What To Consider Before, During and After Buying An Adult Website

Like any business venture, buying an adult website can be challenging. It requires you to do your due diligence on the adult website you are interested in buying and the potential pitfalls and successes within the adult entertainment industry that you and your website could face. 

In this article, Adult Site Broker will discuss what to consider before, during, and after buying an adult website to ensure its success. 

Why Buy An Adult Website?

Buying an adult website has become a popular option for those looking to make a profit easily; since Covid-19, there has been a growing popularity of porn sites, sex toy sites, and new fan sites looking to take on OnlyFans.  

No matter what type of adult website you are interested in buying, the growing popularity of porn and sex toys in society ensures you two things: first, the opportunity to make a profit and, secondly, the chance to recession-proof your business as people turn to at home comforts instead of going out during times of financial crisis. 

However, as you start buying an adult website, there are some things you should consider throughout the process. 

What to Consider Before Buying An Adult Website?

Before you start making an offer on just any adult website you come across, you should think about the following considerations before you do so: 

The first and most obvious is your budget. Buying an adult website includes more than just the website itself; you also need the budget to ensure its upkeep, including buying content and estimating the cost of maintenance and updates.

What type of adult business do you want to own and why? Getting clear on why you want to own an adult website, your business model, and if you are looking for a porn site, live cam website, or a sex toy dropshipping site can help you narrow down your search and pick the best options for you. 

What are the current challenges facing the adult entertainment industry? Understanding these challenges, from legal and financial challenges to market saturation and even marketing opportunities, allows you to understand the adult industry and thoroughly plan for any eventuality. 

What monetization opportunities are there? With the growing popularity of fan sites, many adult websites are jumping on the bandwagon and offering content creators the opportunity to monetize their content. However, you can monetize your adult website in many different ways, and choosing the appropriate streams for your business needs is crucial to ensuring success. 

Once you start looking for an adult website, it is worthwhile to predetermine your evaluation criteria for a successful adult website: will you focus on how much traffic the website makes? Or the quality of the content? What backlinks do they have, or what type of website hosting is the website on? Understanding your evaluation criteria will help you strategically pick adult websites that meet your needs. 

As you start working with your adult website broker and see the best options to buy within your budget, you should also consider the websites themselves: checking the domain history, backlinks, and authority to establish its credibility. In addition, verifying the seller’s information and financial documents for proof of revenue also helps you narrow down your choices when picking an adult website. 

Finally, when looking at the website’s content, you should also determine whether it is high-quality and how you wish to acquire it. Do you want to create the content in-house? Will you be purchasing licensing agreements from third parties? Will you be letting content creators upload their own content? 

Taking the time to consider the above ensures that you can knowledgeably and strategically find and make an offer on an adult website that suits your business needs. 

What to Consider When Making an Offer To Buy An Adult Website? 

We have previously discussed the importance of doing your due diligence on the adult website you want to buy, including looking at the analytics of their website traffic and potential revenue to make sure the site lives up to your estimations and evaluation criteria. Also, look at their SEO to see if you can do any SEO optimization once you have bought the website. You should also ensure you are purchasing the ownership of the content on your website, that there are no hidden financial issues, and that the website complies with all legal requirements such as age verification and data protection. 

However, you should consider two other things when making an offer on an adult website. 

First, when buying an adult website, what is your budget? Although you have made an offer on the adult website of your choice, your entire budget in the first instance. The seller may return with a counteroffer to get you as close to the asking price as possible. Knowing your budget allows you to enter negotiations and get the website for a price you can afford. 

Second, what support will you get from your adult website broker? Choosing a website broker like Adult Site Broker means you will have support from the initial search for an adult website to buy to the close of escrow. We oversee the due diligence, looking at potential adult sites’ finances to make sure it is a profitable opportunity for any buyer. We also support our buyers during the negotiation stage and the drawing up of the letter of intent once the seller has accepted your offer. 

What To Do After You Have Bought An Adult Website?

Finally, once you have bought your adult website and all documents and assets have been given to you, there are also some things to consider. These are:  

Are there any website updates immediately needed? Once you have your website, checking your website structure for any potential security threats and ensuring it is up-to-date allows you to start on a positive footing. 

As you start the migration process of your new adult website, determining what content you want to keep and what you want to archive is a key consideration. By doing an SEO audit of the website and your social media presence, you can see what content is doing well, what needs work, and what web pages may not receive any traffic. You can also use it to determine where you need to do some work to help with your ranking, such as any keywords you are missing and what pieces of content are already popular so you can benefit from the previous rankings and traffic. 


Although buying an adult website can be profitable, it is not a decision you should make lightly. As you move through the process of choosing and making an offer on the adult website of your choice, understanding why you are doing so, what the industry is like, and the potential revenue and traffic you can make on your website is crucial to ensuring you are buying an adult website that meets your criteria. 

Afterward, consider if there are any updates you can make to the website so that it remains functional and easy for customers to use. In addition, doing an SEO audit to determine any actions you can take with content, webpages, and even social media allows you to hit the ground running and start driving traffic to your website. 

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