What are the Most Popular Fetish Niches?

Is fetish porn popular? Yes. In fact, all porn is considered a fetish. However, adult site owners and business executives need to do a  degree of work to understand the most popular fetishes and the kinks in porn and in the sexual culture itself. In this blog post, Adult Site Broker has pulled traffic data and insights from multiple sources who’ve studied this very topic. Fetish is a staple in porn.

The following sections discuss several fetish categories, including the common and broadly encompassing one: BDSM. According to Cosmopolitan, BDSM is an “umbrella term that refers to a spectrum of sexual [behaviors] and preferences that can be divided up” into other groups. These groups under BDSM include bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, and masochism. There are many other fetishes of note, including taboo and step sibling role play, video gaming, cosplay, and milking. 

The Best Platforms for Fetish Content

The industry has dozens of platforms and websites that cater to fetish and kink. From adult social networks to traditional porn sites, the availability of fetish content is vast and could generate revenue through various strategies. We discuss a few of the best platforms for fetish content. 


FetLife is one such platform. With well over 10 million users, FetLife is a specialty social network that caters to kinksters and fetishism practitioners. FetLife platform is a tremendous one that works to openly destigmatize kinky sex, including facilitating meet-ups, an online community, and support. It is also important to note that FetLife isn’t a dating site either. It is by far the largest online community for fetishes and kinks, which also features a porn content function.


Fetish.com aligns itself with the BDSM lifestyle via the promotion of kink-positivity, citing not only a dating app but also educational and community-based talking points such as lectures and forums, convened in that sense to exhibit one’s interests in fetishes similar to a Reddit-style platform. The website is a fantastic platform, similar to FetLife. But, it is smaller in comparison based on users.


Kink.com is a popular fetish porn production company specializing in all things fetish and kink. They produce award-winning content and feature-length films with some of the biggest names in adult entertainment, including a slate of very popular porn stars like Ana Foxxx, Korra Del Rio, and Sabien Demonia. Kink produces content under several categories and imprints that include BDSM fetishes, pegging, sybian, fucking machines, and niche categories such as sounding and speculum.

The Most Popular Fetish Niches

If you want to jump into the fetish space like the platforms we mentioned above, we need to discuss the most popular niches in this particular category of content. According to a survey conducted by sexual wellness subscription box provider Future Method in 2020, each of the fifty U.S. states has a particular search term that is popular in the vertical of fetish and kink. Kinks such as masochism, sadism, and other categories under the BDSM term are popular in three of the four U.S. regions. The Midwest prefers sports gear (harness lingerie, leather, latex, etc.) and group play categories, according to Future Method’s survey and data they cite from lifestyle outlet Rooted Mama Health.

These are the results for the four U.S. regions reported by Future Method:

  1. Midwest – Sports gear and group sex
  2. Northeast – Balloons, BDSM, edging, foot fetish, group sex, leather, nylons, sadism, and sounding
  3. South – Suits and masochism
  4. West – masochism

Future Method studied search trends on Google to identify the most popular fetish term in each of the fifty U.S. states. These are the results of that analysis:

  • Alabama – Yoni egg
  • Alaska – Fisting
  • Arizona – Latex
  • Arkansas – Voyeurism
  • California – Wax play
  • Colorado – Masochism
  • Connecticut – Sadism
  • Delaware – Group sex
  • District of Columbia – Masochism
  • Florida – Piercings
  • Georgia – Hair fetish
  • Hawaii – Masochism
  • Idaho – Erotic electrostimulation
  • Illinois – Roleplay
  • Indiana – Armpits
  • Iowa – Group sex
  • Kansas – Sports gear
  • Kentucky – Scene play
  • Louisiana – Sadism
  • Maine – BDSM
  • Maryland – Masochism
  • Massachusetts – Nylons
  • Michigan – Humiliation
  • Minnesota – Edge play
  • Mississippi – Sports gear
  • Missouri – Used underwear
  • Montana – Sadism
  • Nebraska – Group sex
  • Nevada – Armpits
  • New Hampshire – Sounding
  • New Jersey – Group sex
  • New Mexico – Chastity belts
  • New York – Leather
  • North Carolina – Suits
  • North Dakota – Cuckolding
  • Ohio – Uniforms
  • Oklahoma – Impact play
  • Oregon – Used underwear
  • Pennsylvania – Balloons
  • Rhode Island – Foot fetish
  • South Carolina – Dominance
  • South Dakota – Masochism
  • Tennessee – Suits
  • Texas – Whipping
  • Utah – Voyeurism
  • Vermont – Edging
  • Virginia – Balloons
  • Washington – Gagging
  • West Virginia – BDSM
  • Wisconsin – Sports gear
  • Wyoming – Bondage

AEBN Trends also reported recently that the most searched for terms in some states for the months of November and December 2022 were fetish-related. Arizona users searched “lesbian dominatrix,” New Hampshire users got kinkier with “CBT” (cock and ball torture), and users in South Carolina were into “bound gangbangs.” Search term trends for the fourth quarter of 2022, also published by AEBN Trends, found that there is a growing interest in Taboo content in the straight orientation and BDSM content is climbing in the gay orientation. Voyeurism also gained in both orientations, AEBN Trends data indicates, as did domination and submission-related terms — also for both orientations. Pornhub Insights published its year in review report for 2022 in early December of last year. 

This shows that subject matter under terms like “femdom” and “feet” saw significant growth. Both of these terms are regarded by Pornhub as two of the six search terms “that defined 2022.” Top relative searches by U.S. states derived interesting trends that indicate more particular fetishes than other terms. For instance, Oregon’s most popular search term on Pornhub was “furry.” New Jersey’s most popular search term was “femdom.” And, that same data indicates more “vanilla” fetishes growing in popularity in states like Wisconsin, where “pegging” was popular. New Yorkers searched the most for “Dominican” and Virginia (the heart of the U.S. tobacco industry) revealed a “smoking” fetish. 

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