What Happened to Faye Reagan?

Born on the 19th of September 1988, Faye Reagan entered the adult entertainment industry at 19 in 2007. Throughout her career, she was known for her stunning good looks, adorable freckles, and natural red hair. Faye Reagen was a favorite for many, gaining notoriety in the industry for her stamina in hardcore scenes. 

Faye Reagen was also one of the popular adult industry performers who also made a name for themselves in the mainstream world of modeling and acting, quickly making her a recognizable face within the adult film industry and mainstream media. But since leaving the industry in the early 00s, what has become of Faye Reagen? 

In this article, Adult Site Broker will answer the question: What happened to Faye Reagen? 

Career Highlights

She started in the porn industry in 2007 with the movie Only Teens Blowjob, originally using the name Faye Valentine before starting to change her name to Faye Reagan and quickly racking up 400 performances under her belt before she retired in 2013. 

Although she is most known for her time filming five back-to-back hardcore sex scenes for The Gauntlet 3 in 2007, which earned her two AVN nominations that year, as well as nominations for 2010’s Faye and Georgia’s Birthday Bash and Pin-Up Girls 5

She controversially refused to do anal sex scenes on camera throughout her career, although this refusal didn’t hinder her rise to stardom in any way.  

Alongside porn, Faye Reagen was lucky to make the jump to mainstream media during her career, and she has modeled for American Apparel as well as starred in the 2012 indie movie The Condemned

Awards, Nominations, and Recognitions   

With 400 films under her belt, it’s no surprise that Faye Reagen has racked up 17 nominations for awards, including AVN’s Best Starlett Award in 2009 and Best Oral Sex and Best Group sex scene for The Gauntlet 3 in 2007. As well as nominations for XRCO’s Cream Dream and Best New Starlett in 2009. 

Surprisingly, although she has been nominated several times, Faye has never won an award for her performances. 

Controversies and Challenges

One of the main challenges she faced in her career was jumping to modeling for clothing outside her career as an adult performer. Her main controversy came from her time modeling at American Apparel after Time Magazine released an article naming Faye Regean as a porn star. However, this didn’t impact her career, and she continued working until retirement. 

Other rumors on online forums have stated that her career ended because she contracted gentile herpes and continued filing, which gained her the reputation as the ‘genital warts girl.’ Many have speculated that this rumor ended up costing her her career and losing her filming and modeling opportunities 

Other challenges that have surfaced have been rumors of a drug addiction, which has caused her to lose job opportunities, her modeling career, and even relationships. It’s not known if these rumors hold any truth. 

Recent Activities

There is some speculation on what she has been doing since leaving the porn industry in 2013. Many sites still state that she is still actively creating content in 2023, with her membership website still active, where viewers can find clips and images of her. 

On IMBD, it is also stated that her last performance was in 2022 when she starred in an episode of Cumangels, and that she was still actively performing in movies and shows between 2013 and 2022. So, there is much speculation on whether she has retired. 

Personal Life

With regards to her personal life, during her career, she was known for dating fellow pornstar Dane Cross between the years of 2007-2010, starring in many movies besides him. After they split, she started to leave the industry. However, there is no record of who she is dating currently. 

However, it is speculated that she has been working in the adult industry since her public retirement in 2013. Faye Reagan has focused on her personal life and family. She has recently gotten into art and is looking into art therapy, and has also starred in interviews about the adult industry and is an occasional podcast as a guest. 

Public Perception

Due to her good looks and red hair, Faye Reagen was a popular figure as a performer and a model, with fans admiring her beauty, talent, and stamina for her scenes in The Gauntlet 3. 

However, some public opinion changed after the rumors of her filming with genital warts became known, with many stating that this is what killed her career. Many also have started to talk about her potentially being in Japan and a drug addict, creating a negative perception around her; although she has not said anything to confirm or refute these rumors, 


With her good looks and natural red hair, it is no wonder that Faye Reagen was a favorite both in the adult industry and as a model. Although she left the industry in the early 00s, she is still considered wildly popular, and with over 400 videos under her belt. 

Although not much is known about what she is up to in 2023, it cannot be denied that Faye Reagen has left her mark on the adult industry and is, to this day, one of the most recognizable faces of porn. 

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