What Happened to Layla London?

With her trademark glasses, straight hair, and natural good looks, Layla London amassed a loyal fanbase over her short-lived career as a porn actress. Initially working as a nanny in 2011, she started doing porn in 2016 after being told there was money to be made; she stayed within the industry after her first scene stating in an interview that she had found her dream job. 

Known for her charisma, enthusiasm, and chemistry with her partners, she is a popular actress for many. Since starting in 2016,  she has starred in over 30 performances in a variety of different genres, with her main scenes focusing on girl-on-girl, fetish, and blowjobs. But after her retirement in 2018 and her disappearance, there hasn’t been much reported on her. 

In this article, Adult Site Broker will answer the question: What happened to Layla London? 

Career Highlights

Upon entering the industry in 2016, Layla London quickly found her calling in creating adult movies, with her first scene being in an episode of 2 Chicks Same Time in 2016.  After that, she promptly amassed multiple scenes under her belt, becoming popular as an amateur performer, starring in girl-on-girl content, blowjobs, and swallowing and moving into more hardcore scenes with some fetish work. By 2016 she had quickly become one of Pornhub’s Top 100 performers. 

Over her career, she starred in just 36 movies between 2016-2018 before she officially retired. One of her major career highlights was in 2016, with Reality Kings TV show Beautiful Bounce (Big Naturals), in which she had her first anal scene with fellow performer Tyler Steel, which was completely unscripted. Before this, she had been averse to filming anal, stating that she was scared of it. 

Throughout her short career, she worked with some of the major players in porn, including  Digital Sin, Brazzers Network, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Vixen and Tushy.

Awards, Nominations, and Recognitions

Throughout her career, she has been a fan favorite; she was only nominated for one award in 2017, the AVN Award for Best New Starlet.  

Controversies and Challenges

When we talk about Layla London, we have to mention her sudden and mysterious disappearance in 2018, not soon after she left the adult industry. In 2018, she was reported missing after her family could not get ahold of her. 

Not too soon after the police put out a missing person report, two men from the agency that represented Layla London were arrested on unrelated charges. Upon their devices being searched, the police found multiple recent images and videos of Layla London, causing the police to arrest them on kidnapping and assault charges. 

The two suspects were unforthcoming about their knowledge, and while the search for Layla was still active, in 2019 (months after her disappearance), she returned to her family unscathed. 

When the police came to question her, her family and Layla refused to talk to the police, so all charges were dropped. Even in 2023, there is still a mystery about Layla London’s sudden disappearance. 

Recent Activities

Although she officially left in 2018, it has been reported on IMBD that her most recent projects were in 2020 and 2021. These were Big Tit Power Agent in 2020 and My Friends Hot Girl 33, and My Beautiful Bald Pussy 4 in 2021 before all traces of her dry up. 

However, it needs to be clarified if she has returned to the adult industry or if the movies were brought out after she returned to her family in 2019 after her disappearance the following year. 

Personal Life

Since leaving the industry in 2018 and her disappearance, Layla London has kept her private life confidential. With no social media accounts (all of which were suspended in 2019 following her return to her family), there are no accounts of her or any recent work that she may have done, both in the adult industry or otherwise.

What is known about her is that she has no known children and is the eldest of four siblings. 

Public Perception

During her time working, she was easily a favorite to work with, with fellow performer Justin Hunt once tweeting his excitement to work with her, stating that Layla London was: “…absolutely beautiful, stunning and brilliant…” and that working with her felt like Nirvana. 

The public perception of Layla London is still a positive one, with her films and images widely popular among those that enjoy anal. However, many in the public still speculate on what happened to her during her mysterious disappearance between 2018 and 2019.


With her iconic glasses, natural body, and enthusiastic performances, is it any wonder that Layla London was one of Pornhub’s Top 100 performers within her first year in 2016? Although little is known about what she has been up to since leaving the industry in 2018, her movies are still popular. 

Even as an amateur actress, her good looks and hardcore scenes created a loyal fanbase that hasn’t gone away, even after she left the industry in 2018. 

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