Most Popular 80’s Male Pornstars

Before the majority of today’s most popular male porn directors ever picked up a camera, they started their careers acting in porn throughout the 80’s. Like their female counterparts, the male pornstars of the 80’s were known for pushing boundaries, offering new ideas on sex and sexuality as the porn scene opened up not just to be focused on the USA but also across Europe.

In this article, Adult Site Broker has rounded up who we believe are the most popular 80’s male pornstars. 

Rocco Siffredi

The ‘Italian Stallion’ Rocco Siffredi is a pornstar and director taking the adult industry by storm since the 1980’s. Known for his hardcore films, he launched his career in 1984, starring in Michel Ricaud’s Belle d’amour. He worked throughout the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s, gaining notoriety for his prowess in anal scenes and his intensity and athleticism in sex scenes before announcing his retirement from performing in 2004. He briefly returned in 2009 after being frustrated by the current male performers he saw and then re-announced his retirement in 2015.  

Alban Ceray

The Monegasque citizen Alban Ceray made his name starring in multiple adult movies during the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. He started his career in the Golden Age of French Porn after moving to Paris in the late 1970’s and being spotted by José Bénazéraf, who asked him to star as a butler in one of his movies and has since made over 500 films before he retired from the industry. Throughout his career, he has become one of France’s most-known faces of male pornstars. 

Roberto Malone

Italian pornstar and director Roberto Malone quickly makes the list of one of the most famous 80’s male pornstars, and with over 300 hardcore pornographic movies under his belt; it’s obvious why. Over the years, he has won awards for his films, including the Ninfa Award for Best Actor and the European X award for Best Actor. 

John Leslie

Our next nomination for the most popular male pornstars of the 80’s is John Leslie (1945- 2010), the first American pornstar to be mentioned today. He worked as an actor, director, and producer in the adult film industry. He earned a reputation as a ‘fine actor’ and one of the most reliable stars who have worked with some of the most known female pornstars, including Juliette Anderson, Traci Lords and Christy Canyon. With over 300 titles under his belt, he won numerous awards throughout the 80’s for his acting, including the AVN Best Actor for Talk Dirty to Me and XRCO Best Actor award for Beauty and the Beast

Mike Horner

Mike Horner takes the fifth spot in today’s round-up. He starred in his first movie in 1978, Champagne Orgy, and he quickly gained more movies under his belt throughout the 80’s. Throughout his career as an actor in the 1980’s, Horner has been in over 1500 feature films and videos, and he has performed in over 500 additional all-sex videos with approximately 1800 actresses. In the 1990s, he moved on to directing, where he found mixed success with the rise of gonzo-porn at the time being at odds with his directing style. 

Paul Thomas

Initially entering the adult film industry in the 70’s, Paul Thomas quickly rose to fame throughout the 80’s as one of the most popular male pornstars. In 1982, he was arrested for smuggling cocaine. He spent a year in prison before being released and returning to his career in the adult film industry when he won the Adult Film Association of America award for Best Actor for his part in Virginia. In the mid-80’s, he moved over to directing and has since produced over 300 movies for Vivid Entertainment, winning several AVN and XRCO awards. 

Christoph Clark

We return to France for our next nomination with Christoph Clark, one of the most famous French pornstars of the 80’s. After working in the industry as an actor, he turned to directing, producing his gonzo-style porn movies through the Evil Angel Company owned by John ‘Buttman’ Stagliano after moving to Budapest in 1997. In 2002, he was an inductee into the AVN Hall of Fame

Randy West

Initially starting his career in pron in the late 1970s, Randy West came to the public’s attention in the 1980’s as a Playgirl magazine centerfold as the first model on it with an erection. Over the years, he has won multiple awards and nominations for acting, including from AVN, XRCO, and even the Adult Film Association of America. He has worked with many of the prominent female porn stars, and it’s estimated that he’s worked with over 2500 actresses in over 1300 movies, with his performance style being referred to as a ‘human pile driver.’  

Dominique Aveline

One of the most known faces of the French Golden Age of Porn with his chiseled physique and mustache, Dominique Aveline was one of the most famous French pornstars of the 80’s. He was known for his roles in movies like Ladies Delux and Les Brouteuses Infernals. When he retired from the porn scene, he went into wine growing before succumbing to a stroke in 2009. 

Billy Dee

Starting in the adult film industry in the 1970s, Billy Dee quickly became one of the most famous pornstars of the 1980’s with the advent of video, making him one of the era’s most prolific black porn actors. He is one of the few porn actors who made it into the mainstream, starring in There’s Something About Mary in 1998. Dee retired from the industry in 1998 with his last movie, Vampire Call Girls, and was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame in 2002 and the AVN Hall of Fame in 2011.

Buck Adams

We previously mentioned Buck Adams as one of the top Male Porn Directors, but we wanted to repeat the prolific actor and director as one of the most popular pornstars of the 80’s. He started his career thanks to his sister Amber Lynn, where he starred in the 1983 film Vixens in Heat. Adams quickly gained a reputation and name in the industry in the early 80’s before turning to directing with his director debut, Squirt, in 1987. 

Peter North

Our final nomination for the most popular male pornstar of the 80’s is Canadian-born Peter North. He started in the 80’s and has made a name for himself acting in adult films over the past 20 years with his youthful looks and fit physique. He has appeared in over 2000 movies, including A Matter of Size in 1983 and Euromen in 1988, and is still going strong today with his website

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