Which Countries Have The Best Adult Entertainment Industry?

In 2024, it cannot be denied that the global porn industry is booming, with 50% of people choosing online porn as their preferred form of adult entertainment to consume, compared to sexting sites, visiting cam sites, and playing online sex-themed games. 

On Pornhub alone, their top 20 countries generated over 79.3% of their daily traffic. And by 2032, the global porn industry as a whole is expected to be worth $97 billion. But who are the key players in this growth? 

Adult Site Broker will explore which countries have the best adult entertainment industry in this article. To get the whole picture, we have chosen to focus on the countries that host and produce the most porn across the globe. 


With the two biggest adult entertainment conglomerates, Gamma Entertainment (Evil Angel, Rocco Siffredi, and Wicked.com) and Aylo (Pornhub, Digital Playground, and Brazzers) based in Canada, the country is one of the major players within the adult entertainment industry, dominating the digital porn landscape with Gamma Entertainment and Aylo generating $335.5 million in revenue between them a year. With their list of acquired sites and even porn television channels worldwide, such as US-based BangBros and UK-based TVX 40+, they have monopolized the adult entertainment market.   

The global popularity of sites like Pornhub, which receives 10.83 billion site visits a month, has mainly been fostered by their easy accessibility via thousands of free porn clips and their ability to offer a diverse range of clips, including hentai, amateur, and lesbian, appealing to a global audience and trends within the porn industry. 

United States

On the other hand, the US is one of the largest producers of porn; in fact, it is where 60% of all porn is produced, with the majority originating from California, generating a revenue of $12-14 million a year. The country is home to some of the most popular porn production companies operating across their states, including LA-based Vivid Entertainment, California-based Naughty America, and the popular site Adam&Eve. Although multiple genres are available, from home-made amateur porn to highly-glamourize porn using some of the biggest names in the porn industry, the US porn industry’s most popular types of porn to come out of the country feature mainly heterosexual and gay scenes, with interracial couples and ethnic and BDSM content following after. 

As well as being the biggest producers, they are also the biggest consumers of adult entertainment worldwide, with over 40 million users regularly searching for porn. In their latest stats, Pornhub has found that consumers of porn in America typically search for Lesbian, Ebony, and Japanese porn the most, with hentai being the most searched term worldwide. However, this changes when taken on a state-by-state case, with Mormon porn being more favored in areas like Utah, where there is a heavy Mormon population, and Nudist porn being popular in the liberal state of Oregon. 


Germany produces the third most amount of porn worldwide, generating 4.90% of the annual production and a revenue of $1834 Million. Unlike the US and UK, where the main genres are heterosexual and gay in highly-glamourize shoots, Germany is more famous for producing ‘home-made’ style videos that focus on more hardcore fetishes like bukkake, urination, and gangbangs, with their most popular series being the ‘German Goo Girls’ from John Thompson Productions

The Netherlands

As a producer, the Netherlands is a key player in the adult entertainment industry, with 26% of all adult websites being hosted within the country, generating a revenue of $600 million and a growing popularity for independent, amateur content platforms that cater to more specific tastes than pornhub does. The top porn sites from the Netherlands include; NL, Poldertube, Ponozot and Vagina

Although it only ranks at 15 in the Pornhubs year in review for 2023, popular searches within the country were MiLF and Lesbian, with more specific searches like Pissing, Arab, and Indian more likely to come from this country as well. 

Czech Republic

With the adult entertainment conglomerate WGCZ, which owns BangBros, XVideos, and XNXX, the Czech Republic is one of the porn capitals of Eastern Europe. As well as WGCZ, the capital, Prague, is now also home to the European headquarters of other major players of the porn industry, including Prague Porn Productions, Bohem Productions, Legal Porno, CzechAV, and YourPorn Productions not to mention that the country has a thriving gay porn industry as well. 


Japan is estimated at $295 million annually and has a thriving adult entertainment industry. Although they have strict censorship laws that regulate that any depreciation of genitals must be pixelated out, Japan still has a thriving industry with hentai, bukkake, gokkun, omorashi, and tentacle erotica being popular genres, as well as the rise of VR porn films; the country has set itself apart from the Western world in terms of adult content, which has become popular worldwide as can be seen by hentai being the most searched-for term on Pornhub in 2023. 

United Kingdom

Next up is the UK, which produces 5.49% of porn across the globe and generates roughly $1 billion in revenue for the adult entertainment industry (this is a rough estimate from the last stats in 2006). Their most popular porn company is Eurocreme, which focuses on gay porn, usually featuring Twinks. 

From a consumer basis, the UK is still one of the top 5 countries that consumes porn, as found in the latest research by Pornhub. From their findings, in the UK, the most searched-for terms in 2023 on porn sites were British, British Mature, and British Dogging, with Lesbian and MiLF following closely behind. Interestingly, in 2023 Pornhub reported that there was a decline in the watching of porn during May when the King’s coronation took place, with people opting to tune in for that between the hours of 10 AM-12 PM instead of their usual porn-watching.    

Although it is one of the biggest consumers of porn worldwide, the UK has some strict laws about the types of content that can be consumed in the country; under Section 62 of the 2008 Criminal Justice & Immigration Act, acts that are considered obscene have been banned in the UK which was initially a broad term for snuff movies, bestiality and specific hardcore BDSM and fetish acts, However in 2019 the law was relaxed to mean that people couldn’t be prosecuted for owning and consuming BDSM and humiliation porn. 


As well as being ranked number two in the world for consuming porn by the pornhub 2023 report. The Philippines has a thriving adult entertainment industry. Although the country’s laws prohibit the consumption of hardcore porn, Philippines websites like Looted Pinay, PinayFlix, Kantotflix, and Katorsex have become popular for those looking for softcore porn, especially the popular genre of pinay porn. 


As can be seen, the USA and Canada monopolize the adult entertainment industry, with most sites owned by Canadian conglomerates Aylo and Gamma Entertainment. Their sites dominate the online porn space, generating the majority of the revenue from the industry. 

However, that doesn’t mean they are the only key players in the adult entertainment industry, with the Netherlands producing 26% of the global porn and the growing popularity of amateur, homemade, hardcore videos originating from Germany, as well as a thriving gay porn industry in the Czech Republic, the European market is also a significant player in the industries growth. Followed closely by Asia, with Japan and the Philippines having a thriving porn market that has become popular globally, with thousands searching for hentai and pinay porn on Pornhub. 

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