What Happened to Alina Li?

Upon entering the adult film industry in 2013, shortly after graduating high school. Alina Li quickly rose to stardom during her year in the industry. She gained immense popularity, which led to her being the youngest actress to win the XBIZ Best New Actress award in 2015. 

As one of the most popular Chinese porn stars, known for her petite stature and beauty, when she left the industry abruptly, she left behind a huge fan following, with many wondering what she has been up to since then. 

In this article, Adult Site Broker will answer the question: What happened to Alina Li? 

Career Highlights

Before joining the world of adult films, Alina Li started as a cam model right after graduating from high school before entering the world of adult entertainment and porn at the age of 20 in 2013. When interviewed about what made her become a porn star, she answered that she was fascinated with the world of porn when she first saw Asa Akira in a film, who was her hero. 

Upon entering the world of adult entertainment in 2013, she debuted in Bang Bros’ girl-on-girl film Party of Three, although she quickly became known for her boy/girl work.    

Throughout her short career, she went on to work with some of the biggest names in porn production, including Evil Angel, 21 S*xtory, Mile High, and Bang Productions.

By the time she left the industry, she had a net worth of $5 million, making her one of the Top 20 richest porn stars. 

Awards, Nominations, and Recognitions   

One of her most notable claims to fame was that she won the XBIZ 2015 award for Best New Actress, which makes her the youngest actress to win the award. 

As well as this, she was also nominated for multiple awards throughout her career, including the AVN Fan Award Cutest Newcomer in 2015, Best Group Sex Scene for Orgy Initiation at Lola’s in 2015, and Best HMM Threesome for Slut Puppies 8. And AVN’s Best Lesbian Sex Scene or Deviant Devil: Skin Dimond

Controversies and Challenges

One of the most known controversies about Aline Li is that she left the porn scene abruptly after one year after an incident occurred that turned her off from being a porn star. 

When she first started in 2013, she was with a modeling agency that took over 40% of her profits. Shortly after meeting her long-term idol, Asa Akira, who recommended she join Mark Spiegler. She did, although she left them in 2014 due to alleged mistreatment and the breakdown of the relationship, which caused her to leave the industry. 

To deal with this, Alina Li became very private after leaving the industry, with no active social media channels since 2020. 

Recent Activities

Although it is all just rumors and speculation due to her non-active Twitter account and lack of other social media channels, it is rumored that Alina Li did re-enter the adult entertainment industry and has since turned to OnlyFans to create content for herself.

However, she hasn’t posted anything online since 2020, so it is hard to know what is true and what is a rumor from fans looking to find a glimpse of their favorite actress and what she has been up to.  

Personal Life

Before she entered the world of the adult industry, she worked as an assistant in a chemistry lab. Once she finished high school, she quickly joined the world of adult entertainment, working as a cam girl before starting porn. 

Since leaving the industry in 2014, it is hard to find anything about what Alina Li has been up to regarding work and her personal life. She is fiercely private, keeping her socials to promote her potential OnlyFans up until 2020, but no mention of what she is doing outside of this. 

Public Perception

Although she left the industry after only one year, Alina Li left a considerable impact and is still one of the most popular Chinese pornstars both in the US and in her home country. She is still the youngest actress to win the XBIZ Best New Actress award


Although she was only in the industry for a year, Alina Li left a legacy as one of the most popular Chinese pornstars of the decade.

Although no one knows what she has been up to since leaving the porn industry in 2014, it cannot be denied that Alina Li left a huge impact when she retired, and even today, she still has a massive following in China and the US for her movies. 

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