What Is a White Label Adult Website?

When entering the adult industry, buying a website and offering services such as dating websites and even affiliate programs are some of the best ways to get started, earn a profit, and build your portfolio as a successful adult website owner. 

At Adult Site Broker, we have overseen the buying and selling of adult websites throughout the multiple avenues this entails, from tube sites and OnlyFans agencies to dating sites and cam sites. In today’s article, we will look at a specific type of website you may find as you look to buy an adult website: a white-label adult website. 

This article will delve into the world of white-label adult websites, provide some examples of the types of services you can offer through a white-label website, and discuss the benefits of using one. 

What Does White Label Mean?

A white label generally refers to services or products created and developed by one firm but distributed under another company’s branding. It can be a product or a service, but in this case, it means a white-label website. 

White labeling, otherwise known as private labeling, is when you buy a specific number of units of a product. For example, if you buy a specific number of adult toys for your website to sell, the manufacturer will put your branding on the product and send it over for you to sell. 

What Is a White Label Adult Website? 

In the past, Adult Site Broker has discussed the benefits of buying white-label dating and live-cam sites. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. So, what is a white-label adult website, and what are some examples of the best ones around? 

To put it simply, a white-label adult website is a website created and developed by a network or provider that where you can make your porn, cam, or sex toy website. All you need is your logo and domain name; the host site will do the rest as you take part of the profit. These adult sites have become popular because they allow you to create websites or pages dedicated to specific niche content.  

What Types of White Label Adult Websites Are There?

The adult industry offers varied opportunities to get involved, with white-label adult sites coming in all shapes and sizes to reflect your needs, business model, and niche, but what type of white-label adult websites are popular? 

Currently, the most popular opportunities for white-label websites are porn tube sites, adult webcam sites, dating sites, and even white-label sex toy shops. You can buy your site through popular channels like White Label Dating, Dating Factory, Live Jasmin, and Chaturbates affiliate program

These offer you the chance to buy and rebrand an existing site through pre-established networks without worrying about maintenance, hosting, development, and content. They allow you to offer niche content or products without investing in costly web designers or manufacturing products yourself. You simply choose what you want, and the third party will arrange for your branding and logo to be put on it, saving you time, money, and the need to hire in-house; this is beneficial if you are at the beginning of your journey into the adult industry.  

Benefits of White-Label Adult Websites

So why should you start a white-label adult website? There are numerous benefits to doing so, such as: 

Saves Time and Money: Since you don’t need to start from scratch and use pre-made website solutions via a network or website provider, you can set up your website and go quickly. They also require no set-up and maintenance costs. 

Expands Your Product Offering: No matter if you are looking to offer multiple niche porn sites or want to add to your portfolio, a white-label site allows you to expand your current offering. For example, suppose you already own a porn site. In that case, you can buy a white-label site that specializes in specific types of content (such as gay or lesbian, trans, or even blowjobs) and offer this as an additional product offering.

Professional Support: By working with professional companies in the adult space, you gain access to professional support as you set up and maintain your new white-label website without hiring in-house developers. 


Setting up a white-label site is far easier than creating your own site from scratch. The basic idea behind creating a white-label adult website is to use the same infrastructure and services as your favorite cam, dating, or affiliate site and rebrand it in your own way. 

White-label adult websites offer you a quick solution to start your journey into the adult industry; whether it’s a porn site, affiliate program, or dating site, you can quickly buy a white-label site, slap on your logo, and get started. 

If you want to buy your next adult website, Adult Site Broker is here to help; check out our listings page and contact us today. 

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