How to Buy Traffic From Adult Tubes

For adult websites, there are two main ways to gain traffic: organic traffic through social media posts, blogs, SEO optimization, and even email marketing campaigns or paid traffic, including paid advertisements on social channels, working with influencers, and finally, buying targeted traffic to your adult website. This article will focus on buying traffic to your adult website and where to do so. 

We have all seen the banners or ads that pop up once you click on a porn clip of your choosing; this is paid traffic. As an adult website, using adult tube sites is a popular way to drive major traffic to your website due to their highly targeted audience and the volume of visitors they receive daily. 

In this article, Adult Site Broker will walk you through our guide on how to buy traffic from adult tube sites.   

Understanding the Basics

Before discussing how to buy traffic, you need to understand what buying traffic is. Simply put, it means spending money to drive traffic to your site. This is usually done by paying a fee to specific platforms or websites to create advertisements on their sites, which drive traffic to your website. You can do this in several ways, including discovery campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, and display ads.  

There are many benefits to buying traffic for your adult site. First, it’s a great way to improve your site’s online visibility quickly. It also lets you reach your target audience directly, and because it’s so targeted, it can help improve conversions and sales.

However, choosing the right channels to buy traffic is crucial. As an adult website, focusing on an audience that is already interested in adult content creation, sex toys, and porn is a great way to reach a captivated audience ready to visit your site. 

Buying paid traffic from adult tube sites is the perfect way to do this. With sites like Pornhub and XVideos generating billions of visits a month, being able to advertise your site with them can be a great way to drive traffic to your site quickly. It also has the benefit of putting your website in front of a highly targeted audience already interested in your product or services, meaning they will likely click the link and head to your site. 

As well as this, adult tube sites are less likely to have restrictions on the types of advertisements and display banners they have on their site as opposed to the highly restrictive world of social media, which have notoriously banned paid adult website ads and cracked down on adult content accounts on their platforms. 

Getting Started

So now that we know what buying traffic is and the benefits of focusing your spending on buying traffic from adult tube sites, how do we do this? Before you start, knowing your business goals and KPIs is important. This will help you set specific targets, such as how many monthly visits you want or sales you want to achieve when buying traffic. Once you have done this, you can then do the following: 

Know your Audience: You want to buy traffic from adult tube sites that reflect your target audience and ensure that the site gains enough monthly visitors to see considerable traffic growth. 

Research different adult tube sites: To choose the best adult tube site for the best bang for your buck, research its niche, audience demographics, and traffic quality.    

Budget Planning: When budgeting for paid traffic, consider whether the cost is worth it.  Remember, paid traffic aims to increase your click-through rate (CTR), so research the advertisement model that the adult tube site uses to ensure it fits your budget. 

Choose a bidding model: The two common types of bidding models are the cost-per-click model (where an adult tube site will bill you based on the number of times visitors click on a display ad attached to their site) and the cost-per-impression model (where you pay a set amount per every 1000 views of your advert on the site). 

How to Buy Traffic: Step-by-Step Guide

So now that you have set your marketing goals, done your research, and allocated your budget, how do you buy traffic from an adult tube site? Below, Adult Site Broker has set out our  step-by-step guide: 

Account Setup: Depending on which advertiser site you choose, you simply sign up on their self-service platform, add your billing information, and start planning your campaign. 

Campaign Planning: Defining your campaign is crucial to success. Begin by defining your marketing goals to set targets for your ad, such as sales or visitors. Define your target audience by location, age, tax bracket, and even by interests to help you search for keywords to bid on. Finally, research the type of ad format offered. Do you want a banner, pre-roll videos, a mobile ad, or an in-video ad? This can help you plan what visuals will accompany your campaign. 

Creative Development: Once you have created an account and planned your campaign, it’s time to create appealing visuals to accompany your ad campaign. These will be displayed on the adult site of your choosing. Use the advertising network guidelines to create compliant and engaging ad creatives. You want them to catch attention. Also, research if you can use nudity, specific language, or depict sex acts before creating an ad promoting your adult website. You also want to ensure your visuals have the right specs, so you must decide on the ad format you choose before uploading visuals. 

