How to Sell an Adult Dating Site

Adult Site Broker has dealt with various website listings across the adult entertainment industry. These listings include adult dating sites that cater to niches, kinks, fetishes, orientations, and lifestyles. Our experience in this industry is recognized across the adult industry, and we can provide would-be sellers of dating site properties with exclusive, dedicated service from our team.

What Is an Adult Dating Site?

An online dating site is a website or platform that facilitates the process of connecting people to form romantic or sexual relationships. These sites allow users to create a profile and share information about themselves while being able to search for potential romantic or sexual partners based on defined criteria such as age, location, interests, arrangement, and preferences.

Diversity of Adult Dating Segments

Users can typically communicate with one another through the site or app’s messaging system, and some sites offer additional features such as video or voice chat or real-life events and activities. 

Adult dating sites go a step further. Hook-up sites, dating sites for swingers, and fetish and kink social networks, among other types of websites, can all fall under the classification of dating sites. For example, Friend Finder Networks is the owner of the adult hook-up website Adult Friend Finder

Ashley Madison, another prolific hook-up site, caters to no-strings-attached sexual affairs between married people. is a sugar baby-sugar daddy luxury dating website that caters to non-escort financial arrangement relationships. is a well-known dating site for swingers.

The Process of Selling a Dating Site

The process of selling a dating site begins with you, the owner. Our clients rely on us to quickly move their dating sites. If you’re sick of trying to matchmake and manage a database of dating profiles, you should unload your adult dating site and get started on something different. 

That’s why Adult Site Broker works hard to provide excellent customer service when selling your online dating site. We’ll help you earn a profit by selling your adult dating websites and allowing your company to switch directions. We can’t do all the work. We require documentation to get going.

Our Selling Process

Selling with us is pretty simple. The process can be simplified into three steps. First, you and your team must prepare financial statements going back at least three years. We offer a basic template to plugin your financials to provide an example of the format we use to study the financial elements of the property you’re looking to sell to our respected global network of vetted buyers.

We also require that you agree and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Adult Site Broker’s NDA can be found by clicking here. We need these materials before we even initiate the next step of the process. The second step is in our court. Our team of expert website brokers will then review your financial statements to assess the property’s value. When financials don’t tell the whole store, we request from you the applicable traffic data to help our assessment of the value.

The third and final step is simple. After we finish assessing the value of your property and decide whether it’s a property that we can sell to our clientele of potential buyers, we need you to agree to not only the value of the assessment but to bring more information to our attention if necessary. If you favor our valuation of your property, we can then draft a broker agreement that will govern the outcome of the sale for us and our relationship with you, the seller. We ask that you sign the broker agreement so we can go to work selling your adult and online dating sites.

We Do the Legwork

When we say that “we go to work for you,” you’re probably wondering what we actually do. Adult Site Broker has been in business for many years. We are the oldest and most experienced site brokerages in the adult entertainment industry. Through that experience, we’ve gathered thousands of email addresses, mainly at events we attend. We have an actively updated email list of over 9,000 people – all professionals in the adult industry.

We market the property you’re selling to people we think might be interested. Knowing pretty much all of the key players in the adult space, we can find industry members who wish to purchase the property that we have listed on your behalf. Remember that we don’t make any money until your property closes  and it goes through secure escrow. And we don’t get paid our commission until you get paid.

Notes on Commission and Valuation

Adult Site Broker’s commission varies greatly depending on the value of the property. We only work with properties that have values over $50,000.  And to be frank, most of our deals are six figures and higher. Also, we don’t generally handle sites where sales have dropped considerably. These sites are, for the most part, not very marketable, so they aren’t of much interest to our buyer base. Most of our selling is valued at a minimum of three times of reported annual profits or more. For a specific valuation, Contact Us.

We Provide Escrow Services

When we have an interested buyer for your property, and all terms are agreed upon, we then enter the final step of selling your online dating website. The escrow phase allows us to ensure a secure and equitable transaction and transfer of assets, funds, and any related intellectual property. We contract with a legal escrow service specializing in website properties and digital assets. We have already published a few blog posts discussing the escrow process of our legal services vendor.

The escrow process that Adult Site Broker uses is administered by Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC. The firm specializes in all aspects of intellectual property law and commercial tort litigation. We use G&L as our general counsel, also providing a variety of services outside of legal escrow.

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