How Much Can You Make as a Foot Model?

The rise of OnlyFans has led to many dipping their toe into the world of adult content creation, from nudes and lingerie photoshoots to masturbation videos and even exclusive sex tapes. However, for many looking to get into adult content creation but want to remain anonymous, the world of foot modeling has become a popular option. But how much can you make as a foot model? 

Whether you have joined the millions of creators selling their content on OnlyFans or signed up to FeetFinder (think OnlyFans but for feet), becoming a foot model is a unique opportunity to monetize your content without showing your face. With people making anywhere from $500-$7000 a month off of feet pics alone, it has become a popular form of adult content creation, appealing to those with foot fetishes who are willing to pay. 

In this article, Adult Site Broker will explore the world of foot modeling and its potential income opportunities, find out how to start a career in foot modeling and discuss the best ways to maximize your earnings. 

Earning Potential Overview

You can take your new career as a foot model in multiple avenues. From selling foot pics on sites like FeetFinder to appeal to the foot fetishes (which is the main focus of this article). But there are also people willing to buy foot pictures outside of the adult content industry, including for picture and stock photo websites, salon and spa websites advertising footcare and pedicures, jewelry companies selling foot jewelry, footwear manufacturers selling products like shoes and socks, and modeling agencies looking to hire foot models. Your earning potential can change depending on which path you choose to go down. 

On average, a foot model can make between $500 and $2000 a week, depending on several factors. First, the type of projects you choose to do, such as the difference between selling foot pics as a form of adult content creation on foot fetish sites like Funwithfeet, FeetFinder, or OnlyFans vs. selling them as a professional foot model. You can also model for foot porn sites like the ones under the Feet4Cash umbrella in Italy. Massi, the owner of Feet4Cash has been featured on Adult Site Broker Talk. They fly their models to their studio in Luca, Italy for the shoots.

Other factors that can impact your earnings include: 

Agency Representation: Foot model agencies can negotiate on your behalf for higher rates, but it is also important to remember that they will take a commission from your earnings for arranging the shoot, marketing, and even legal services such as overseeing your modeling contracts. 

Location: Your income as a foot model can vary depending on where your foot pictures sell. Currently, Germany is the best location to sell your foot pictures, followed by the UK, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, and Russia (if you are not selling adult content). 

Platform: Choosing a reputable foot modeling site to sell your feet pics is necessary as it can provide you with greater exposure, a larger customer base, and more opportunities. However, when deciding which site to choose to sell your adult content, it is important to know the commission rate, as this can affect your monthly earnings.  

Quality of content: Whether you have been doing this for three months or three years, producing high-quality content is a must as a foot model. Fans are willing to pay premium prices for well-lit, high-resolution images and videos, so investing in good lighting and camera tools is necessary. 

Getting Started

So how do you start your career as a successful foot model and start making money? There are a couple of things to consider when getting started that, when done, will set you up for success before you have even posted your first-foot pic. These are: 

Create a Portfolio: Whether you are looking to sell adult content or become a professional foot model, creating a portfolio of angles, looks, and your best work is a great way to promote yourself to an agency and create promotional material to lure fans to your page.

Scout a foot-selling platform: There are hundreds of foot-selling sites to choose from. Choosing the one that works for you is vital to becoming a high-paid foot model. Look at audience size, business models, and even commission. 

Maintaining foot aesthetics: As a foot model, your feet are your best asset, so investing in their care and maintenance is crucial. Get weekly pedicures, moisturize, and paint your nails to keep them looking aesthetically pleasing. But foot maintenance goes beyond the surface level. Massages and going to a podiatrist to maintain foot health are crucial for success.  

Practice posing: Before you get started as a foot model, practice posing to find the best angles for your foot pics and videos. Investing in a mirror and researching what other foot models are doing is a great way to do this. For versatility, practice different angles, on different surfaces, and even with shoes or bare feet. 

Maximizing Earnings

Whether being a foot model is your full-time job or a side hustle, selling adult content to diversify your income and enhance your online presence, knowing how to maximize your earnings is a great way to earn the big bucks as a foot model. Here are a few ideas to help you maximize your earnings: 

Create an online presence: To earn a profit as a foot model, fans need to know you exist. Create an online presence to promote your foot pics, from Subreddits dedicated to foot fetishes to Instagram and Twitter accounts teasing your content. These platforms are great places to find your audience and act as a sales funnel for your foot pics account. 

Collaborations: Working with other foot models or models in adjacent niches within the adult content creation space is a great way to promote your content to new audiences. 

Custom content: OnlyFans lets you discover what your fans want and deliver. Reward your loyalist fans by asking what custom content they would like and delivering it for premium prices. 

Take high-resolution images: Investing in your career as a foot model by buying the correct equipment, such as lighting rings, cameras, and webcams, can help you maximize your earnings. The better the quality of your content, the more fans are willing to pay. 

Find paid gigs: Check modeling job boards and research modeling agencies for representation. By working with professional photographers on projects and modeling agencies, you can maximize your earnings by taking on premium-paid jobs, easily increasing your earnings from $5 to $500 a week. 

Who Buys Feet Pics? 

Knowing your target audience is one of the best ways to maximize your earnings and be a successful foot model. This will help you know what types of content to create and maximize your earnings with targeted promotion. So, who buys foot pictures?

Foot fetish enthusiasts: One of the biggest markets for foot pics is foot feet enthusiasts. Tapping into this market can lead you to create adult foot model content that earns you the big bucks as fans come to you for exclusive and customized content such as specific angles, shoes, and even dipping your toes into different substances. 

Content creators: Artists, photographers, and even designers sometimes look for foot models for their projects.

Advertisers and marketers: Advertisers and marketers looking for promotional campaigns.

Researchers and educators: Researchers, educators, and medical professionals such as podiatrists may also seek foot images for scientific, marketing, or educational purposes.


In conclusion, becoming a foot model on sites like Feet Finder can be a lucrative way to generate revenue. It has risen in popularity for two reasons: content creation is quick and easy, and as you are not showing your face, you can maintain your privacy. 

To make the most out of your earnings as a foot model, it is important to maintain good foot aesthetics, such as painting your nails or getting pedicures regularly. This allows you to make pleasing, high-resolution foot images and videos that can earn you a killing. 

However, it is important to recognize that becoming a foot model requires time, consistency, and practice. If done well, it can earn you as much as $2000 a week.  

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