What Makes An OnlyFans Agency Successful?

As an OnlyFans creator, many spend their day creating content, responding to chats, promoting themselves across social media, and even looking for events and collaborations to expand their offering further. This can be a time-consuming workload, but it has allowed a new type of agency to rise in the adult industry: OnlyFans agencies. 

At Adult Site Broker, we have worked with many in the industry, noting what makes a successful OnlyFans agency that can bring in models and keep them, elevating their OnlyFans career to the next level. 

In fact, due to the huge popularity of OnlyFans agencies, we’ve started a sister site, OnlyFans Agency Broker, where we broker OnlyFans agencies.

In this article, we will delve into the world of the OnlyFans agency, looking at what makes an OnlyFans agency successful, what to include in your website and the benefits you can offer your clients. 

What is an OnlyFans Agency? 

For those under a rock, an OnlyFan agency is a marketing or modeling agency that caters specifically to OnlyFans models. Depending on the business model used, many offer specific services, including chatters, social media promotion, collaborations, analytics, brand development, and growth strategies for models to scale their content offerings and maximize their profits. 

As OnlyFans becomes more popular for adult creators and models, many have sought these agencies for their marketing and modeling needs, handing over the day-to-day management of their OnlyFans business so they can focus on just creating content. 

Benefits of OnlyFans Agencies? 

So why have OnlyFans agencies become popular over the past few years? Since 2021, OnlyFans has taken off, offering over 2 million content creators the opportunity to monetize their images, videos, and even sexts, with the majority offering adult content such as lingerie shoots, masturbation videos, and even dick ratings. As many have become successful, they have started looking for outside help as they aim to scale up, build connections, and promote their content. This is where an OnlyFans agency can help. 

Some of the main benefits of working with an OnlyFan agency are: 

Expert Advice: As you work with professionals with a background in marketing and model management, you gain expert advice on content creation, collaborations, and even social media management that will help OnlyFans models increase their revenue. 

Time Management: Running an OnlyFans business is time-consuming. You must create content, post it, respond to messages and comments, and promote yourself. By working with an OnlyFans agency, they can take over the tedious admin tasks, allowing models to focus on creating content and collaborating with other models. 

Fan Retention and Engagement: By having people work on your account 24/7, you can talk to your fans no matter their time zone. This allows you to build a loyal fanbase that stays subscribed each month. 

Analytics and Insights: Using OnlyFans or third-party insights and analytics tools, you can gain in-depth knowledge of when your fans are online, the types of content they enjoy, and even who pays for your PPVs. This allows you to optimize posting times and PPV prices and focus on the fans who deserve it. 

Industry Connections: Collaborations and brand deals are vital to scaling up as an OnlyFans model, but it can take time to know where to start. Working with OnlyFans agencies that have connections in the industry can open up doors for opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise had, such as attending industry events and gaining brand partnerships. 

What makes an OnlyFans agency successful 

As you enter the world of OnlyFans agencies, you need to know how to stand out from the crowd and offer professional services that earn results. But what makes an OnlyFans agency successful? 

Legitimacy and Transparency 

One of the most important things as an OnlyFans agency is to be legitimate, trustworthy, and upfront with your models. Let them know your charges if you work on a retainer or commission, have contracts in place, and even what timelines look like when working together. You want to ensure your clients know what to expect when they work with you, ensuring your success. 

Business Model

You can choose a few different types of business models to help you succeed. These include niche agencies, who focus on specific types of models and content; premium agencies that choose to work with the top 10%, 1%, or even 0.01% of OnlyFans creators; and scale-up agencies that focus on up-and-coming talent. 

Choosing a business model that reflects your skills level, talent pool, and strategy as you scale up is a surefire way to ensure success. 


Make sure you work with a lawyer to create official talent contracts that clearly outline important factors like consent, compensation structure, rights regarding content, and more. Having this in place shows you’re a legitimate business and are upfront with your clients. In addition, by having professional legal contracts in place, you can protect your and your clients’ interests as you work together. 


Currently, three types of OnlyFans agencies offer different services. Management agencies focus on modeling management, such as managing creators’ profiles and collaborations. They may help with PPV content, scheduling, responding to likes and comments, and chatting 1:1 with fans. 

Secondly, there are OnlyFans marketing agencies. These agencies come from marketing backgrounds and specialize in increasing creators’ visibility and subscribers. Their services may include managing promotions across social platforms, paid ads, influencer collaborations, SEO optimization, building email lists, and driving external traffic sources.

And finally, you can offer a mixture of both as a hybrid OnlyFans agency, offering a blend of services including management, marketing, consulting, and other services to provide creators complete support. 

To be the most successful, knowing what skills you have will help you offer services that reflect this. You can scale up your service offering as you gain more staff and develop your skills. 


Your models are your bread and butter, so a good client strategy is needed to succeed. This includes talent scouting on OnlyFans, networking events, and even social media to reach out to models who fit your business model. 


To showcase your excellent work, gaining clients via word of mouth is a great way to show your trustworthiness and legitimacy. Reviews and referrals are always great, so make sure you offer your models the chance to leave them on your website. 


Investing in analytics, chatting, social media management, and content creation tools allows you to easily oversee the day-to-day management of your clients’ OnlyFans accounts. Paid versions give you access to features, allowing you to maximize your profits and gain the desired results. 

What Makes An OnlyFans Agency Successful?: How Do OnlyFans Agencies Make Money? 

As you can see, OnlyFans agencies are great ways to profit in the adult industry. However, understanding how to make money will ultimately determine your success. As an agency, you need to understand that you make money off your clients, either by having a monthly retainer that they pay or via a monthly commission on their profits.

Depending on the services you offer, these commissions can be 20-50% or more of the sales of the OnlyFans model. To be successful, you need to prove that you can increase the revenue of your clients and have as many models on the books as possible. 


Setting up and running your own OnlyFans agency can help you earn fantastic revenue within the adult industry. However, to be successful, you need to be able to put your money where your mouth is, from choosing a business model that allows you to work with successful OnlyFans creators to offering a range of services. 

If you want to buy or sell an OnlyFans agency to start your new adult business venture, then Adult Site Broker can help you. Contact us.

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