Most Popular Straight Niches

Porn is dynamic. A vast industry, it touches upon various content types, genres, and niches. Adult Site Broker has been researching the best content niches in the adult entertainment industry. In this new blog post, Adult Site Broker looks at the most popular straight niches based on recent reports and adult entertainment industry trends. Everything listed here is based on data.

Genres, Categories, and Niches: What Are the Differences?

For this analysis, we do find it necessary to define the difference between genres, categories, and niches. A genre is a broad category of artistic expression characterized by a particular style, form, or subject matter. Examples of genres also include horror, romance, science fiction, and mystery. A category, on the other hand, is a subdivision of a genre that helps to further classify and organize works within that genre. For example, within the romance genre, you might have some categories like historical romance, contemporary romance, or paranormal romance. From there, a niche is a subset of a more narrowly focused category targeted toward a specific audience or interest group. 

Porn Niches

Niche markets are often smaller and more specialized than broader categories and may cater to a specific demographic or interest group. Considering this information, niches in pornography can be considered anything. If you can name it, there is probably a porn niche and category related to it. This means that a porn user is likely jacking off to those types of niches somewhere on the internet. That considered, you can classify a niche in porn by all sorts of parameters. These include fetish based niches, which Adult Site Broker has discussed on our blog before, age preferences, and sexual orientation preferences. The information we’re discussing in this blog post are straight niches.

AEBN Trends

AEBN Trends found that the most searched-for terms in states for November and December 2022 were fetish-tied. Arizona users searched “lesbian dominatrix,” New Hampshire users were kinkier with “CBT” (cock and ball torture), and users in South Carolina were into “bound gangbangs.” Search term trends for the fourth quarter of 2022, also published by AEBN Trends, found that there is also growing interest in Taboo content in the straight orientation. Voyeurism is also climbing. The same AEBN Trends data indicates domination and submission-related terms gaining in the straight orientation. 

Taboo Porn

Taboo porn is one of the most popular straight categories currently. From “fauxcest” to step-family porn, the concept of taboo porn is to appeal to the dirtiest fantasies in a fun, safe, and exciting way. That is the whole reason for this type of pornography. With regards to the search term “fauxcest,” is a term used to describe incest or familial (step-family included) fantasies. In 2014, Pornhub Insights reported that they saw a whopping 94 percent increase in the search term volumes for “stepmom.” Additionally, there was also a climb of “stepsister” searchers by 132 percent for this exact analysis.

‘Step-Family’ Porn

Step-family-themed pornography is extremely popular. For example, Family Strokes is an imprint for Team Skeet. FamilyStrokes is an imprint that covers the “dynamics and day-to-day life” of a very horny blended family that includes stepmoms, stepdads, step-sisters, and step-brothers in many scenarios. “At Family Strokes we capture all those taboo moments that you fantasize about,” reads the imprint’s Pornhub profile. Family Strokes has over 1.8 billion total views on its Pornhub account.


MILF, or a “mom I’d like to fuck,” is one of the most popular niches in the straight orientation. This is a popular term because it coincides with various other niches that intersect. For example, analysis of content tied to the search term MILF on the tube site xHamster shows the search term, and tag is used to identify and describe professional and amateur content with performers of varying ages, gender identification, fetish, and other subject matter. MILF itself could be considered as its very own category with its own subset of niches, as we described above. Again, for example, consider a search term like “goth MILF” or “inked MILF.” These search terms could be used to describe a MILF performer who happens to also identify in the alt-porn category and reflects that visual aesthetic. 

Straight People Watching Transgender Porn

One of the fastest-growing categories and subsets of niches in porn is trans porn. Porn users who mainly consume straight-orientation pornography rapidly view trans pornography for many various reasons. According to Pornhub Insights for 2022, trans porn streaming and search volumes scaled by a whopping 75 percent. The term became the 7th most popular category around the world and 3rd most popular in the United States market. Search terms such as “FTM” and “MTF” have grown too. Additionally, men who identify under the straight orientation were more likely to view trans content than women by about 22 percent. Female users with a straight orientation also viewed trans-male content 115 percent more than men. Other search terms which include gender identities that cover terms that include “nonbinary,” “gender x,” and “androgynous,” are other descriptions.


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