Bidding Strategy: When creating an ad, knowing what type of bidding model is available can help you budget and optimize your ads for the best ROI. For a CPM or CPI bid, you want to target the correct audience based on age, location, and interests; you can do this by using the advertising site’s keyword selection tools. For CPC bids and the best ROI, you want to monitor the keywords you’re using closely, consider implementing bid adjustments to allocate more budget towards locations or certain devices, or increase bids on high-converting keywords and decrease bids on low-converting words based on your ROI analysis. 

Monitoring and Optimization: Once your ads are live on the adult tube sites, simply monitor your campaign. This allows you to see where your traffic is coming from which keywords are working, and then adjust your campaign for the best results. Look for ad adjustments, such as increasing bids on high-converting words and decreasing the bids for low-converting words. 

Adult Advertising Networks to Buy Traffic From: 

Before we conclude, Adult Site Broker has put together a list of the top adult advertising networks to buy traffic from; these are: 


Boasting being able to turn Pornhubs 128 million daily visits into 3.7 billion ad impressions, TrafficJunky is an online advertising network that focuses on adult websites and uses a CPM bidding model. They make buying traffic to your site as simple as possible: sign up, create a campaign name, define your targeted audience with their keyword selection feature, upload your banner and other visuals, and select the sites you want your ad to feature. 


ExoClick is a Barcelona-based online advertising company that provides services to advertisers and publishers worldwide via web, mobile, tablet, and smart TV. Their Ad Network serves over 13+ billion geo-targeted ads worldwide. They offer over 20 advertisement options, including in-push notifications, desktop full-page interstitials, and in-stream videos, allowing you to pick the format that suits your needs. As an advertiser, they offer a simple set-up with real-time bidding and cost control to help you set precise budgets. 

Traffic Stars

Traffic Stars offers advertisers the chance to buy traffic from some of the biggest adult tube sites with premium advertising opportunities. Using their self-service platform, you simply log in, set up your campaign, set up your target audience with their granular targeting system, and go. Using their analytics tools, you can monitor your campaign in real-time, allowing you to optimize your ads. They also offer multiple pricing models, such as CPC or CPM, so you can use them no matter your goals or budget.  


The next generation in ad placement, Clickadilla boasts over 13 ad formats, 240+ geolocations, and 16000+ daily users.  Using their self-service platform, you upload your creatives and create a campaign by selecting the name, target group, device, and daily budget. Then, select which websites and the spot where your ad will be displayed.  

Traffic Factory

Traffic Factory is a premium advertising network that works with publishers and advertisers alike. They offer high-quality traffic for your adult website, sophisticated targeting systems so you can easily set your target audience, and a variety of ad spots to choose the best placement for your ad. Unlike others, they offer both CPC and CPM bidding models so that you can buy traffic no matter your budget. 

Traffic Force

Created by industry veterans, Traffic Force is an online marketing and advertising solution for those looking to buy traffic. With over 20 ad formats for desktop and mobile, you can optimize your ads to reflect your traffic goals and reach your target audience. Traffic Force offers an intuitive interface with granular, real-time stats to help you get the most out of your campaigns and increase your ROI. For additional protection, Traffic Force offers fraud and bot detection software that ensures quality advertising from quality publishers.


Buying paid traffic from adult tube sites can be a great way to quickly grow your visibility and push traffic to your adult website. With popular adult tube sites receiving billions of visits a day and their access to your targeted audience, you can easily grow your website’s traffic by buying display ads or pay-per-click clinks. 

As the adult industry grows, it has become a fiercely competitive market for adult websites. New ones pop up every day, and just as many have to close because they aren’t generating any revenue. So, standing out and driving traffic to your website is the key to success. The more traffic you have, the more likely you are to convert it to paying customers for your products and services.

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