Why Are Affiliate Programs Beneficial for Adult Websites?

When it comes to monetizing your adult website, creating an affiliate program is a great way to do so. It allows independent affiliates to earn commission as they promote your website, product, or services. It also has the bonus of driving traffic to your website and earning you sales. 

To help you create an affiliate program that works for you and your business, Adult Site Broker will walk you through the best affiliate programs in the adult industry and outline the best practices for you and your website to help you get the most out of this popular monetization strategy. 

What is an Adult Affiliate Program? 

We have previously discussed some of the best affiliate programs in the adult industry. To recap, affiliate marketing is the process where website publishers, such as webmasters, content creators, or influencers, earn a commission by promoting a product or service for a brand.

The affiliate earns a commission for each sale or lead they generate for the business, tracked through unique affiliate links or codes. It’s become a popular way for companies in the adult industry, including dating sites, cam sites, fetish sites, OnlyFans models, and sex toy sites, to expand their reach and for individuals to earn income a passive and scalable income online by promoting products or services they believe in.  

Why are they Beneficial for Adult Websites? 

Offering an affiliate program on your adult website provides a host of benefits, including low setup costs, the ability to drive traffic to your website, and the ability to generate sales through trust as people buy through their favorite influencers or content creators’ affiliate links. This helps build your adult website’s reputation and provides reliable ROI tracking.  

Best Practices for Adult Website Affiliate Programs

To help get you started, we have set out some best practices for our adult affiliate program below: 

Stay Up-to-date on the Latest Software: Ensure you are up-to-date on the latest trends and newest tools to help your affiliates succeed. 

Commission Rates: Your commission rates attract affiliates. Look at what the rest of the industry offers (usually between 5% and 20% per sale) and select a commission rate to attract the most affiliates. Paysites pay 50% and more.

Terms and Conditions: Ensure your affiliate program terms and conditions are clearly stated and work for you. 

Choose the Right Affiliates: Because of the niche area of adult affiliate marketing, you want to choose affiliates that suit your brand and business needs. Such as working with sex-positive influencers for sex toys or dating sites and bloggers or OnlyFans models to promote your porn tube sites 

Invest Time in Onboarding: The best way to get the most out of your affiliate program is to invest time onboarding your new affiliates. Such as ensuring they have access to their affiliate link, access to the affiliate platform, and the right software and marketing tools to succeed.   

Maintain Open Communication: Even after they have been onboarded, having an open line of communication allows the affiliate program to run smoothly. 

Share Analytics: To help your affiliates be successful, share detailed analytics on what products are selling, their click-through rates, impression rates, sales, and total revenue they have earned. This allows them to optimize their content to better promote you and your adult website. A good affiliate platform should do this for you.

Incentivize Beyond Commission: From referral programs to friendly competitions and leaderboards where affiliates can earn prizes for most monthly sales, offering your affiliates more ways to monetize beyond commission can be a great way to incentivize them to promote your products. 

Automate: Automated payouts set on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly option, automated tracking for affiliate links and coupons, and intelligent affiliate rules can be a great way to automate your affiliate program so you can focus on other areas of your marketing and adult website. 

Best Adult Affiliate Programs in 2024 


CrakRevenue is a huge CPA network featuring CBD, casino, dating, OnlyFans models, adult gaming, and cam site affiliate programs. The site is popular with affiliates and advertisers, offering high-paying offers and paying out more than $40 million annually in affiliate commissions. 


CPAMatica is a Ukraine-based CPA affiliate network with a strong presence among adult affiliate networks. It caters to adult dating sites and their advertisers. It offers a robust affiliate program where affiliates can earn weekly payments of $50 and more with over 300+ advertisers and 1000+ live offers for them to pick from. 

Golden Goose

Golden Goose is an adult affiliate network that focuses on offers for mobile traffic. Specifically, MVAS (Mobile Value-Added Services) offers. This includes adult services like dating apps, adult mobile games, and adult subscription services. Golden Goose serves more than 500 direct advertisers and provides for more than 50 regions, making their adult affiliate program almost global in scope. 


Exoclick is a massive adult affiliate network that serves billions of daily ads. The network has developed long-term relationships with some of the biggest global dating sites. The current commission rate is 5%, and affiliates can receive weekly payments starting at $20 via credit card/direct debit transfer, bank transfer, wire transfer, and Paxum from their sales. 


Adsterra is a global ad network with a reach of 30 billion ad impressions per month worldwide and a robust affiliate program for dating sites, cam sites, and adult pay sites. The network has more than 200 exclusive offers, many in the adult niche, and offers a commission rate of 10%. They offer payments every two weeks for wire transfers, Paypal, and Paxum. 


Awempire is an affiliate marketing network that works primarily with cam sites. In addition to some smaller sub-niche sites. It is the exclusive partner of LiveJasmin. They offer an excellent way for affiliates to earn money, with a scaling pay-per-sale rate that rewards affiliates up to $300 for each signup. Their revenue-sharing options start at 35% and can grow to over 50%.

ASB Cash

If you know anyone looking to buy or sell their adult websites, the ASB Cash Affiliate Program is a great way to recommend Adult Site Brokers’ services and earn a lucrative 20% broker commission. 


Creating an affiliate program is a great way to monetize your adult website in 2024; with the rise of social media and influencers, it has become a popular strategy to help market, drive traffic, and even earn you sign-ups and sales. 

Taking time to onboard your affiliates and choose ones that suit your industry needs, offering them lucrative commissions, and even offering incentives beyond commission can go a long way toward ensuring your affiliate program works for you. 

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