Best Sites to Sell Used Panties

Whether you are an adult content creator, a live cam girl, or just looking to earn a little extra money, the world of selling used underwear online has become a lucrative option to make some additional revenue. If you Google ‘sell used panties,’ then a whole list of sites for you to do so will come up, but which ones are the best and which ones are legit? 

Do you want to set your prices? Pay a commission or a monthly member fee? DM your buyers and build a relationship. Before you sign up for the world of selling used underwear, these are all considerations you need to consider. 

To help you start your new venture, here at Adult Site Broker, we have rounded up the best sites for you to sell used panties. 


The Canadian answer to OnlyFans, ManyVids, is the perfect site to create and monetize your adult content. However, what sets them apart from OnlyFans is that alongside monetizing their images and videos, content creators are also able to cash in on selling everything from their used panties to their robes, with items starting at $49.99 and the opportunity to upsell the items by offering add-ons, such as adding perfume or wearing them all day before sending them. 


For anyone looking to sell their used underwear online, PantyDeal is one of the best sites to do so. The site acts as an online marketplace, with sellers able to create their own anonymous panty shopping stores to list all their items in one place for buyers to scroll through. The site also allows you to set your prices rather than adhere to theirs and doesn’t charge sellers a transaction fee, allowing you to keep the full amount of the sale without paying a commission.  

Sofia Gray

Sofia Gray makes selling your used panties simple and straightforward; as a seller, all you need to do is fill out the form to set up your shop and create a profile telling your potential buyer about you and your items, add your items, and set your prices and you’re good to go. Top tip – As you upload your items, remember to give them a catchy name, snap a pic of you in them, and write a description, including how many days it’s been since you wore them. What also makes them one of the best sites to sell used panties is that they don’t take a commission on your sales, so you can keep all the money you’ve earned. 


With their simple 4 step process, Snifffr is one of the best sites to sell your used underwear quickly and without hassle. You simply create an ad with an image of your used underwear, set your price, chat with your potential buyer, and receive your payment once they have bought it. However, while the site is free to sign up for, you will be charged a set fee to access certain features, such as online chat. 

All Things Worn 

Part online marketplace and part community, All Things Worn is one of the leading sites for you to sell everything from used underwear to sex toys. It is simple, anonymous, and free for sellers to use. However, they can upgrade to a premium seller package for $15.99 a month to directly message buyers first, add polls so you can see what your fans want to buy, and add images and posts to the activity feed. What also sets the site apart is that it offers you the opportunity to receive reviews and leave reviews about buyers for other sellers to know if they are time wasters. 

Naughty Connection 

Naughty Connection makes the selling of used underwear simple and easy. You just have to set up an account, upload your products, and set your price, and the buyers come to you. They also encourage custom orders (on which you can make extra revenue by charging a higher price) for buyers with whom you have developed a relationship. Although Naughty Connection does allow you to set up a profile for free, it should be noted that they do take a 15% commission fee from all sales. 

Sexy Delights 

If you are looking for a new site to sell your used underwear that doesn’t have an oversaturated market, then Sexy Delights is perfect for you, as they are set to launch soon. Check their X page for regular updates on when they are launching. No matter what you want to sell, Sexy Delights allows you to do so safely and anonymously via their online marketplace. As a seller, you just need to use their easy signup form, upload your used panties, and let the buyers come to you. 

Tasty Slips

The Hamburg-based Tasty Slips is another site where you can sell your used panties as quickly as possible. What sets them apart is that when you fill out your profile to become verified, you can add details about your diet, if you are a smoker, and even your occupation alongside your age, country, and body type. This allows buyers to filter through sellers and find their favorites. They also have a strict anonymity process and demand that sellers be discreet when shipping. They take a 30% commission from sales to keep the website running. 


Kinkie is a British-based online marketplace where you can buy and sell used underwear. The site is commission-free, meaning you keep all the money you earn as a seller. However, unlike other used underwear sites, to become a seller on Kinkie, you need to pay for one of their memberships. The site acts as an online marketplace, so you arrange each sale with the buyer directly via messages, arrange the sales through online payments (from bank transfers to bitcoin or gift cards), and then send them yourself.   

Dirty Desire 

Dirty Desire is the final in our round-up of the best sites to sell used panties. They are a German-based website where sellers in Germany can sell used underwear to buyers worldwide. They offer a discreet and anonymous site for you as a seller to upload your products and sell your used underwear with no monthly costs. They are taking a 25% commission per sale that pays for running the site. 

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