What Happened to Carmella Bing?

You can’t talk about beloved porn actresses without talking about Carmella Bing. Known for her body, breasts, and personality: she is one of the most loved porn actresses and is noted for changing the beauty standards in the adult industry. 

Throughout her career, she has set records and worked with some of the most popular porn directors throughout her long career within the adult industry. Between 2003-2019 when she left the porn industry to focus on her content, she starred in over 100 films, many of which focused primarily on her breasts as well as creating BDSM and hardcore content. But what are some of the biggest highlights of Carmella Bing’s career, and what is she up to today? 

In this article, Adult Site Broker will answer the question: What happened to Carmella Bing? 

Career Highlights

Since starting in 2003, Carmella Bing had a long career in the adult entertainment industry. But where did it begin, and did it end? Before starting porn in 2003, Carmella Bing began as an escort and was featured in the Discovery Channel show Sexual Secretes in 2002 before joining the porn industry with her first feature Big Naturals (where she showed off her impressive boob dance) in 2005. 

Over her career, she has starred in over 100 films, including fan favorites, The Devil in Miss Jones: The Ressurection in 2010 and Sodom 4 in 2008. She also became the first female driver for the Bang Bus in 2007.  

Unlike many actresses who leave the industry, Bing has retired from the industry multiple times: 2003-2008, 2011-2012, and finally, 2019 – present, where she continues to make content for herself on OnlyFans. 

Throughout the years, her looks, breast size, and enthusiasm as a performer have made her a beloved actress to work with. She has worked with some of the most significant porn directors over the years, including Andrea di Angelou, Manuel Ferrara, Jim Powers, and Mike Quasar. 

Awards, Nominations, and Recognitions   

Although she is a beloved actress with a huge fanbase, she has only been nominated once throughout her career. This was the AVN award for Best Group Sex Scene in 2010 for The Devil in Miss Jones: The Ressurection

Controversies and Challenges

Over the years, Carmella Bing has faced multiple controversies throughout their career. Upon retiring in 2008, many fans rumored that she was one of the actresses who had caught HIV that year, which she quickly disproved by posting on her socials that she was five months pregnant.  

Following her brief return to porn in 2011, in 2012, Carmella Bing went on hiatus after she was arrested for possession of drugs after being a passenger in a stolen car. After this, she quickly retired from the adult industry and sought to focus on her projects and family life.

As well as returning to work again in 2019, the final controversy surrounding her career was that during Covid, she became vocal in her support for right-wing politicians and is proudly conservative in her beliefs, including posting anti-vaccination rhetoric frequently during the pandemic. 

Recent Activities

Over the years, Carmella Bing has left the adult entertainment industry before she ultimately returned in 2019 to focus on escorting, going out on tour with fellow performer Toni Evans in the US/UK and Europe before COVID-19 put a stop to her travels. 

Alongside this, Bing has also set up her own OnlyFans content, alongside performing with others such as Toni Evans (where they discussed how she had gained weight during her retirement, cementing her status as a BBW performer) as well as on her partner Lou Dura’s page, who is one of the top 3% on OnlyFans for their hardcore videos. 

Most of her recent content features softcore and hardcore content, focusing on her BBW status and easily earning her a spot in the top 10% of OnlyFans content creators. 

Personal Life

Throughout her career, Carmella has done much to ensure that her private life is separate from her filmography and content creation. 

One of the main things known about her personal life is that in 2008, she retired for the first time due to the birth of her son before returning in 2011. And that she is in an ongoing relationship with fellow OnlyFans content creator Lou Durra, whom she creates hardcore content with regularly. 

Public Perception

In 2008, during her first retirement, she received a shift in public opinion, with many rudely speculating on whether she had HIV. This made many fans turn their backs on her in disgust; however, she quickly earned back fan love and loyalty after refuting the claims and showing that she was, in fact, five months pregnant with her first child. Once she returned to the industry in 2011, her public image had been restored. 

Although her conservative views have earned her some backlash on social media due to her public following and the support of many right-wing politicians, Carmella Bing is still considered a widely popular BBW content creator. Since leaving porn, her movies and images are still regularly talked about on Reddit, and her OnlyFans page has easily earned her a spot in the Top 10% of content creators. 

As well as this, her socials, which she uses to promote her BingTours content, are still popular, with her having a following of 38.3K on X. Overall, personal politics aside, Carmella Bing is still considered one of the best BBW porn actresses around. 


Carmella Bing remains one of the most beloved BBW actresses and adult content creators. Through her content, she has done a lot in the industry to change perspectives and showcase female content creators as leading entertainers in the industry, changing the industry’s beauty standards on what body types are seen as beautiful, as well as being the first female driver of the Bang Bus

Whether you’re a fan of her films or have seen her recent OnlyFans content, you can’t deny that she is still as passionate, beautiful, and enthusiastic in her content today as she was when she first started—easily earning a spot in OnlyFans’ top 10% of content creators. 

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