Which Online Adult Cam Sites Pay The Best?

Before OnlyFans, when you usually spoke of adult models, you were more than likely referring to live-cam models. These allowed users to log on to a website, choose a model, watch a private show, or talk to them for tips. 

Even now, many OnlyFans models are also using adult cam sites for additional revenue streams alongside making money off of their monthly subscriptions, images, and videos. But if you are going to join the world of the cam model, where should you start, and who are the best-paying sites? In this article, Adult Site Broker will explore which of the adult cam sites of 2024 are the best.   

What Is An Adult Cam Site?

So, what is an adult cam site? These are webcam sites where users can log on for free or for a specific fee (usually in the form of purchasing tokens which you then use to access the chatroom) to chat and watch models perform. 

As a live-cam model, depending on the cam site you have chosen to become a model with you can generate revenue via free chats – where users don’t have to pay a fee to enter but pay tips to show their gratitude. Private chats – where users have to pay a certain amount to enter the chatroom alongside any tips they may want to give. Or, VIP 1:1 chats. With many of the highest earners making between $4000-5000 a month.

For porn stars, models, and OnlyFans stars, these have become popular sites to chat with their fans directly and offer new experiences that fans can’t get on OnlyFans, such as live video calls, a girlfriend experience or a dominatrix session. But what factors determine how much you get paid as a cam girl? 

What Determines How Much Webcam Models Make? 

Like with any content creation, time, patience, and experience determine how much a webcam model makes, with some making $100 and others easily making $5000 a month and a lot more. Below, Adult Site Broker has looked at what can impact the amount a model can make. 

Experience: Like anything, the longer you do it, the better you become, and being a cam model is no different. As you gain experience and confidence, you will be able to learn how to subtly sell yourself and gain tips without having to ask outright. Also, the more experience you have, the more knowledge you will have on when to log on, what sites to use, and the types of content to offer. 

Hours spent: The more you spend on the cam sites, the more money you earn. As cam sites are based on a tipping method, the more shows you do (which can range anywhere from a few minutes to an hour) can help you to bring those well-earned tips in. Currently, many find as they start out, they make $50 a day for their shows, but as they become more consistent and spend more time on their chosen cam model site, they can build up a relationship with their viewers that can help them earn anywhere from $100-$700.   

Commission Rate: Another factor is the commission rate of the cam site you are using. These commission rates come out of your payouts so it is always important to factor these into your monthly earnings. Different sites offer different commission rates, with the majority being between 20-40%. 

Niche: Like with OnlyFans, offering content that caters to a specific niche is a great way to gain attention and get fans coming back for more. From BDSM and masturbation sessions to the popular girlfriend experience, check out what others are doing and see what you can offer as well. The more intense the audience you’re catering to, the higher you can set your rate. 

So, who are the best-paying cam sites in 2024? 

Best Paying Live Cam Sites of 2024 


Chaturbate receives the highest traffic (300,000,000+) of all current cam sites, offering a better chance of earning a high income. The platform gives camgirls 60% of their earnings, with the average model earning $7000 monthly.


XCams is a European-based cam site, so knowing how to speak a different language is a bonus, especially since most viewers come from the Netherlands. You can offer free chat, private chats, and even 1:1 VIP chats for viewers to watch and tip you for. Currently, for a cam model just starting out and doing 25 hours a week, it is estimated you can make up to $1514 a week. But this can change depending on different factors including; amount of hours you work, years you have been a cam model and even if you are a woman, man, trans and a couple. 


Jerkmate is one of the most popular live cam sites in 2024, offering a wide range of genres from BBW to trans and BDSM cam shows. It has become a popular cam site for watchers and models alike, hosting amateur adult content creators, professional cam models, and real-life pornstars. The site allows models to set their prices for specific activities such as removing clothes, exclusive shows and private chats per minuit. Currently, Jerkmate estimates that as a cam model you can expect to make anywhere between $500-$3000 per week. 


Another popular cam site is LiveJasmin, which offers a high traffic volume and excellent earning potential. The average LiveJasmin model makes around $3900 per month, keeping 80% of their earnings after LiveJasmin’s 20% commission cut.


BongaCams is one of the highest-paying cam sites in terms of revenue share. Unlike most other sites, models in BongaCams get to keep between 60% to 90% of their revenue. The platform receives traffic of over 300,000,000 every month, making it easy for models to earn.


Stripchat allows cam girls to keep 60% of their revenue, making Stripchat one of the highest-paying cam sites. What sets them apart from others is that models get to perform at two webcam sites simultaneously, helping models earn more than what they could on other sites. Currently, the average model makes $9000 per month on-site.


In conclusion, if you are looking for additional revenue alongside being an adult content creator, live cams can be a great extra source of income as an adult content creator. Offering the opportunity to make anywhere between $100-$10000+ a month depending on your chosen site, their commission, and even how many hours you put into it.  

If you’re looking to enter the world of webcam sites, talk to Adult Site Broker about buying an adult live cam website. 

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