How to Create a Site Like OnlyFans

As an adult website owner, being able to offer something new that draws in users is crucial to success if you want to tap into the lucrative adult industry. As the creator economy grows within this space, tapping into the current trends of subscription-based websites like OnlyFans, where you give creators a chance to take charge of their earnings and earn a hefty commission off each content creator, and with the growing popularity of adult content creators on OnlyFans, why not look at how to create your own OnlyFans alternative? 

In this article, Adult Site Broker is here to show you how to create a site like OnlyFans. 

Understanding The Landscape  

OnlyFans and its competitors work on a subscription-based business model that allows content creators to sell their content for a recurring subscription fee, with the website earning a commission off of each payment. This provides a direct source of income for creators, allowing them to take control of their financial decisions, set their hours, and create content that matches theirs and their fans’ interests. This makes them feel empowered and have a sense of ownership over their content.  

It has also reshaped the relationships between fans and adult creators by allowing fans to subscribe directly to their favorite creators. It feels like they are supporting them and can engage with them directly, allowing creators to foster strong bonds of appreciation and loyalty between them and their fans and strengthening their brand and influence. 

Finally, it is essential to understand that setting up an adult content platform website like OnlyFans comes with its own challenges, including challenges around consent, exploitation, harassment, and uploading stolen images and videos to third-party websites like Pornhub. To counteract this, researching and implementing strong anti-theft and anti-harassment policies is key to protecting your creators.  

Also, as your new website will be focused on adult content, it is essential to recognize the financial challenges of working with payment processors; over the years, sites like OnlyFans have faced pressure from financial institutions to curb the amount of explicit content on the website which has led to payment processors refusing to work with them and even blocking and canceling the bank accounts of adult creators. 

Other challenges you may face are the current market saturation of new OnlyFans alternative sites, with sites like FeetFinder, Manyvids, and Fansly offering lucrative opportunities for creators to earn big outside OnlyFans. 

However, despite these challenges, the current landscape of the adult creator industry offers many lucrative opportunities for newcomers to create an OnlyFans alternative and generate a profit. So, when making a site like OnlyFans, where do you begin? 

How To Create a Site Like OnlyFans 

Market Research

Target Audience

Researching and identifying your target audience will help you craft a website like OnlyFans that appeals to their interests. Consider their age, location, and even interests. You should do this for the types of creators and subscribers you want to attract to your site.

Identifying Your Niche

Along with researching your target audience, identifying your niche in the current market is key to success. For example, you could create a platform that focuses on only adult content, focuses on a specific fetish, BDSM, or even on a specific body part, such as FeetFinder, or create a platform that caters to a diverse range of interests, like arts, cooking, gaming, etc.  

Unique Selling Point 

Identify the unique selling point that will set you apart from OnlyFans and other competitors. Some things to consider could be: 

Commission rate: Will you have a lower commission rate than the industry standard of 20%? 

Content: What types of adult content will you allow on your platform? Can people upload hardcore BDSM content, or is it focused on specific fetishes or body parts?  

Content formats: Will you allow creators to offer different subscription models or upload a wider content offering, such as audio clips and video calls alongside images and videos.

Place in the market: Do you come from a background in sex work or sex tech that you can showcase to set you apart from your competitors? 

Support: What types of support will you offer content creators? A good example of this is offering mental health support and access to counseling services.

Payment options: OnlyFans currently doesn’t allow creators to get paid in Bitcoin. Is this something your website will offer? 

Website Planning And Design

Choosing The Right Website Host And Domain Name

Choosing the right website host for your OnlyFans alternative website requires careful consideration. Some things to consider when choosing the right web host for your OnlyFans website are: does it allow adult content? 

When choosing a domain name, you want one that is easy to remember to avoid capital letters or numbers. You also need to think about what type of domain extension you want. Sites with generic domains, such as sites that end in .com, tend to be the most popular because of their recognition, offering your OnlyFans alternative website credibility. However, niche-specific domain extensions like .webcam or .tube can help with your keywords and SEO ranking. 

Website Features and Functionality

As you plan your website design, you must decide what key features you want your website to have for users, creators, and admins. By thinking this through, you can ensure your website provides creators and subscribers a seamless and engaging experience.

Some of the key features to consider are: 

User Key Features: User registration, profile settings, browsing feeds and posts, payment history, and orders, subscription management, search and filter functions, access to videos/images/livestreams, tip buttons, reporting problems, viewing creators pages, subscription buttons, and access to PPV content once bought. 

Creator Key Features: Exclusive content uploading, message/chat features, user dashboard, report problems, a block button, earnings, video management, content history and storage, earnings, and payout requests. 

Admin Features: System settings, manage payout requests, payment history, subscription requests, manage creators, manage galleries. 

Other important considerations are content categorization, messaging systems, and user interactions.

Designing The Websites Layout 

You want to ensure your website design is intuitive for your users and aligns with your brand identity. Things to consider are buttons, typography, color scheme, logo, and imagery you will use. This will create an immersive experience for your users without overwhelming them or making navigating difficult. 

Monetization Strategies 

Offering different streams for creators to monetize their content is what drives them to sites like yours and OnlyFans. Some of the most popular monetization strategies that you can offer are:  

Subscriptions: This is where fans can subscribe to pay a fixed monthly fee to access creators content. OnlyFans offers only one subscription tier to creators; however, to offer something new to creators, you could offer subscription tiers, allowing them to offer different price points that fans can pay to access different content, such as bronze, silver, or gold packages.  

PPV’s: Pay-per-view content allows creators to sell one-off content behind a paywall, from image bundles to more risque videos. 

Live Streams: This is where content creators can host exclusive video streams that their fans can log into to chat directly with and watch their favorite creator in real time and send them tips.

