How Regular News Corporations Are Getting Extra Cash From the Online Adult Industry

Several media companies engage in promoted content for adult entertainment companies, just like verticals in the adult dating industry, sex toys e-commerce, and even porn sites. Speaking broadly, the general concept of promoted content, also known as sponsored content or native advertising, is a form of advertising that appears within the editorial content of a news organization’s website or publication. This type of content is designed to look and feel like the surrounding editorial content but is created and paid for by a third-party advertiser. News and media organizations typically offer promoted content as a way for advertisers to reach their audience in a more engaging and relevant way. 

Advertisers work with the news organizations’ advertising or marketing teams to create content that aligns with the news organizations’ editorial style and audience. This type of promoted content is usually labeled as “sponsored” or “promoted” to distinguish it from editorial content and to make it clear to readers that an advertiser pays for it. The labeling can vary between news organizations, but it is typically placed prominently within the content to ensure readers are aware of the nature of the content. In this blog post, Adult Site Broker will briefly discuss how sponsored content can benefit your business, using examples and brief case studies of known brands using this strategy.

Keywords and Promoted Content

Keywords can effectively establish promoted content and help increase its visibility and reach the right audience. Keywords are important in this type of content because they further identify the subject matter’s scope. Any search engine optimization platform has a keyword research tool to help specify competitive keywords with high volumes and the ranking of certain listings on the search engine results. Using an SEO platform (e.g., SEM Rush or Moz), you can research the best results for products (sex dolls, vibrators, etc.), dating niches, porn sites, cam sites, membership sites, adult video games, and other apps. Just like typical search engine strategy, this approach for content contributes to backlinking and link building to contribute to domain authority for your site.

Forbes Health Case Study

Let’s consider a brief case study. Imagine having a keyword or key phrase: “best online dating sites.” A cursory Google search of this key phrase lists the web pages from high authority sites that include Forbes, CNET, Chicago Reader, Miami Herald, and SFGate. For example, the Forbes Health listing has an excellent assortment of promoted content. They have listed properties for niches and algorithms. The listings include eHarmony, Elite Singles, Christian Singles, OkCupid, Match, and Black People Meet. All are sorted by several “best of 2023” categories, including “best matching algorithm,” “best niche,” “best well-established,” “best for Christian faith-based dating,” and several other classifications. It is a clear depiction of what promoted content can do and the Forbes Health example provides other characteristics. Companies pay publications and websites to be “reviewed” and “rated” through this promoted content, allowing product reviewers masquerading as journalists or columnists to lend credibility to the findings. For instance, the reviewers use some sort of methodology or criteria to rate the best options. This is pretty standard across most industries. The New York Times does this through its Wirecutter imprint by ranking the best smart televisions, laptops, and other consumer products. Wirecutter reviews products “independently,” but their work is simple, promoted content with an authoritative tinge. Now, let us consider an example specific to the online porn industry.

Chicago Reader Case Study

Another case study to consider is promoted content published by Chicago Reader. The Reader is an alternative newsweekly that is published in the greater Chicago area in the United States. A promo sponsored post on the official Chicago Reader news website is entitled “Best Premium Porn Sites: Top 50 Paid Porn Sites of 2023.” A disclaimer indicates that its advertiser content “this content was commissioned and paid” and that the “news and editorial staff of Chicago Reader had no role in the creation or production of this story.” This webpage is derived from a cursory Google search with the key phrase “best premium porn sites.” Each listed site includes some of the most popular paid pornography websites, including Brazzers, Reality Kings, Mofos, Pure Taboo, Evil Angel, and Babes.

Non-News Sponsored Posts on Niche and Specialty Blogs

Other non-news sponsored posts exist too. A sponsored post on a general digital marketing blog or a niche digital strategy website can further augment and promote products or services. Based on this, there are several blogs in the adult entertainment space and mainstream that case study and consider the lessons learned from various adult entertainment-related brands and sites. In the adult industry, particularly, there are blogs like Webcam Startup. Webcam Startup is a leading site that provides thought leadership and tips for newbies to webcamming and adult content creation. 

The site owners permit advertising and sponsored posts that serve as a funding source for their top notch affiliate marketing strategy. Webcam Startup isn’t a news organization; it provides companies with high-quality content and authority when conducting search engine optimization audits and running backlink audits. As is the case with mainstream sponsored content providers, the goal is to drive traffic to the sponsor’s website and increase brand awareness. Using specialty blogs can help you specialize the content and eventually reach a more specific audience – especially if there is a business-to-business component to the content that is being sponsored by many other platforms.

Backlinking and SEO Strategy

Sponsored blog posts can potentially help a backlinking and SEO strategy by providing a way to acquire backlinks from high-quality websites in your industry or niche. Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are links from other websites to your website. Search engines consider backlinks to be an important factor in determining the relevance and authority of a website. When you sponsor a blog post, you are essentially paying a website or blogger to create content that promotes your brand or product and includes a link back to your website. This link can potentially help improve your website’s search engine rankings by signaling to search engines that your website is relevant and authoritative in your industry or niche. However, it is important to note that not all sponsored blog posts are created equal, and search engines are constantly updating their search algorithms to detect and penalize low-quality or spammy link-building tactics. We have experience with this.

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