Best Payment Processors For Adult Websites in 2024

The adult industry is a highly lucrative business opportunity for many, with people willing to pay for porn videos, sexting services, and even sex toys. However, due to the still taboo nature of these sites, finding a payment processor that will allow you to set up payments for your customers easily can be tricky and comes with specific challenges. 

In this article, Adult Site Broker has put together our list of the best payment processors for adult websites in 2024 and looked at some of the challenges currently facing adult websites when picking one. 

What are Payment Processors?

As previously discussed by Adult Site Broker, payment processors are companies or financial institutions that handle transactions between buyers and sellers. They act as intermediaries, facilitating funds transfer from the buyer to the seller. They are responsible for verifying the transaction’s validity, checking the buyer’s payment information, and ensuring the funds are transferred securely. 

No matter if you are a porn site, membership site, or live cam site, being able to safely and securely process multiple payments across the world is crucial to your website being a success. However, as an adult website, specific challenges make finding a payment processor tricky.  

What are the challenges of finding a payment processor for an adult website? 

As you look for a payment processor that caters to the adult industry, it is important to recognize that it comes with specific challenges, including: 

High-risk industry: Due to the high-risk nature of the adult industry, finding a payment processor that will approve your application can be tricky. However, as the adult industry grows in popularity, there has been a growing trend in high-risk industry payment processors that specialize in offering their services to porn websites, sex toy sites, and other high-risk industries like cannabis products. 

Chargebacks: A chargeback is a charge that is returned to a payment card after a customer successfully disputes an item on their account transactions report. As an adult website, you may have a high chargeback rate, which can directly impact your ability to work with a payment processor. If you have a high chargeback ratio, your payment processor may shut down your account without notifying you. 

Rates: Due to the high-risk nature of the adult industry, as you choose a payment processor, you need to know their rates. This is because many payment processors offer higher rates and fees for adult websites. 

Approval and Compliance: Another reason it is hard to gain acceptance is that to work with a many payment processors, the sponsor bank of a credit card processor must include the adult industry in its underwriting standards to authorize an adult merchant. Something that most banks refuse to do. 

Laws and Regulations: Trying to wiggle around your legal duties can cause your account to be shut down by a payment processor, or they can refuse to create an account in the first place. 

By finding a payment processor that offers high-risk support, regulatory compliance, chargeback protection, competitive rates and fees, and (for those who work internationally) easy global payments, you can find one that offers you the best support necessary to ensure your success. 

Who are the Best Payment Processors for Adult Sites in 2024? 


Epoch is a well-known payment processor and provider of payment gateway services for high-risk industries, including adult entertainment. Services include card processing, ACH bank transfers, PayPal services for sites that would otherwise be unable to use them, and a turnkey set of tools that enables payment processing services for sites of all types worldwide.


OrbitalPay offers services catering to adult businesses in genres like product sales and retail, membership sites, live camming sites, VOD, and direct services from adult entertainers and studios. It allows companies with adult services to provide fully integrated and responsive credit card payment services.

CC Bill 

CCBill is a well-known payment processor in the adult entertainment and high-risk industries, accepting payments from the US, Canada, and most European countries. With several features and models, including a protocol for subscriptions and memberships and one-time web payments, CCBill offers highly competitive rates and solutions, allowing adult businesses, producers, content creators, and performers to accept payments from all major credit and debit card networks. 

Vertotel and Bitsafe

Verotel and Bitsafe platforms provide membership sites, payites, competitive rates, volumes, daily revenue payouts, and chargeback protection. Verotel is a payment processor and gateway catering to adult industry affiliates and studios. Bitsafe delivers a secure, discreet, cross-border payment delivery platform and debit card services for adult models. When combined, the two offer full-stack payment options. 


The product and service offerings provided by MobiusPay cater to many high-risk types of payments, including the risk of chargebacks. The tools developed and sold by MobiusPay include credit card processing services for high-risk clients so that adult industry businesses can take all payments from the major credit and debit card networks worldwide. 


Payze is a high-risk payment processing service provider catering to high-risk industries, including adult entertainment. It offers various services, including scalability functions for membership sites or paysites, national and global transactions, and great security and chargeback protections through the Payze platform. 


NETbilling is another provider of high-risk payment processing services for some adult industry firms. The NETbilling offerings include adult transaction processing and payment gateway hailing services. NETbilling enables comprehensive credit card and online check processing and chargeback protections for membership sites, VOD providers, and live camming websites.


Webbilling is a high-risk payment processing provider offering viable payment solutions across the EU, Eastern Europe, and Central Europe. They specialize in non-traditional payment methods, and their services cater directly to adult entertainment companies, e-commerce industry firms, and other high-risk services that require protection from chargebacks. They also work with membership sites and subscriptions that cater to adult services and utilize Webbilling as a payment partner to connect consumers to merchants and allow credit card sales. 


eMerchantPay is yet another provider of high-risk payment processing services. One aspect that sets eMerchantPay apart is its fraud prevention and chargeback mitigation approach. This approach permits low fees and asking prices, giving more opportunities to convert and develop new revenue-generating strategies and enabling businesses of all sizes in the adult industry to take credit and debit cards via the world’s credit and debit card networks. 


Segpay is a Payment Platform that specializes in online credit card processing for e-commerce merchants and subscription-based content providers that intend to operate globally, with headquarters in the US, EU, and UK. They are one of the most reputable payment processors for adult and dating sites, navigating the challenges these industries face and offering secure and reliable payment solutions for the adult industry. 


When setting up your adult website, choosing the right payment processor for your business model is crucial to ensuring success. As the adult entertainment industry is considered a high-risk industry, it is important to research and understand its key challenges before choosing one. 

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