Buying Membership Sites: Our Process

Do you have aspirations to buy a profitable adult membership site? You’re in the right place. Adult Site Broker’s team of industry-leading brokers can assist you with buying an adult membership site through our proven process to deliver fully-vetted properties with proven profit making processes. 

In this blog post, the experienced and dedicated Adult Site Broker team will discuss the process for buying an adult membership website or network of membership sites. Our listings can be found here.

What is a Membership Site?

Let’s start with some of the basics for you newbies looking to buy an adult membership website.

First off: What is a membership site? Adult membership websites are platforms that require paid memberships to view premium content. In adult entertainment, these types of sites have been proven to be highly lucrative online businesses that can be automated to facilitate a steady stream of recurring revenue from adult content. Some of the best membership sites can also be considered premium platforms. But, as long as membership subscriptions are required to access premium content or other “member-only” benefits, these sites serve as a member format. They are also known in the industry as “paysites.” There are also classifications of membership websites that cross over with premium social media sites and more dedicated fan sites, just like LoyalFans, OnlyFans, JustFor.Fans or Fansly.

Our brokerage can help you purchase profitable membership websites from our global network of respected sellers. In just a few steps, Adult Site Broker will provide you with purchasing support and the necessary tools to close purchases in a timely, cost-effective manner successfully.

Buying A Membership Site

Our team at Adult Site Broker tries to streamline and simplify buying a membership website. If you initiate contact by filling in our online form, we ask that you commit to collaborating with us and be clear about what solutions you require and how you intend to achieve them. Through this process, we will communicate with you the characteristics and profile of the property you’re interested in buying. We ask our sellers to provide us with all the necessary information to help us reach the best valuation so that we can offer a transparent and reasonable price for you and deliver a strong ROI for our sellers. We do not wish to waste your time, ours, or our sellers. Given this fact,  it is now necessary to remind you that we only handle serious inquiries submitted by our potential sellers as well as buyers.

Buyer’s Brokerage Services

Adult Site Broker can also serve as a buyer’s broker if you are looking for an adult membership site that we don’t have listed. In a website transaction, a buyer’s broker represents the buyer’s interests in the process of purchasing a website – especially if the property is worth a significant amount. As is the case with a real estate transaction, the buyer’s broker owes a fiduciary duty to the buyer and is obligated to act in the buyer’s best interests at all times. The buyer’s website broker can help the buyer identify potential websites to purchase and conduct market research on particular websites.

Knowing What to Buy and Identifying Purchase Information

Another component of buying a membership website is conducting the proper amount of research. There are several characteristics and factors needed to identify the best possible information on the listing or membership site that you wish to purchase through our buyer’s brokerage services. 

Check The Domain History, Age, & Authority

First, you should look at the domain’s metrics, such as its history, age, authority, and backlinks. It’s the easiest way to establish an adult site’s credibility and viability. This information provides better context to help you rule out some sites before reading the longer description. There are platforms and services that provide valuable information about the domain, such as when it was registered, ownership details, and contact information. Other platforms include domain ratings, and the stronger and more authoritative a site is, the better this information contributes to the actual cost.

Confirm Revenues

When purchasing an adult website, confirming that the property is solvent and suitable for revenue generation is crucial. Most types of adult sites, especially membership sites, bring in multiple revenue streams. Sites with reliable revenue streams, profitability, and solvency are worth more than sites that don’t. That’s just common sense. Adult membership sites can generate revenue through a wide variety of formats, including affiliate marketing, advertising, revenue sharing, and original content. Membership and subscription fees are also a part of that revenue when dealing with this site type. 

From the Seller’s End

Though this is a blog post about buying, we wish to remind you about our process from the seller’s point of view. We market the property you’re selling to people we think might be interested. When a seller initiates the selling process, we accommodate every condition and business factor to allow for a successful sale. We charge commissions on our listings. However, for us to finally get paid, the transaction must go through a secure escrow to ensure that your funds clear and that the seller receives their revenue. Once a sale is initiated by you with an accepted offer, escrow should begin.

Our Escrow Process

Greenberg & Lieberman administers the escrow process for Adult Site Broker. They specialize in all aspects of intellectual property law and commercial tort litigation. Greenberg & Lieberman has a long and successful legacy in domain name continuity and nearly two decades of legal services, including attorney-administered escrow for domain names and assets. According to Greenberg & Lieberman, internet and domain attorney escrow, as the primary process of conventional escrow, “involves depositing money or assets in the control of a licensed independent third party to protect both buyer and seller in a domain or website transaction.” The transaction is completed when all purchase parties confirm all terms of the escrow agreement have been met, and then the money is fully released to complete the transaction. Once the transaction is completed, everyone is happy.

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