Best White Label Cam Programs

In the adult entertainment industry, live camming is one of the most important segments. At Adult Site Broker, we’ve been dealing with camming sites of all types, including their affiliate programs for many years. We’ve also written extensively about launching your own cam site and buying and selling a cam site for a nifty little profit. Nevertheless, we neglected to discuss in greater detail the use of white-label cam programs as a means to generate funds and refine your dating site traffic. In this blog post, we briefly discuss the best white-label live cam programs that are available for webmasters, site owners, and would-be entrepreneurs in this segment of the adult entertainment space. We also remind you of what white labeling is and how this approach is viable.

What Are Adult Cam Sites?

This is a pretty simple question. Nevertheless, the answer isn’t well conceptualized for newbies. Just like how webcam technology has revolutionized how we all work and talk to each other, cam sites for adult entertainment have led the way with the development of the technology necessary to enable real-time conversations with little to no latency. Adult cam sites have perfected these technologies, providing enterprising models and adult industry affiliate marketers to earn a living from millions of people who are looking to get their rocks off. Some of the largest cam sites take in tens of millions of visitors every day and match the web traffic of some of the largest adult tube sites. Chaturbate is by far the largest adult live webcamming platform that provides models and affiliate marketers with a variety of revenue options. Other sites do this too. One such option is to white label or exclusively brand the content and live feeds of the platform’s various models and sex content creators to generate traffic and earn revenue from web traffic from Tier I jurisdictions.

What is White Labeling?

Using white labeling is a widespread trend in the adult entertainment sector. For those involved in affiliate adult industry marketing, white labels are services or products which are created and developed by one firm but distributed with another company’s branding under their name. There are a variety of forms of white labels for camming. An example of this could be creating custom entry pages or incorporating widgets from an individual camming platform onto your website for a major camming platform’s white-label affiliate sites. Webmasters and cam models who are aiming to make both passive and active income may find white-labeling cam sites attractive. Setting up a white-label site with an affiliate marketing platform is usually straightforward; many of the adult camming platforms grant webmasters the opportunity to “bring their own domain” plus their traffic.

Best White Label Cam Programs

The best white-label cam programs in adult entertainment are listed here. We’ve identified them based on their impact on the industry, the number of people who use these white-label programs, and the payout and revenue models that set them apart from their competitors. Bear in mind that the core design of these white-label cam opportunities is enabled by the parent cam sites and the actual affiliate programs associated with them. Adult Site Broker, as a reminder, has pontificated at length on the role of affiliate marketing in the adult entertainment industry. Cam white-labeling, as we have already described above, is an extension of the adult affiliate marketing phenomenon.

Streamate Cambuilder

Cambuilder is the official affiliate platform for the popular adult live camming website Streamate.  Featuring traditional traffic referral and PPL revenue models, Cambuilder has a white-label option that provides affiliate marketers with a full scope of creative tools. The white-label option provided by Cambuilder has been deployed by major adult entertainment brands like Pornhub’s network of tube sites, among other premium content outlets. Revenue plans feature regular payout sums. The sums are paid by a 35 % lifetime rev-share model, or payment per join.. All cam sites built through Cambuilder can be reached through domain names that you own. Visual and site aesthetics are easily addressed through editing and a straightforward “what you see is what you get” protocol.


Chaturbate’s affiliate program offers white-label offerings for marketers who wish to monetize their high-quality web traffic from Tier I jurisdictions. Like other white-label programs listed here, you can direct your domains to the white-label clones of Chaturbate that you customize through its simple editor. The creative elements of the white-label editor include branding tools for your own brand, color schemes to match your branding, the type of cam models you wish to feature on your white-label site, and a variety of other tools to provide affiliate marketers like yourself with the best opportunity to monetize and earn. Also remember that Chaturbate is by far one of the most popular adult entertainment websites currently on the internet. Millions of web visitors from all over the world logon daily to interact with thousands of straight models, LGBTQ performers, and couples.


