, ethnicity, and even scenarios, taking out the pressure of searching for you. 


Hubite is a great OnlyFans account search engine because you can search for models using their social media handles. If you can remember usernames, you can find their TikTok, Instagram, and, of course, their OnlyFans accounts, making finding your latest favorite account even easier.

Like other OnlyFans search engines, you can search for new models by typing in their social media handles and OnlyFans usernames and even choosing a specific location. But, if you are browsing to see what is out there, they also offer the chance to browse new accounts by free subscriptions, free trials, categories, and even the current best accounts out there. 

If you are an OnlyFans model looking for new subscribers, Hubite is also a great search engine to promote your account. You simply sign up, choose your package, and watch as your profile gets promoted on their page, helping you direct traffic to your OnlyFans page. 


FansMetrics is one of the most popular OnlyFans search engines; with their free sign-ups, you can create an account to save your searches so you’ll never lose an OnlyFans account again. Their OnlyFans search engine function allows you to search for specific accounts via usernames, social media handles, locations, categories, and keywords. You can also check out their pre-made lists for top free accounts, accounts offering a free trial link, OnlyFans-focused TikTok accounts, and even specific content deals

For OnlyFans models, what also makes Fansmetrics a fantastic site to promote your account is you gain traffic to your page by upgrading your account via the search engine functions, or you can use their free trial link generator to attract new potential subscribers. This is perfect if you want new subscribers but want to keep your account as a paid account – you simply use their free link generator, attach it to your socials, and promote yourself via their search engines, and voila, you have new subscribers who have signed up for your free monthly trial. 

Only Selects

With over 14,382,092 OnlyFans accounts promoted on their site, Only Selects allows you to browse diverse content and talent depending on your interests. With their OnlyFans search engine, you can choose a specific category or popular hashtag to browse through, or you can type in keywords, usernames, and locations to help you narrow the search to find your favorite OnlyFans model. 

If you do not have a specific account, you can always check out their daily best accounts on the home page or subscribe to their newsletter to receive the newest OnlyFans accounts straight to your inbox. This is helpful for the OnlyFans model looking to use the Only Selects search engine function to draw in new subscribers. You can promote your account, generate a free trial link, and also gain a chance to earn a spot on the best daily list or be promoted in the latest newsletter for extra promotion without having to be part of OnlyFans’ top 10%, 1%, or 0.1%

Only Accounts

Only Accounts is one of the best OnlyFans search engines due to its up-to-date database of the newest OnlyFans accounts; with over 1 million accounts in their database, you can use their easy-to-use search engine on their homepage to find exactly what or who you are looking for. Use location, keywords, and tags to narrow your search and find specific accounts or content before you subscribe to their OnlyFans account.  Also, click on their popular tags or locations and check out the accounts under each. To help you out alongside showing their username, profile picture, and bio, Only Accounts gives you in-depth details about their subscription prices and the type of content on their page, such as images or videos.   

If you are an OnlyFans model looking for help promoting your account through an OnlyFans search engine, you can also gain insights, tips, and hints by checking out their latest blog

OnlyFans Finder

OnlyFans Finder allows you to use name, category, and location to search for specific accounts. If browsing, you can also use their map feature, which splits the search engine into particular regions. Once you click on the specific state or country you are interested in browsing, OnlyFans Finder will show you all accounts in that location.   

Suppose you are looking for new accounts to subscribe to for free? In that case, if you click on their free accounts page, you will also be shown all OnlyFans models offering free subscriptions, you can then narrow your search by the filter options, including gender and location, to help you find content you will like. 

What sets OnlyFans Finder apart is their huge categories list, located in the right-hand corner by the search engine on the home page. These categories include age, orientation, content type, location, gender, and even pregnant OnlyFans models accounts, so you can always find something that interests you. 

Only Search

Created by the female-led team at Sunroom, OnlySearch is an Onlyfans search engine made with OnlyFans models in mind. Although the search engine caters to potential fans, letting them search by username, keywords, category, or location, OnlySearch aims to help the model be seen and connect with potential new fans. 

The OnlyFans search engine works by using public information from OnlyFans, like profile picture, username, location, and keywords in profile bios. OnlySearch aims to connect OnlyFans influencers with fans as easily as possible. 

The search engine is free to sign up to, and OnlyFans models can simply fill in their username, email address, and the link to their OnlyFans account to be easily found in their search results. For those looking for extra exposure, models can sign up for paid promotions to gain an extra boost. 

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