Templates vs Custom Made: Which Is Best For Your Adult Website

When it comes to setting up your adult website, creating a functional website can be a time-consuming and expensive task. From buying a domain and choosing a host to designing the web pages and ensuring they are functional and easy to navigate, what options are currently available to you as an adult website owner? 

Depending on your skills with a website builder, creativity, and understanding of code, you may find that creating a website using a premade template offers you the opportunity to set up your adult website quickly, customize the content, and make quick changes to the website in the future as you scale up and start generating an income. However, working with a team to create a fully custom-built website allows you to tell your brand story and build a website that meets your needs from the get-go. 

We have previously discussed the benefits of using WordPress templates and themes for your website. Still, in today’s article, Adult Site Broker will be deep-diving into the difference between using a template and having a custom-built website for you and your business needs. Looking at the pros and cons of each and carefully answering the question, which is best for your adult website? 

What is an Adult Website Template?

As previously stated, a website template is a pre-designed layout encompassing a website’s overall structure, visual elements, and functional components. They have become popular for new business owners looking to set up quickly without breaking the bank or having website experience. Using website builders, these templates can be easily customized for your specific needs, including adding your colors, branding, and typography or adding and deleting pages as needed. These templates focus on setting out the look and feel of a site and require you to add the content and all the legal pages yourself. 

What is a Custom-Made Adult Website? 

Whether you’re a pro at coding or have decided to work with a freelance or agency website developer, a custom-made website may be an option. These websites use code to create niche, unique, tailored approaches for you and your business, including software integration and spending money on features you need. 

We must understand the critical differences before choosing the best for you and your business. The crucial difference is that, unlike a custom-made website, a template doesn’t use ‘proper’ code but a visual builder for speedy website creation. However, both options have their place for adult websites. 

Benefits of Adult Website Templates 

Some of the main reasons that people choose to use website templates for their new adult site include: 

  1. They offer you the chance to quickly make a website, a benefit if you are on a deadline
  2. They are not expensive, which can be beneficial if you are starting out and have a small budget 
  3. Can be integrated easily with third-party apps and plug-ins 
  4. You can find various adult industry-specific templates and themes to help get you started 

Cons of Adult Website Templates 

Although templates are great when starting your adult website, there are some specific cons you should acknowledge when choosing one:

  1. Changing a pre-existing template can be tricky, impacting the website’s UI and usability. 
  2. Security vulnerabilities are due to their pre-made nature, which hackers could exploit.
  3. You may find that the website looks boxy compared to your competitors, as the templates offer limited customization opportunities. 
  4. Some templates may not be mobile-friendly 
  5. May find a lack of maintenance and support from the template owners, which can lead to bugs and security vulnerabilities if not properly maintained 
  6. Add-ons or third-party integration may slow the website down 

Benefits of Custom-Made Adult Websites

Some of the benefits of investing in a custom-made adult website site include the following: 

  1. You can build it from scratch so it will meet your specific business needs and enhance your brand identity
  2. Creates a unique look and feel so you can quickly drive traffic and gain sales by standing out from the crowd and making a positive UI experience for visitors
  3. Better SEO potential 
  4. More flexibility and scalability as you grow, such as integrating features such as chatbots to match evolving consumer trends 
  5. Allows you to provide specific security features, making the site overall safe
  6. You can design your website to be mobile-friendly from the beginning  

Cons of Custom-Made Adult Websites

However, there are also specific cons to using a custom-made website. Such as: 

  1. It is time-consuming and expensive 
  2. If you work with freelancers, you need to outsource and collaborate with website designers, developers, and even digital marketing professionals, which can be costly. 
  3. Requires regular maintenance and updates to keep your website secure 

Which is Best for Your Adult Website 

Deciding if a custom website or a website template is best for your adult website requires you to determine the following: time, budget, flexibility, or scalability. A website template offers the low end of these options if you are looking for a website you can set up quickly and cost-effectively. 

However, if you need specific features, software, and a website that can quickly grow with you and your business needs, spending a little more money for a custom-made website may be the better option. 

To answer the question of which is best for your adult website, a template might be better for those just setting up, while a custom-made website could be excellent later on when you have a bigger budget to invest in your adult website. 


To wrap up, choosing to use a website template or work with a website designer to create a customized adult website depends on your needs, budget, and understanding of website design. Each option offers pros and cons, and knowing what they are is crucial for understanding which option suits your business needs. 

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