SEO For Your Adult Website In 2024

The market for adult websites, from porn to sexting sites, has become a lucrative option for those looking for a new business venture. Knowing how to best market and drive traffic to your website is crucial to your success. But in a year when the adult industry is set to boom, how can you set yourself out from the crowd and beat market saturation and censorship of paid advertisements across social media channels and browsers? This is where a good SEO strategy comes in handy. 

We have previously covered SEO for Porn Sites, looking at key ways you can generate organic traffic to your website via clean fonts, sitemaps, and even interlinking your web pages. But as we enter a new year and the rules change, are there other SEO rules to know when owning an adult website? The answer is yes. In this article, Adult Site Broker will walk you through some more SEO tips and tricks for your adult website in 2024. 

What is SEO? 

For those who didn’t read our last article on SEO for porn sites, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice and process of acquiring paid or organic website traffic through the use of search engines like Google or Bing. In the adult industry, where porn sites and sex toy websites have to jump through hoops to have paid ads and boosted posts accepted by Google and social media channels, a good SEO strategy can go a long way in driving organic traffic to your website. 

This can include optimizing your website landing pages, visuals, embedded videos, meta-descriptions, and even links between pages and your backlinks from third-party sites to drive traffic to your adult website. When done right, it allows your adult website to appear on the first page (and hopefully in the top spots) when potential customers search for specific phrases on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. 

Your SEO ranking is beneficial to drive traffic to your website and can even help you to sell your adult website for a better price, as it shows you have good traffic to your site already, making it a more lucrative option for someone looking to buy a successful adult website. 

Keyword Analysis For Adult Websites

In our last article, we briefly touched upon how you can use keywords to raise your SERP and SEO ranking, but what is a keyword analysis for SEO optimization, and how can it help you as an adult website? 

Keyword analysis is when you find specific keywords or phrases that audiences search for in search engines like Google. By having strong keywords, you can help search engines find your adult website and show it in search results, up your credibility, and drive traffic to your website. These keywords can appear in your website landing pages, meta descriptions, blogs, social media posts, and backlinks, and the more relevant they are to your niche, the more they help your search engine ranking when audiences use the exact keywords when searching for adult websites. 

When researching your keywords, it is essential to do relevant research on your audience and understand their interests and needs. You can then use this research to find keywords or phrases they regularly search for to help build up keywords to include in your website copy. Using these long-tail keywords or phrases is a great way to help convert your traffic to paying customers as well, such as using the ‘best porn site in the USA’ instead of just a ‘porn site’ or ‘the best adult sex toys for couples’ instead of just ‘adult sex toys.’ 

Although this can feel impossible as you start, using tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and even the Yoast extension, if you have a WordPress website, can quickly help you find keywords and phrases to help with your SEO. Semrush can also help you discover keyword gaps and do competitor analysis so you can see where you are missing specific industry-related keywords that could help raise your SEO ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

The Importance of Backlinks for SEO Rankings

In addition to ensuring you use keywords in your content and website copy, gaining backlinks with credible third-party sources can be a great way to optimize your SEO and raise your ranking. Backlinks help search engines determine the authority and relevance of your website as well as direct traffic directly to your site via referral traffic from these third-party sources. 

A backlink is an endorsement from a reputable source declaring your website as an authority and credible adult website in the industry.

Building high-quality backlinks with industry-specific, authoritative websites is a great way to improve your SEO ranking. It boosts your visibility and search engine ranking, offers you credibility, and increases your brand recognition and awareness as you appear in more searches. 

Some tips when creating backlinks are: 

  • Look to build relationships with influencers and websites in the industry.  
  • Choose relevant and credible websites. 
  • Look for guest blogging opportunities.  
  • Create high-quality, shareable content that others will want to link to.  
  • Engage in online communities in your niche to build relationships brand awareness, and look for opportunities. 

Common Mistakes For SEO For Adult Websites 

There are numerous benefits to having a good SEO ranking. Whether you are looking to drive traffic to your website or even when you are looking to sell your adult site, good SEO can go a long way in setting you up for success. But what are some common mistakes people make with their SEO? 

Not Optimizing The Right Keywords 

As discussed above, keyword optimization is one of the most important ways to improve your SEO. However, one of the most common mistakes for adult websites is not optimizing the right keywords. 

Keyword analysis is a delicate process of finding the right keywords for your industry. You will rank high and receive more traffic if you go more specific and broad. 

Not Creating Compelling Content 

No matter, if you are an OnlyFans agency, porn website, or the next OnlyFans, having a blog on your adult website, is a great way to help with your SEO as it helps to drive traffic to your site and sets you up as a leader in your industry. 

However, failing to create compelling content relevant to your desired audience can lead to low engagement, traffic, and conversion rates. 

Ignoring Mobile Search 

No matter how good your adult website looks on a desktop, not optimizing your website for mobile searches can impact your SEO. With most users finding your website by mobile, it is essential to ensure that it offers a positive user experience, such as easy navigation or good loading speeds, which is crucial. 


As the adult industry grows and market saturation becomes a problem, especially if you are a new adult website, ensuring your SEO is strong is a great way to ensure organic traffic comes to your site. This is especially important in the adult industry, where keywords and paid ads are often deleted or not accepted by Google or Meta. 

If you’re looking for your next adult site, then contact Adult Site Broker today, and we can help you buy a lucrative adult site that suits your business needs. 

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