Partnerships and Mergers in the Adult Industry

As you run your adult website, you may seek new opportunities to scale up and grow within the industry or even enter new markets. To do this, you may seek outside help from businesses like yours by strategically entering a partnership or merging your two businesses. Both offer their own set of advantages, from innovation to shared responsibilities and finances. However, certain considerations should be taken before you jump into either to ensure that you earn a profit and have an exit strategy in place when it comes time to sell up. 

Adult Site Broker will investigate the differences between business partnerships and mergers and determine which is the best option for you.  

What is a Strategic Business Partnership?

A strategic business partnership is when two businesses jointly undertake projects. In the business world, without combining to become one new company, there are currently a few different types of business partnerships you may wish to undertake. 

You could enter a joint venture, where you and your business partner create a new entity together. Currently, there are three main ways this can happen:  

A general business partnership is one in which you and your business partner share equal financial and legal responsibilities of the business, with profits usually shared equally. 

A limited liability partnership (LLP). This arrangement limits partners’ liability so that, for example, if one partner is sued, the assets of other partners are not at risk. Legal and accounting firms usually arrange these, but others may also wish to use one. 

This is a good time for a disclaimer. We are not attorneys, and this should not constitute legal advice. Always consult your attorney on legal matters.

Or a limited partnership, where one person is a silent partner who does not take part in the day-to-day running of the business but is usually invested in it. 

On the other hand, you may create an alliance in which you collaborate closely but remain separate businesses, such as a porn website collaborating with a porn games website and only exclusively offering games from that site on their website. 

What is a Business Merger? 

A business merger is the voluntary fusion of two companies on broadly equal terms into one new legal entity. The firms that agree to merge are usually roughly equal in size, customers, and scale of operations. 

These are done to gain market share, reduce operational costs, expand to new territories, unite common products, grow revenues, and increase profits to benefit both companies, with shares distributed between both owners of the original businesses.  

Before you decide which is best for you, it is crucial to consider the advantages of both. 

Advantages Of Forming a Partnership Or Merging With Another Company In The Adult Industry

In the business world and the adult industry, there are many advantages to starting a business partnership or merger with another adult company. Some of the reasons we have listed below: 

Access To New Markets: Merging or partnering with another adult business can give you access to new international audiences. 

Access To New Technology: A brand can add a new dimension to its product or service offering by accessing a partner’s technology. 

Innovation: Merging or choosing to partner with another business can offer you new creative and innovative opportunities, such as bringing together talent, expertise, and even collaboration. 

Shared Responsibilities: Stating a strategic business partnership can help you mitigate risks and share financial responsibilities and also allow you to lighten the load of owning an adult business in the long run.

Financial Advantages: From sharing costs to additional capital, merging and entering a business partnership offers you more capital to invest in your business. A merger also benefits from cutting costs as you can make or buy in bulk products or materials.  

Larger Share of the Market: By merging your businesses, you can take up more space in the market, protecting you against competition and allowing you to offer better deals and attract more customers. 

Brand Awareness: Being linked to another well-known company can make more people aware of your brand. Each company can introduce its partner to its customers, expanding the reach of both brands.

More Business Opportunities: No matter if you have a porn website or a sex toy retailer, when you merge with another company, you have the opportunity to expand your service offering on your adult website. As part of a business partnership, you can work together to offer something that customers couldn’t get before, such as when phone companies work with app developers, offering their latest models with the app pre-installed. 

Spreading Out Risks: Merging can make a company safer financially. If the companies were in different types of business, the new company would be less affected if one market wasn’t doing well because it would have other sources of income.

Considerations when forming a partnership or merger 

However, before you jump into one, you must consider certain considerations before starting one. First and foremost, you must consider your and your potential mergers or business partner’s finances, as you want to avoid taking on any potential debts or liabilities. 

By merging with another adult business, you may find that prices rise due to reduced industry competition (as there are fewer adult companies) and a larger market share, as well as the costs of merging in the first place.  It is also worth considering who will ultimately be in charge, as in many cases, one owner tends to take over both companies. 

Mergers and the combination of operations, teams, systems, and processes can be time-consuming and complex. This can cause disruptions to business operations and potential redundancies as certain assets are no longer needed. 

As businesses come together, whether as a partnership or a merger, with differing cultures and visions, there is a greater chance for miscommunications and mismanagement. A lack of communication can also cause a breakdown between businesses, as promises are not fulfilled and expectations are not met. 

In addition, entering a business partnership could cause problems later on if you wish to sell your adult business and your partner doesn’t without a proper exit strategy. In a merger, consider the share ratio between you and your merging partner, which can also impact your opportunity to exit later. 

Other considerations when it comes to choosing a business partnership over a merger could include either side becoming too dependent on the other such as If one company relies too heavily on its partner, it can be in a tough spot if the partner runs into trouble, changes direction, or ends the partnership. This dependency can make the company vulnerable. On the other hand, it can also cause issues with the sharing of too much information; as businesses share resources, ideas, and information, there can be a concern with the accidental sharing of sensitive information and making sure neither side can use it against each other if the partnership doesn’t last.

In addition, forming a partnership usually involves signing agreements that outline each company’s role and share of the profits. However, if there are disagreements about money or responsibilities, solving these issues can require legal help, which can be expensive and time-consuming.  

Finally, as you merge or become a partnership, you will also have to consider your branding and marketing, as these will now need to reflect both of your companies as one. In some cases, many choose to rebrand entirely as a new brand; in others, they discard one of the companies’ branding and rely on the others. You must budget for your new logo, brochures, website, and social marketing. 

However, you can mitigate these potential disadvantages by ensuring that during the talking process, you make sure you share aligned values, ethos, and goals. Afterward, ensure that your partnership agreement easily sets expectations, communication strategy, and even an exit clause. It might also be worth trying a test run before entering a full agreement to ensure that you are both on the same page about what you want and to test if your adult businesses work well together. 


As you can see above, mergers and business partnerships offer a range of benefits for you and your adult company, from new ideas and innovations to cutting costs and entering new markets. However, both come with their own set of unique considerations that could make it tricky for you in the long run, including needing to make redundancies when it comes time to sell your business.

When you decide to enter a business partnership or merger, it is essential to choose the partner you wish to work with and iron out the goals and expectations before starting the process. 

When done correctly, both can benefit your adult company in the long run. However, it is crucial to choose the option that best reflects your business goals. 

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