Adult Industry Groups You Didn’t Know Existed

The adult entertainment industry is so dynamic that it touches upon various social and economic segments. Nonprofit organizations are undeniably crucial for the adult industry, including the type of work related to adult entertainment – sex work. This includes other esoteric forms of consensual sexual amusement that are commercially available and publicly regulated in some form or another. 

Adult Entertainment’s Uniqueness on Display 

Adult Site Broker wrote a blog post previously about the type of nonprofit organizations in the adult industry to donate to as an entrepreneur. However, there are other adult advocacy groups that you can support that some of you probably never knew existed. Adult business owners should use this blog post as a resource guide to the full scope of the charities and non-governmental organizations that help adult companies demonstrate the social, ethical, and legal commitment across the board.

You can read our blog post on philanthropy at the official Adult Site Broker blog by clicking here. We have written about some of these non-governmental organizations in the past, via that blog post.

Adult Industry Organizations That You Don’t Always Hear About

There are several adult entertainment and sex work advocacy groups that aren’t as common. These groups provide free and reduced-price mental health assistance and join with adult entertainment, online sex work, LGBTQ rights groups and other areas to create a unified voice in Washington, D.C.

Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection

The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) was founded by Alec Helmy. Helmy is the founder of Adnet Media, the parent firm of and ASACP is supported by the members of the adult entertainment industry, including major donors like MindGeek, GFY, and many other groups. ASACP is a nonprofit organization that advocates for self-regulation and reporting of illegal, exploitative content on adult websites. ASACP’s Restricted to Adults (RTA) label integrates with parental control software to help parents prevent minors from viewing age-restricted content. This organization is led by industry veteran Tim Henning.

Adult Performance Artists Guild

The Adult Performance Artists Guild (APAG) is one of the few federally-recognized labor unions that represent adult performers and sex workers operating in the porn segment. APAG is led by pornstar Alana Evans. The Hill reported in 2021 that Alana Evans has also long been a proponent for the adult industry. The nuances of the adult entertainment industry can only be comprehended by those who have experienced it firsthand as actors and actresses. Outsiders may find it hard to grasp the exact demands of this industry, as performers in this sector are constantly challenged by external forces.

Adult Industry Association

The Adult Industry Association isn’t necessarily a full-fledged trade group for members of the adult industry. However, the association essentially serves as an industry-oriented social and business networking platform for members of all segments. The Adult Industry Association provides a complaint committee for members of the industry to file complaints against studios, producers, performers, and other firms and individuals for a variety of reasons. These reasons range from CSAM to sexually transmitted diseases that were not disclosed before production. Membership to the association is free, with premium membership options starting  at $5 per month or $50 per calendar year.

Sex Workers Outreach Project USA

The Sex Workers Outreach Project USA (SWOP-USA) is an organization that focuses on human rights and ending violence and stigma against the sex trade and its communities. SWOP-USA organization’s mission is to ensure that all individuals in the consensual sex trade have their fundamental human rights respected, including the right to safe working environments and to be free from violence and stigma. They do this by working to end violence and stigma against sex workers, and by providing education and support to sex trade workers and their communities.

The Pineapple Support Society

Adult Site Broker is a sponsor of the Pineapple Support Society, a non profit that provides support and resources for people who are experiencing problems and need counseling. Pineapple Support Society provides resources such as articles, chat rooms, and forums, which can be helpful for people who are experiencing all types of problems. Pineapple Support is a United Kingdom-based charity that provides full 24/7 services. The mental health providers in Pineapple’s therapy network specialize in working with people in the adult entertainment industry, and they’re all knowledgeable about sex workers’ rights and the adult entertainment industry’s positive outlook on sexuality and expression. The organization was founded and is run by former sex worker Leya Tanit, who has appeared on our Adult Site Broker Talk podcast. 

The Free Speech Coalition

The Free Speech Coalition is a 501(c)6 membership organization and a chamber of commerce that represents much of the adult entertainment industry’s online, web retail, and pleasure products segment. The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is structured as a business alliance featuring members across various verticals in the industry. FSC is an outspoken advocate for speech and commerce in the space, providing national-level support and representation in Washington, D.C., and the capitol cities in states across the United States, as it applies to state-level industry-related regulations. Alison Boden, a veteran adult entertainment executive, is the current executive director of FSC and she recently won the XBIZ award for Community Figure of the Year. She will soon appear in a 2 part episode of Adult Site Broker Talk.

Performer Availability Screening Service

The Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS) is a nonprofit organization that spun off from the Free Speech Coalition. PASS is a 501(c)3 charity. Since May 2021, PASS has been functioning as an independent nonprofit entity, providing STI and/or other infectious disease testing in the United States and Canada, with the results of these tests being reported to their database. PASS works with companies in the adult entertainment industry to ensure that public health in the adult film production community is protected. PASS maintains a database solely that is  binary with “yes” or “no” informaton that indicates work authorization. Public health practitioners having the necessary licensure define the work allowance decisions based on the outcomes from the PASS groups and the disease testing.

Woodhull Freedom Foundation

Woodhull Freedom Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to protect First Amendment rights to sexual freedom and expression. Woodhull refers to sexual freedom as a human right. Woodhull is active in lobbying, research, instruction, and engaging  legal proceedings in support of individuals discriminated against based on gender, orientation, sexual and romantic preferences, and other factors. They are widely recognized for their involvement in litigating in federal courts concerning the FOSTA-SESTA legislation, which reformed Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

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