Stripcash, the affiliate program of Stripchat and xHamster Live, has made this list due to its array of tools to monetize traffic with a focus on user experience and white-labeling. By making use of Stripchat’s model database API, webmasters and website owners who manage entire networks of white-label sites can create their own websites without investing much in attracting cam models or setting up tokenization/payouts for models. This adult webcams affiliate program is tailored for those dealing with networks of affiliated white-label sites. Stripchat is a popular cam site that is growing in its own niche. The revenue models include rev-share, CPL, webmaster payments, and pay every two weeks. The minimum payments are $100.


Affiliates of BongaCash can enjoy a range of plans and tools for traffic, such as PPE, PPS, and rev share combinations. Tools available include banners, footers, white-label camm sites and the BongaCams model database API that can be applied to your sites. What makes BongaCash one of the top adult affiliate programs for cams  is the high level of traffic to sales conversions from desktop, mobile devices, and social media sources. Many Tier I premium geos are some of the highest paying ones in this program, and can be utilized when deploying a white-label camming site built on the BongaCams platform. Combined with the popularity of BongaCams, the white-label site program can provide revenue on a regular, recurring, and passive basis that is extremely scalable.


ImLive is a well-known adult webcamming website, boasting thousands of broadcasters and some millions of users. For webmasters and traffic affiliates, ImLive also offers white label sites through Webcamwiz, which provides custom branding and color schemes for those with their own domains. Additionally, ImLive offers PussyCash’s affiliate programs like PPS, pay-per-lead, and rev share revenue generation. The monetization programs from Webcamwiz are extremely well designed. All of the white-labeling websites through ImLive’s ecosystem are easy to deploy, and as we said already, are fully customizable to reflect branding, color schemes, and the subject matter that your web traffic prefers. ImLive is popular in most parts of the world, so finding traffic is simple.


xLoveCash is the affiliate marketing program for This platform provides a variety of revenue generating options, including white-label clones of the primary xLoveCam program. In this context, xLoveCash permits customizing and building a custom webcam site on domains that you own and your repeat customers remember. Put your website and adult cam feeds through rigorous content reviews and moderations, personalize your branding, and use search engine optimization techniques to generate millions of organic website visits. xLoveCash is a tremendous program that offers long-term and lifetime commissions and payouts. xLoveCash also offers domains ending with the ‘.cam’ extension to augment your custom URL domain name web strategy.


Flirt4Free is a popular adult webcamming site with white-labeling programs available for affiliate marketers. Flirt4Free’s white-labeling program is an excellent offering for both performers and webmasters alike. The program allows affiliate marketers to direct premium Tier I web traffic to a domain name that you own, on a website that is built on the Flirt4Free ecosystem and database of high-converting models. Just turn your domains toward the Flirt4Free servers, upload your logo and brand assets, define the subject matter that appeals the most to your web traffic, and proceed. Payouts are regular and can total from between 20% to 30% through a lifetime rev-share program.

AWEmpire offers webmaster affiliate programs for their adult webcam sites Live Jasmin and BimBim. BimBim is an NSFW friendly social networking platform like OnlyFans, while Oranum serves as the mainstream web option, with psychics and spiritual development experts. The three sites offer rewarding revenue models including generous PPS and PPL sums that are hard to beat in the adult industry. Furthermore, there is a rev share model for webmasters with commission rates of up to 45%. Simply put, take advantage of the white-label editor to create your own personalized webcam site! Specify models by niche and upload your logos for improved returns. AWEmpire also allows you to benefit from life-long payouts and domain-based web tracking tools.


Xcams-power is an affiliate program for the adult cam site Xcams. They do provide a white-label editor that offers extensive customizations, including SEO options and niche filters. White-labels developed through this program permit you to simply drive traffic to the site and affiliate marketers can start receiving commissions on each sale made from your domain. Xcams-power provides full white label options too. Affiliate marketers who utilize these tools have access to other unique website customization options that enable webmasters to fully utilize the Xcams ecosystem of models in order to drive Tier I jurisdiction traffic to white-label sites. Models are enabled by the Xcams APIs. 

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