Tips: Besides allowing creators to make money from their content, will you also have a built-in tip option? This will enable fans to tip their favorite creators for their stories, live streams, and exclusive offerings like sexting. 

E-commerce store: Besides selling their content, will you allow your creators to sell personal objects or physical products? This could be anything from branded shirts to used underwear. 

Website Development 

Choosing a Developer 

Your developer will build and maintain your website, overseeing the technical aspects and ensuring that it is built with efficiency, scalability, and security in mind. They are usually in charge of the website’s look and feel and overseeing technical features such as performance and capacity so that it runs smoothly. Depending on your needs and financial situation, you may choose to work with a website agency or hire an in-house team. 

Developing Website Functionalities and Features 

Your website developer should start by focusing on the core functionalities of your new OnlyFans alternative website, including:

UI/Navigation: is it easy for fans and creators to sign up and navigate the site?

Easy to upload content: As content is the main focus of your website, a straightforward process to upload content is needed. 

Messaging systems: Having a messaging system that works and allows creators to message multiple persons at once, store messages in an inbox, and attach files and documents is crucial to helping creators connect directly with their fans. 

User Authentication/age verification: As you primarily focus on adult content, having built-in age verification or user authentication processes is necessary, and having them upload their IDs to verify their identity is a great way to do so. You need to prove that each of your content creators and fans is over 18 and that the bank details they provide are theirs. 

Integrating Payment Gateways and Security Measures: Implementing secure payment gateways to facilitate safe transactions on your website is crucial. Enabling a range of payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and even cryptocurrency, ensures that subscribers from different regions and backgrounds can engage with the platform without hindrance. In addition, security measures to protect users’ data are a top priority and will help you create a trustworthy environment. 

Security and Privacy

Implementing robust data protection and privacy features is key to building trust and gaining new users for your website. Ensuring you have built-in, encrypted payment methods that offer secure and fast payments will build confidence in your users. In addition, prioritizing user privacy and data protection is crucial to building trust. Creating robust and transparent privacy policies and stringent data protection measures ensures that user’s personal information is safeguarded. 

User Experience 

Your user experience is everything as an OnlyFans alternative. From easy sign-ups and content-uploading processes to chatting options between fans and creators, it all goes a long way to building a seamless user experience that will keep them returning for more. 

One way to do this is to consider how your new website can be used across desktop, mobile, and tablet and even see if you can create an Android—and iOS-compatible app for easy access. You should also ensure that your website offers ways for users to provide feedback to help you update the website and allow users to feel a sense of ownership in the platform, encouraging them to keep using it. 

Finally, straightforward Terms of Service set user expectations for content moderation, including the type of content they can upload, the process if their content is stolen, and the protections for content creators if fans are pushy or disrespectful in comments and messages. 

Pre-Launch Testing 

Before you launch your new website, you must test it to ensure it works. Have beta testers use the site before launch to help you identify bugs and navigation issues and give feedback on performance. This allows you to optimize the site so it works smoothly before launch. 

Promoting Your New Site

As you prepare to launch your OnlyFans website, a strong marketing strategy is crucial to success. You want to attract creators and fans alike and get them to sign up from the start. 

A strong social media strategy is a great way to drum up interest before the site goes live, ensuring creators and fans are ready to subscribe. You can do this through paid ads to drive traffic to your website across social media and even other adult sites, infographics and education content on social media and in the form of blogs, and collaborations with successful adult content creators and popular adult brands.  

Maintaining your website after launch

After you launch your website, you want to monitor your performance and analytics – this will help you identify key audiences from which your users are coming and user behavior to see if they are signing up and engaging with your content. You can then use these data-driven insights to enhance performance and improve the website experience for your users. 

As your website becomes more popular and grows, you also want to ensure that it remains engaging. Updating content, implementing new features, and using user feedback to address any bugs or concerns are key to adapting and maintaining your website to meet users’ needs. 

Legal Considerations

You need to comply with adult entertainment laws through thorough research, updating your terms of service policies, and telling users what types of content you allow and don’t allow. Having stringent age verification and restricted content age verification processes as a website that handles adult content is also essential to ensuring compliance with legal requirements and preventing minors from accessing inappropriate material.

In addition, upholding IP and copyright laws is necessary to build trust with your users, such as offering support with DMCA take-down notices.

How To Create Your Site Using OnlyFans Clone Sites 

Using a clone site as a template may be a good option for a straightforward approach to setting up your new alternative OnlyFans website. Below, we have listed the top three OnlyFans cloning sites to help you get started. 


xFans by is a ready-made software that allows you to set up your OnlyFans rival. xFans offers multiple monetization methods like subscriptions, live streaming, PPV, and more, allowing creators to scale their revenue while you get a consistent commission out of the earnings on autopilot.

Scrile Connect

Scrile Connect is a company that helps you to build your platform. It’s targeted both at individual content creators who want their own site just for them and anyone looking to create the next OnlyFans.  


xModel is a ready-to-use fansite script that allows models/creators to build their own websites and make money with their content on the go. With power-packed features and multiple monetization methods, creators can leverage their fan base and skyrocket their income. xModel is easy to use and powerful and is your ultimate revenue kickstarter. 


As the creator economy booms, especially within the adult industry, offering new opportunities for adult content creators to monetize their images, videos, audio clips, and even sexting skills can be a lucrative investment as an adult website owner. 

Like with any adult website, success depends on choosing the right navigation and layout, hosting the site, and following the laws of the countries where you operate. However, if you want to buy an adult website already set up and ready to earn you revenue, Adult Site Broker is here to help. Check out our listings page and get in touch today. 

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