Best Adult Entertainment Sites by Social Responsibility

When you think of social responsibility, the term adult industry doesn’t quickly spring to mind. Usually, we think of more mainstream brands making sustainable clothes or big corporations planting trees or making initiatives to cut down their energy or carbon footprint. However, in a growing trend, we are seeing a rise in ethical, sustainable adult companies, from sex toys to porn studios. 

In this article, Adult Site Broker will explore who are the best adult entertainment sites by social responsibility. Exploring what social responsibility looks like within the adult industry and which companies are doing it right. 

What is Social Responsibility in the Adult Industry? 

When we talk about the adult industry, social responsibility is not a topic that gets mentioned regularly. However, as consumers want more ethical brands from whom they buy their products or services, the adult industry has had a boom in growing ethical trends. 

Many porn production companies are looking to lower their environmental impact by using solar panels, wind energy, or switching to LED lights to reduce their electrical and carbon footprint. Not to mention, many porn companies focus on STI prevention and have contracted that all stars must use condoms when performing and have an STI check regularly to ensure their performers are healthy and safe. 

Beyond this, many have also started looking at offering diversity and inclusivity, with the popularity of ethical porn giving way to more movies being created that cater to a wide range of disabilities, sexualities, genders, ethnicities, and even body types. But can social responsibility in the adult industry go beyond merely staying sexually healthy and trying to cut down on energy bills? Many adult brands think so. 

In the next section, Adult Site Broker has dived into some of the biggest names in the adult industry who are doing social responsibility right. From AIDs and sexual health awareness to offering ethical practices, sustainable products, and fair treatment for their creators. 

Best Adult Companies by Social Responsibility


Tenga is a Japanese brand of male masturbation aids by the company of the same name. As part of their CSR, the global Tenga brand worked with various lifestyle and fashion brands from the USA, Japan, and China on their 2010-2012 Respect Yourself campaign for AIDS awareness, with the profits from the limited edition range of penis strokers going directly to the Japanese AIDS Foundation. 


Sinful is a sex toy website that offers a wide range of products by leading sex toy brands such as Ohnut, Lelo, and Staisfyer. 

The Danish brand has created a range of three sex toys using ocean plastic collected in Southeast Asia. The Ohhcean collection comprises a wand and two vibrators made entirely from ocean-bound plastic.

Love Not War 

With their 100% green-powered factory and products made of body-safe silicone and recycled aluminum, Love Not War offers eco-friendly and sustainable sex toys that are green throughout all aspects of their product’s life cycle. Each product has been made to lower the number of batteries needed, with the rechargeable electronic section able to be sold separately from the heads (meaning you only need one electronic component for the entire range). As well as this, they had their ‘break up with your shower’ campaign last year, encouraging audiences to stop wasting water by masturbating in the shower.  

Lust Cinema 

Owned by Erika Lust, Lust Cinema is the home of ethical and feminist porn, with the company’s brand values including equal pay, diversity, fair pay, transparency, safe sex practices, and fair commission. As well as being one of the leaders for ethical porn in the adult entertainment industry, Erika Lust and Lust Cinema also offer sexual education through their work with the Porn Conversation, teaching young people and parents how to navigate conversations and sex and pornography. As well as being fierce advocates for sex worker rights in the industry with their Beyond Lust initiative

Get Cheex 

Get CHEEX is an online platform for sexual entertainment and education. They have created a space for ethical and diverse pornography where people of all sexual orientations and identities can enjoy content that is inspiring and educational. In addition to their movies, Get Cheex is tackling the topics of sex education and sexual wellness by offering a free 30-day course called The Pleasure Principles

Make Love Not Porn 

Make Love Not Porn and owner Cindy Gallop have become synonymous with ethical porn practices. The website allows real couples to upload videos of their intimate moments, with the company’s ethos being about showing the difference between porn and real sex. With the aim of MLNP being pro-porn, pro-love, and pro-sex, the brand is redefining what it means to mix porn with sex education, showing the reality, silliness, and messiness of real-life sex. In addition, they are focused on fair wages, with the proceeds being split 50/50 between the creators. 

Pornhub –  Sexual Wellness Center

Pornhub is one of the most popular porn sites in the world, offering a range of free and premium clips in a wide range of genres. To tackle the growing issues surrounding the lack of sex education in the world, Pornhub set up the Sexual Wellness Center. Working with a sexual health expert, they have created a range of materials to talk about STIs, consent, and reproductive health, offering Q&A’s with their in-house expert, Dr. Laurie Betito, and articles.  


Dipsea has quickly become one of the most popular audio erotica apps available. It offers users free and premium memberships, and users can access stories read by various creators, including lesbian, Gay, trans, and straight-focused stories of all genres. For their social responsibility, Dipsea has announced that they pay their creators a fair wage, allowing them to make a living. One-off characters are paid $200 an hour; recurring talent makes up to $400 an hour each time. 

Natural Love Company

The Natural Love Company has become part of the growing trend of sex toy websites that are selling sustainable sex toys and even BDSM and bondage gear. The Natural Love Company is changing the way their users look at the sex toy industry, planting a tree for every order, using ZERO plastic packaging, no single-use batteries, and running their business on renewable energy while being carbon negative, too. They have taken social responsibility and environmental practices to a whole new level.  


As you can see, as consumer attitudes change toward ethical practices, sustainability, and sexual health awareness within the adult industry, many brands have picked up on this, from the rise of sustainable sex toys to the growing popularity of independent porn companies offering ethical, diverse porn that caters to a broad audience and offers safe and fair practices behind the camera. 

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