How to Increase Earnings for Your Adult Site

Adult Site Broker has been in the adult industry for about two decades. We pride ourselves on our unmatched experience to deliver unique services and commitment that no one else in the adult brokerage space will be able to meet. Not our competitors, nor other mainstream firms.

During that time, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks on how to maximize the earnings on an adult website. In this blog post, we are more than happy to discuss some of these tips and tricks and share our insights on how companies like yours can maximize earning power on adult sites. 

Previously, we wrote about the top niches in adult entertainment, including technology and porn. Think of this blog post as an expansion of that content. However, these recommendations are simply means to juice monthly revenue earnings across the various types of live adult websites.

What are some surefire ways to grow revenue earnings and see further success? The answers to these questions might be as simple as posting different content or more content. Here’s why.

Creating More Unique Content

The best part of creating original content is the power of creativity and the ability to control your intellectual property. Content creators in the adult entertainment space can achieve a degree of success by working independently across the popular premium social media networks geared toward adult content and by creating their very own paysites and membership subscription sites with the help of platforms like Fancentro, Modelcentro, OnlyFans, FapHouse, and other sites.

But, the key to success in indie work like this is to engage in content and user research. What is the type of content that fans want to see? What are the kinks and fetishes that are popular among a particular audience? Luckily, you can simply find the answers to questions like these by polling your audience, testing different types of content, and adjusting your content schedule and productions to those results. It isn’t rocket science but it is possible to see improvements in earnings by making adjustments between solo or couples content or by recurrence in content.

Articles and Affiliate Content

Being that most of our readers are likely behind-the-scenes adult professionals, like webmasters and affiliate marketers, the options to grow and increase revenues include safe-for-work and not-safe-for-work content avenues. Imagine you run a popular blog about digital marketing in the adult content marketing space. You’ve been able to monetize your global traffic and your engaging audience through the creation of many unique and actionable posts about marketing and by cashing in on revenue share programs for websites like adult live camming platforms.

Options for you to further monetize your site and its content can come in the form of sponsored posts like porn and site reviews, buying and selling advertising space for other adult brands, and engaging with adult advertising and traffic marketplaces like Traffic Stars or Traffic Junky. You can also engage with more affiliate programs like white labeling an adult site under your blog’s branding, or by directly offering ad space without the need of a middle-man or ad marketplace.


Podcasting was something that we touched upon in a blog post we published last month. As you all know, Adult Site Broker Talk is the official podcast of Adult Site Broker. It is hosted by Adult Site Broker CEO and founder, Bruce, and can be listened to on most platforms like Spotify and Google. 

We mention our podcast again because podcasting is a major part of our total inbound strategy for business-to-business marketing in the very dynamic and unique adult entertainment space. 

Bruce and the Adult Site Broker team have surmised that creating a podcast with actionable and relevant content will attract potential buyers and sellers. We do this through exclusive interviews with prominent business figures in the adult entertainment industry, popular porn stars, adult studio owners, photographers, content creators, sex technology entrepreneurs, trade journalists, lawyers, affiliate marketers, and public relations professionals. This podcast is also a venue for thought leadership and some tips and tricks shared by Bruce, utilizing his brokerage experience.

Podcast as a Revenue Stream

We share this info with you because there are business-to-business and business-to-consumer brands that utilize podcasts as a source of lead generation. When you have reliable sources for leads, by design, that stream of reliable leads can eventually turn into scores of potential clients and earnings. Adult performers like Lily Craven and Coralyn Jewel utilize their marketing talents to use their popular sexual culture and industry-focused podcasts that are unique to branding.

Affiliate Products and Adult Influencers

E-commerce dropshipping companies have developed ways to market and sell top-of-the-line physical adult products directly to their audiences and site traffic by providing entrepreneurs with access to top-quality physical adult products such as sex toys, pleasure products, personal lubricants, lingerie, fetish equipment, DVDs, and sex tech. Selling these products through the affiliate marketing format provides another revenue stream to juice your monthly earnings. 

There is also evidence of success to suggest that adult websites can expand their scope and earnings through the deployment of marketing strategies that emphasize adult influencers. As is the case in the mainstream social media influencer market, affiliate marketing of products and services is a gold mine that can provide a consistent flow of revenue that is automatic.

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We at Adult Site Broker hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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