Crypto in the Adult Industry 

Over the years, banking discrimination has been a widely debated topic within the adult industry, with porn production companies, pornstars, and even sex toy brands unable to access loans or having had their bank accounts shut down. Many, especially pornstars, content creators, and even sex workers, have had to look for alternative ways to get paid their well-earned money. Because of this, many have turned to using crypto to bypass banks’ discriminatory policies. 

Since its inception, crypto has gained popularity and has become an alternative to traditional financial systems. Its potential to revolutionize how we exchange value has attracted attention from mainstream finance and various industries, including the adult industry. In this article, Adult Site Broker will explore how crypto has impacted the adult industry, what it can be spent on, and who accepts it.

What are cryptocurrencies? 

Cryptocurrency (crypto) is a digital or virtual currency designed to work as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions and control the creation of new units. 

These cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning they are not controlled by a central authority like a bank or government, which has led to many countries’ financial regulatory bodies being wary of their use. Instead, transactions are recorded on a public digital ledger called a blockchain, which ensures transparency and security. 

Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in recent years, with some proponents believing they have the potential to revolutionize the way we exchange value.

How has crypto impacted the Adult Industry? 

In a time when banking discrimination has become a wildly popular topic, especially for many porn and OnlyFans creators who have found their PayPal and Venmo accounts blocked or had their bank accounts shut down, the use of crypto can be a massive positive for them and the adult industry

Crypto has significantly impacted the adult industry in a few different ways. Firstly, it has afforded many in the industry privacy. Crypto transactions are anonymous and do not require personal information to be shared. It is a popular choice for those who wish to remain anonymous while making purchases, such as those paying for content creators, escorting services, and even porn. 

Additionally, since crypto transactions are decentralized and not controlled by a central authority, they are less susceptible to censorship and regulations. This has allowed adult content creators and businesses to operate more freely without fear of being shut down or having their funds frozen. 

Furthermore, crypto has also allowed for faster and cheaper cross-border transactions, making it easier for content creators and businesses to reach a global audience and access their money immediately without worrying about additional transaction fees. This can be a huge positive for those on content sites that already lose 20% of their revenue to the commission.  

It has also allowed many in the industry to earn money and invest and become crypto traders, allowing an additional stream of revenue for many where they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to before. 

And finally, crypto has also helped crackdown on fraud, with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and dogecoin being transparent so that you can track their trade transactions.   

What is the most popular cryptocurrency in the adult industry?

Bitcoin is widely considered to be the most popular cryptocurrency in the adult industry. It was the first cryptocurrency to gain widespread recognition and adoption and has since become a widely accepted form of payment in the adult industry.

Many adult websites and content creators accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, and some have even started to offer discounts to customers who pay with Bitcoin. However, other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ethereum are also gaining popularity in the adult industry due to their lower transaction fees and faster transaction times.

Through sites like Spankchain offering revolutionary blockchain solutions for the adult industry, blockchain payments provide safety for the adult industry. For those who don’t know, Spankchain is a cryptocurrency exchange used in the adult industry. Users pay for services using SpankChain Ethereum-based coin “SPANK.” This offers anonymity, safety, and ease for those in the industry to get paid quickly. 

Who accepts cryptocurrencies? 

So, if crypto allows the adult industry to trade and make payments independently quickly and offers freedom from having their sites shut down, does that mean everyone is adopting crypto? The answer is no; however, leading adult industry sites across various industries are. 

So, who is using crypto if crypto has become a widely popular choice for the adult industry? This section will explore some of the top sites using crypto. 

First, popular porn sites like Naughty America,, Pornhub, WeAreHairy, Livejasmin, and XLoveCam have all started accepting crypto as a payment method on their site. 

Alongside this, many escorts and sex workers are offering crypto as a payment method, and content sites like Starbackr, Fansly, and Fanvue have adopted crypto, although OnlyFans themselves so far haven’t. 

Are there any limitations to using crypto? 

Yes, there are some limitations to using crypto. One of the main limitations is that it has yet to be widely accepted as a form of payment. Although more and more businesses within the adult industry are starting to buy crypto, it still needs to be more widely used than traditional currencies. Another limitation is the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Crypto prices can be highly volatile, which means that the value of your cryptocurrency holdings can fluctuate rapidly and unpredictably. Additionally, since crypto transactions are irreversible, it is vital to be cautious when sending funds and to ensure you send them to the correct recipient. As well as this, there are concerns about security and the potential for hacks and theft. 

Alongside this, with the revival of what is widely called ‘Operation Chokepoint 2.0,’ the Biden administration and federal regulations have been cracking down on crypto. Their objective is to stop fraudulent activity and scams, but it has been widely regarded as a way for the U.S. Government to push crypto out of the finance game or to tax it.

By forcing banks to stop offering financial services to crypto companies, they are squeezing them out of business as they cannot access bank accounts and funds and keep their operations running.  What this means for the adult industry is that many who have turned to crypto to bypass banks and earn money are suddenly losing their accounts or unable to access their money, making it harder for them to safely and securely be paid, pay their rent and bills, and live their lives. 

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