Best Blogging Platforms For Creating Adult Sites

Adult Site Broker is built on something called a content management system. Also known as a CMS, a content management system type software-as-a-service platform to create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need for overly sophisticated technical knowledge. 

Virtually every website on the internet is built on top of a CMS, including all of the popular adult and porn industry websites that so many people enjoy all over the world. Some of these CMS platforms are considered some of the best blogging cores on the internet, and millions of sites use these platforms. For example, Adult Site Broker is built on a WordPress build. In this blog post, we at Adult Site Broker introduce you to the best mainstream blogging CMS platforms for adult websites.

What Is a CMS and What Is It Used For?

As we said, CMS is an acronym for a content management system. Simply put, a CMS system is a valuable tool that helps build a top website without needing too much technical knowledge or needing to generate all of the code from scratch. The content management system platform format was first developed decades ago. The history of content management systems can be traced to the very first webpage that can be found at :// The first webpage went up on August 6, 1991, and was led by a team of nuclear researchers and one Mr. Tim Berners-Lee.

CMS Platforms Today

The content management system history is also connected to its early intranet origins. There have been a plethora of early content management systems that include FileNet, StoryBuilder, Vignette, Documentum, and many others. These platforms were proprietary and closed-source. 

Now, virtually all of the major content management systems on the internet are open-sourced or are available through hosted companies for very little cost. WordPress is one such open-source platform. WordPress is open and companies like Automattic have earned several hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue through and have generated a $7.5 billion value.

Best Content Management Systems You Can Use For Porn Sites

The history of online content management systems is rich. But, we digress. The reason you are reading this new blog post is that you are interested in learning more about the best mainstream CMS and blogging platform for websites that deal with porn and adult content subject matter. 

We did our research and all of the content management systems listed here do support adult content. So, it is just up to you and your technical expertise (or lack thereof) to decide which platform is best for your adult content creation business or if you want to build a network of sites at low cost and scale. And, whenever you are ready to sell your website, contact our team.

Hosted Mainstream CMS Systems and Adult Content

Before we proceed, we want to take the time to discuss the case of adult content and hosted content management systems. As we have described throughout this blog post, hosted CMS platforms aren’t necessarily the best options for adult content and pornography. Given that adult entertainment is a high-risk industry in most areas of the world, webmasters looking for the best options for hosting their content should understand that. Hosted content management systems are managed by companies that have to answer to financial partners, like large banks and their shareholders. Also, being that these web hosting companies deal in user data acquisition and internet businesses, they might be subject to additional laws and regulations. These regulations include the GDPR requirements for all websites that are operated out of the European Union or the California Consumer Privacy Act protections for websites that traffic large audiences from that US state.

Throughout much of our research, we found that the proprietary content management system developed by is very restrictive on adult content and pornography. is a very popular WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) drag-and-drop website builder used by not only entrepreneurs for e-commerce site builds and portfolio sites for several artists and creators. Even with this broad catering and an aura of acceptance, has strict policies against sexual content, porn, sex work portfolios, adult sex toy e-commerce firms, and others. The Wix platform also has very strict policies against processing payments related to sex work and porn.


WordPress is an open-source content management system that is free to use. It is considered the most popular and simplest content management system used on top-level web directories. WordPress is also offered through a variety of web hosts and virtual cloud providers, including PhoenixNAP, WPEngine, and other hosted WordPress offerings. is possibly the most popular WordPress hosting service. Content policies for permit the use of their servers for adult and mature content. allows “text, images, and videos that contain nudity, offensive language, and mature subject material.” There are limitations, though. does not allow pornographic websites or link-backs to porn affiliate programs. Luckily, the open-source version of WordPress isn’t so restrictive. ViceTemple, an adult industry web hosting provider, builds adult and porn websites on the open-sourced WordPress kernel.


WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce management plugin developed for WordPress by Automattic. As mentioned above, Automattic is the parent company of and its proprietary hosting options for the content management system. WooCommerce is a very flexible e-commerce solution for entrepreneurs who wish to engage in dropshipping and the sale of sex toys, pleasure products, adult novelties, and lingerie. WooCommerce can be integrated into virtually every WordPress build on the internet. There are software connectors and add-ons for WooCommerce, also. These include integrations with dropshipping and product APIs for some of the most popular sex toy and adult novelty product distributors in the market. These companies include Sex Toy Distributing, EDC Wholesale, and the Eldorado Trading Company.


Joomla is another open-source content management system. It is free to use just like the open versions of WordPress. Joomla websites that are built within the confines of the acceptable use policy for the open source license permit adult content and pornography. However, the several hosted versions of Joomla — like SiteGround or Techjoomla — have very strict policies against adult content and pornography. This is typical for hosted platforms, as we already noted. But, it shouldn’t be a fear factor for some. Open-source Joomla and other less-restrictive web hosting options will cater to adult content, including pornography, tube sites, paysites, and clip stores.


Drupal is yet another open-source content management system that is technically free to use. There are no restrictions on what you can publish on an open-sourced Drupal website build. In fact, there are several sites that use Drupal as their core content management system. But, the limitations on adult content and pornography still exist with hosted Drupal offerings. Companies like Pantheon, Acquia, A2 Hosting, and Hostinger are popular hosting providers of Drupal CMS. Most of these companies, upon review, have very, very strict limitations on adult content and the publication of pornography. Nonetheless, Drupal open source is still a viable option for creators. Drupal has global renown for being considered the most secure content management system.


Magento is another content management system that is open-source and free to use. As is the case with all of the open-source CMS platforms listed here, Magento open source can work for most adult websites. Hosted Magento content management systems still restrict the publication of adult content and pornography. Magento websites, like their Drupal counterparts, are also renowned for the built-in security protocols of the CMS. The framework of Magento and its founding company was also recently purchased by Adobe and is now known as Adobe Commerce to focus on the growing needs and segment of e-commerce. Magento is a great option for selling and dropshipping sex toys and other adult novelty products.


Shopify is a proprietary content management system and e-commerce ecosystem. While it isn’t the ideal content management system for adult content, Shopify has many tools to support the sale of adult products, fetish toys, and other types of sexual wellness products. Shopify also has integrations with dropshipping services that feature sex toys, lubricants, and sexual wellness for consumers. There are a plethora of add-ons and services that can be integrated into the build of the e-commerce platform. Sites built on this platform also include full creative control, blogging functionality, social media service integrations, email marketing integrations, and other services.

Adult Content Management Systems

There are adult content management systems and website builders available. Previously, we wrote a series of blog posts on the alternatives for OnlyFans and adult web hosting platforms. We included ViceTemple in our analysis here, and in a blog post discussing the various adult options for adult creators and entrepreneurs to build their own paysites or clip stores. also develops and sells ready-to-go adult websites, including scripts for tube sites, paysites, membership sites, cam sites, adult e-commerce sites, adult blogs, and other technical scripts.


ModelCentro takes the premium porn concept a step further by empowering performers and content creators to own and operate their own paid subscription websites. ModelCentro is essentially a content management system built for models to manage their content free of a social network’s limitations. There are also tools for studios, talent agencies, and photographers.

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